TV Log May 19, 2024

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Celebration of Life for Michelle Van Westen – Saturday May 25, 2024 @ 1pm in the Clubhouse

There will be a Celebration of Life for Michelle in the clubhouse on Saturday, May 25th , 2024, from 1 to 3 p.m. Join David Van Westen, family, and friends for the afternoon of sharing, photos, memories and finger foods. Please sign up in the clubhouse.

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Landscape Committee

To the Landscape crew we will not be meetimg this Friday, May 17, 2024. Both Dar and I are going to be out of town. You are welcome to work on your own.

We will meet at the Landscaping Shed on May 24.

Rockey Shanahan, #62

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Social Hour Friday May 17 in the Clubhouse

The Speaker for this coming Friday will be Dan Bertram, owner of the old bank building
at the corner of Central and N State St. Dan has lots of plans for the building and we can learn the truth about rumors such as he plans to open a bakery of some type or restaurant (not Mexican) plus an AirB&B.

Dan was honored at the First Citizen Banquet as “Man of the Year!” Dan also knows
about other changes in the plans for downtown.

Do not miss this event. Bring a snack, enjoy a sip of wine and have fun.

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Unexpected Visitors

Please make sure the doors to the clubhouse are securely closed when you leave. On Thursday, May 9th, Stacy entered the big room to clean and found some intruders. There were 2 turkeys in the big room and they had left their droppings on the floor. She got them out but then had to clean the mess they left behind.
It only takes a few seconds to make sure the door is closed behind you. Thank you.

Sue Eytalis, Board President

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There’s a song extolling Ireland’s “forty shades of green” by Johnnie Cash. Look around us; doesn’t it seems like we have forty shades of green or more? Look very closely at the hillsides surrounding us. The grassy hills are a tender spring green, soon to be exchanged for a summer coat of tawny golden brown. But for now they’re that unique spring green.

The new leaves on the trees now budding out are a gentle soft green almost yellow-green and some of them are clothed in white and pink flowers. Mixed in with the new green are the greens of the more mature trees: mid-green, brownish green, even deep maroon with a green-black undertone. Many hades but all variants of green.
Behind, on the hills are the evergreen trees, mostly spruce or fir, but all shades of deep forest green. These trees stand sentinel, framing the valley hills. They hold everything together and provide a perfect picture frame.

Think about it. Aren’t we like the trees? We have the “old” timers in Timber Valley. They remember all that went into the earlier days of the park when members washed the windows and mopped the floors in the clubhouse. They are the evergreens, framing, holding the park together. Still standing strong.
The mid-greens have been here awhile. They volunteer, take part in things and rejoice in joining together. Some of them suffer from “burn-out”, trying to do more than their share.

Then we have the “newbies”. They’ve come into the park in the last couple of years and are still coming as older members leave. Some of them have jumped right in and are participating and helping out, some while still on the AWL. But there are others who say, “We’re retired. We didn’t come here to work. Let someone else do it.” Or words to that effect.
It takes all the forty shades of green to make our hillsides beautiful. It takes all our members, old, mid and new, to keep our park thriving and moving on into the future. Is it too much of a stretch to say: when all participate and do their share, our park will be more beautiful and worthwhile? We are the forty shades of green.

By Jackie Deal

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Tinka opened her eyes and pushed away the blanket of leaves that covered her.  She looked around, testing the temperature.  She stretched lazily as her gossamer wings unfolded and caught a beam of sunlight.  She smelled the rich earth and all the scents and sounds that heralded the start of spring.  Excitement overtook her as she thought of all the new births to come. Continue reading

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Safety Team Seeking Additional Members:

If you have had any safety & health experience as an employee in the workplace, a manager in industry or business, or as part of your profession, we encourage you to join us. Because of the many different hazards in a workplace, we must achieve the goal of a safe and healthful environment for our employees, contractors, and volunteers.

We look forward to you joining the Team.

Contact: John Froyd – 541-315-2092 – email:
or           Dar Hoch – 920-344-9914 – email:

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Social Hour Friday, May 10th at 3 pm in the Clubhouse.

We are familiar with our town, but you may need to learn what Oakland, just three miles away, has. Our speaker on Friday, Jane Knowlton, owner of the Oakland Flour Mill and President of the Oakland Economic Department, will tell us about an ideal place to shop.

Visiting earlier this week, I found a pearl necklace for $4 and lots of old and new items. Come and learn about a place you can enjoy perusing or finding a gift for others or yourself. This event is a great opportunity to expand your local shopping knowledge and socialize with fellow Oakland Community members.

