Water System is Now Under Our Control

News from Gene Fisher….

Hello All,

I am pleased too declare that the water system is now under our control!

We can now separate the Park into thirteen water control zones that can be controlled separately from the others.

We will add at least one new control vale and about six isolation valves to further separate some of these zones so that one side of each street can be separately controlled.

I really believe this is cause for a national holiday!

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Water System Work Resumes Next Monday… Feb 18

from Gene Fisher…

Work to replace our water services will begin again on Monday, Feb 18. Monday and Tuesday the contractor will finish work on west Hilltop. On Tuesday or Wednesday they will begin on Dogwood. Madrone and Spruce will be next followed by east Hilltop.

Also; If leaseholders have a special type of gravel or something like cinders around your water service, please rake it back prior to the start of work on your lot.  It can then be used to cover the new fill material that the contractor will provide.

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Recent Snow Art… Courtesy of Park Manager

from the Office…

The morning of Tuesday, February 5, 2019 brought us the first actual snowfall that stuck to the ground. Bringing out the “inner kid” in our Park Manager, Randy decided it was time to make a snowman. Here is his creation … a mere 8″ in height and perched upon the yellow guide pole behind the Office. Complete with stick arms and face … isn’t it just adorable?!

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Important: Must Include Lot # on Shipments to Timber Valley

Hot News from the Office…

A request from the UPS and Fed-Ex drivers that deliver to the Park:  When leaseholders order items to be delivered, they are not properly addressing the shipping information. Some companies print out the name and 800 S. State Street, Sutherlin, OR 97479, but not including the lot #. In order to “loophole” around this issue, if they fill out their name and their lot # on the same line, it will appear. Example:

John Smith Lot #123
800 S. State Street #123
Sutherlin, OR 97479

The driver states that if the lot number is not present on the label, they are to return it to the sender. He has been stopping at the Office and asking us about the lot # so they will get their package. He will stop doing that and start sending the items back.

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Beef Stroganoff Dinner – Feb. 21

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Water System Update Feb 4

from Gene Fisher…

Water System Project Outlook

Work this week will continue on western Hilltop. The contractor who is doing the work had a vacation schedule for the following week and so the replacement of services will pause for a week. In the interim, the Park manager and volunteers will construct a new service to lots 88 and 89.

Work will begin on Dogwood once Hilltop is finished. next will be Madrone followed by Spruce and the eastern part of Hilltop. Once the work on upper Hilltop is completed, the need to shut off the water to the whole Park will not be so frequent.

The Budget Committee has developed a plan for paying for the project to be considered by the Board at its February meeting.

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Valentines Day Chili Cook-off Feb. 14

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Water Project Update – February 1

From Gene Fisher…

We regret having the water turned off to the entire Park. We know it is inconvenient for people. We try to shut off the entire Park as infrequently a possible and for as short a period as we can.

On Monday, plans to replace the water services on Dogwood were cancelled because the company responsible to locate the Parks Communications cable failed to adequately locate and mark them as is required prior to excavation.

Rather than lose two days of work, I directed our contractor to begin work on western Hilltop, a street where the unities had been located and marked. Western Hilltop is also the only area in the Park south of State Canyon in which all of the control valves needed to isolate the water supply have not been located.

West Hilltop will probably be completed next week, then we will move to Dogwood.

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National Pie Day Event a Big Success

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Welcome New Members Trish & David Hall, lot 177

Trish & David Hall were given their official orientation by the Membership Committee on January 25th. They are now calling lot 177 home. Let’s extend a hearty welcome to these new members.

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