Status of the Timber Valley Garden

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2 Responses to Status of the Timber Valley Garden

  1. Rick De Young says:

    Thanks for the efforts of all the SKPs who have devoted hours and hours of meetings to discuss and plan this garden, and for your hard work. And thanks, especially, for this well-written article, and illustrations, explaining the concept of Hugekulture. All news to me!

    Rick De Young, SKP Lot 184

    P.S. The print type for the article does not produce a good photocopy. When that happens, good copies should be made available for our SKP members.

  2. Kate Bright says:

    Despite the fact I haven’t been active (yet) in the garden, I absolutely love the idea. And I’m not the only one: I was talking to a couple of visitors who are so impressed they plan to put their names on our waitlist. This garden is going to be a real asset!

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