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150th Kentuckey Derby

The 150th running of the Kentucky Derby at Timber Valley was quite the memorable event! Even without an official organizer, the community came together to create a fun and festive atmosphere.
Beverly and Deb deserve a round of applause for their quick work in decorating and setting the tone. And congratulations to the person who picked the winning horse – it’s always exciting when luck is on your side! Karen, the original creator of the betting booths and husband Len’s set up and ran the wagering table and that sure added to the excitement.

Many hands led by Scotty made small work of the post-party clean up. And a hearty Thank You to everyone who brought snacks and finger food, it was quite the feast. Parties like this are a testament to the spirit of camaraderie and celebration. It’s heartwarming to see
everyone contribute to make it a special occasion.


Submitted by Richard Hickethier (with help from Bing Chat AI)

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Sally Hunt Memorium

We lost our beloved Timber Valley member, Sally Hunt.  Sally passed on Monday evening, April 29.    Sally and her husband, Jim came to Timber Valley on October 23, 2014.  She was a kind, generous and compassionate woman with many talents including sewing, quilting, machine embroidery, crocheting,  glass etching, and many, many different crafts. Sally was  a much loved member of the Sit n Sew  group where she shared many of her talents,  Sally would help anyone and everyone.  She was active as a member of the Welcome Committee’s Contributing Members.  Many of you have welcome gifts made by Sally.  She never met a person she could not talk to and make welcome. Countless moments of joy and happiness with Sally were shared by many of us in the park.
Deepest sympathy to her husband, Jim, son Mike and his wife Cherelyn, daughter Melissa and her husband Dave, grandson James,  granddaughters Marissa and Miranda, and great-granddaughter Cassie, all of whom she loved endlessly.
Sally, we will miss you so much but look forward to catching glimpses of your angel flitting around the park!
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The Park is looking beautiful with all the flowers and trees blooming.
Thank you so much to the landscape committee and the people who mow
the lawns. We are one of the most beautiful SKP Parks because of our
employees and our volunteers.
The Finance Committee did an excellent job completing the 2024-
2025 budget. The Board and members attended a workshop where the
Finance Committee went over the proposed budget. The board and
members asked questions of the Finance Committee. The board approved
the 2024/25 budget at a special open board meeting on April 24th. The
maintenance and operation cost for the membership will be $2107.75.
With all the lot relinquishments this spring, Randy, his liaisons and
park volunteers have been busy inspecting, cleaning and putting the lots
and sheds in good condition for the next leaseholders. They have been
doing this during all weather conditions including rain. When lots are traded
this can be a lengthy process before a new member gets their lot. The
leaseholder who trades has seven (7) days to vacate their current lot. Then
Randy and the volunteers must make sure this traded lot is in good
condition. Now this lot goes up for trade and the cycle continues. Thus, no
monies for obtaining membership are coming in until the cycle is complete.
Even though you may only see the Board Members at the agenda
and board meetings, they are always busy. They interact with employees
and members daily. They attend committee meetings and answer text
messages and phone calls.
There was a recent vacancy in the office. The Park posted
recruitment flyers in various locations for a part-time clerical position. The
Park received one (1) resume. The office liaisons, Kim and I interviewed
the candidate. The board was given details of the interview. Once the board
members were informed of this an offer was made to the candidate. Kim
will be training Karriann as soon as possible.

Sue Eytalis, Board President

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The half-pint carton of milk reposed innocently on the kitchen counter. Aha! Just enough for my breakfast smoothie. I grabbed it up, pushed, pulled, pried, cussed Continue reading

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Board Members Needed!

Each year the Board of Directors directs the Election Committee to recruit candidates for the upcoming three (3) openings on the board.  All  members are encouraged to apply.
We’re looking for  dedicated, talented and conscientious people with leadership skills to lead and strengthen our park.  Some of the requirements include attending regular and special meetings, participating in strategic planning, and serving on committees.  If this is you, submit your resume.  If you think this is your friend or neighbor–talk to them about submitting their resume.  This is an important and rewarding position in our park.  Let’s make this a great and competitive election year!
All resumes must be only one (1) page.  Also submit a recent photo.  Take your resume and photo to the office no later than 5:00 pm on May 10, 2024.
Judi Pambrun, Chair of Elections Committee
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Henretta Hedgehog

Yay …It’s May! Henrietta Hedgehog is sitting pretty in her window box  with green-grass colored bows, a bluebird of Happiness and her friends, the butterflies. Warmer weather should be just around the corner. Remember to take in the little sign … Enjoy the Simple Things!

Kim Watkins

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Message to Those on our Active Wait List

Our business office asked me to advise those nearing the top of the Active Wait List to  make sure you check the list often… like every week if you can. The published list is normally updated on Fridays.  It’s that time of year when we have a flurry of activity and the List is moving quickly. It speeds the process along if you’re aware that you’re nearing the top of the list and you won’t be blindsided when the office calls and offers you the next lot.

And Thank You for your interest in Timber Valley.  We look forward to welcoming all of you into our little community here in the wonderful Umpqua Valley of Oregon.

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Social Hour Speaker this Week – 5/3

Troy MillsOn May 3rd, the Sutherlin Police will be the speaker for Social Hour (Community Education Hr.) at 3 p.m. in the Clubhouse. He will tell us what a person in his position has as his responsibility. Troy Mills continues to strive to
keep us safe while managing his cadre officers.

Our officers, like Troy Mills, are subject to a wide range of challenges and traumas while carrying out their duties. These challenges are not just physical, but also emotional. It’s important to remember that they are humans first, and law enforcement professionals thereafter. Understanding their experiences can help us build a stronger, more supportive community.

Troy is also manages a budget for, equipment and training of the people that keep non-compliant folk out of our lives. Troy, you can tell from his smile, is a gentle fellow with a beastly responsibility. Come with your questions and concerns.

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Chapter 9 Breakfast

Chapter 9 Monthly Breakfast & Meeting

Thursday May 2nd – Everyone Welcome

8-9 am Breakfast – Pancakes & Sausage $2

9 am Meeting – Big Room

Please Sign Up in The Dining Room By Wednesday May 1st.

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Update on Logging

It looks like we might get a one year reprieve as market conditions are not very good for the timber industry this summer. A number of local mills are shut down and the rest have cut back on their log purchases. The owner of the property next door to our southern border told me last week that he’s almost certain the logging next to Timber Valley is off for this summer.

As we learn more, there’ll be further updates.


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Cruise Control

by Fred Prout

Sometimes your life seems to go in one direction. Always forward. A super highway. Doing things. Going places. People. We collect people. And places. Like a bee collects pollen. Life on cruise control. New places. Different people. Eyes always focused ahead. What’s next? And new?   The older we get the faster we seem to go. Time condenses. We perceive it differently. Sometimes we look back at people and events of our life. We smile, and look ahead to the endless highway. No need to feed the gas. Hit the brakes. It’s all automatic. Cruise control. Endless highway. Until…


The other day I heard that a dear friend was ill. Very ill. It hit me hard. We had some adventures together that are indelibly written in my memories. Willie saw my reaction to the news. The shock. A good friend very ill. She reminded me that a burden shared is halved. A laugh shared is multiplied.

Suddenly, more news. Larry didn’t make it. This is the first time I have ever said Larry without also saying Phyllie. They were, are, a unit. An extension of each other. I know everyone who knows them will feel the same.

RV Days

Of the tens of thousands of people we meet, a very few are truly special. Can make us laugh. Or cry. I know my tears will mix with those of many others who spent time with Larry and Phyllie. When you share laughter with someone, it changes you both for the better.

Back in the RVing days, Rita and I stumbled upon a membership RV park. Through sheer luck we got an opportunity to volunteer to work on the activities. That’s how we managed to meet some really great people. Friends. Especially Larry and Phyllie.


Part of the job was helping with the entertainment. After setting up for the amazing Walt Quigley (the best Roy Orbison ever) we came up with Trailer Trash. We would have Walt play Tequila, and Rita and I would encourage (drag) people from the audience, bounce around like fools and sing the only word in the song. Well, duh,”Tequila “.  Larry and Phyllie were always first up and helped more and more people to join in. They were always willing accomplices to whatever insanity was devised. They always added to everyone’s enjoyment.


Dick and Charlotte were also friends of Larry and Phyllie. If you ever need to define class, look no further than Charlotte. Beautifully dressed, not a hair out of place. The perfect person to pull off a prank. You would never imagine her capable of doing it. Well, the three couples got together to make some laughs. We went to the local thrift store and bought a pair of ladies bloomers. Size XXXXXXXX. Larry got Walt to sing a Tom Jones song. As he started to sing, Charlotte summoned all her dignity, walked down the center aisle and tossed said bloomers up to Walt on the stage. To his credit he didn’t miss a beat.


A few shared moments in our lives. A friendship is born. With very special people. Although I am sharing these words with everyone, they were written for Larry and Phyllie. Phyllie, I know you will have many happy memories of your life shared with The Big Kahuna. Hopefully these words will make you smile. You two touched many lives. Probably more than you know.

Love you guys. You will stay in our hearts forever.

Fred Prout

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