Cold Weather III

When you live in Florida there are certain things that seem to be mandated by law.
In no particular order, they are sun, humidity, bugs, time share sales, and visitors. Particularly in cold weather. Particularly when you live within an easy drive to the Mouse House.

Our friends from up north, the Palmers (not their real name) came for a short visit one January day. Now, Harry and Mary are wonderful people. Do anything for you.
Their five, fourteen months apart children were difficult. Actually unmanageable. No, let’s try untrainable. No, that doesn’t describe them. Give me a minute to consult Steven King.

I guess you get the picture.

We were trying to have some adult conversation as the pack ran roughshod through the house and yard. Harry and Mary were oblivious as they were used to the chaos.

At the time we had a small dog named Bandit. He was a Lhasa Apso but everyone thought he was a Shi Tzu. I said he was a Shi Tzu not. When Bandit’s walk time approached, my darling wife suggested I take the kids with me. For a nice long walk. A very long walk. Really long.

Away from their parents, they had an abrupt personality change. They were quiet, polite and somewhat intimidated by being with a strange adult. I explained that they had a big part to play in our adventure. I explained that Bandit was not used to being with kids, so when we got to THE spot, they would have to squat so Bandit would be comfortable doing his business. As we approached one of the busiest corners in town, I saw it was time. Squat, I said. Squat, they did. In unison, five children and one dog squatting on cue.

Cars tooted, walkers applauded, bikers gave thumbs up. It actually worked. Being the responsible adult, I took on the job of disposing of the evidence. I gave it some thought, but I didn’t want to push it…

When we returned home, these now totally intimidated kids very quietly and politely bragged about how proud they were of helping Bandit poop.

Many times during the ensuing forty plus years, when we saw misbehaving children, we would look at each other, and remember when Bandit’s poop patrol tamed five untamable kids.




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“He will be missed”. Jerdis Ray Larson will be missed not only by family but by his many friends in Timber Valley R.V.  Park.  Jerdis and Joan moved into Timber Valley in 1991 after retiring and beginning to travel full-time in 1986.  Jerdis and Joan were married 64 years; he was a Navy veteran. Jerdis passed away peacefully from a heart condition on April 7, 2021 at 88 years of age.

Jerdis, Joan and their three daughters, Kay, Donna and Jennifer, lived in Santa Cruz, CA and often spent the summers in a cabin in the wilderness area of Idaho. Jerdis was a carpenter and taught his daughters to do home repairs and build many things. His daughter Donna said, “You didn’t know how valuable Dad’s advice was until you couldn’t get it.”  Kay, who came from North Carolina to see her father and be with her mother, quietly said, “We’ll miss him.”

Jerdis was known in Timber Valley for the beautiful wooden hand-crafted Pegs and Jokers sets that he made.  He was an avid game player and never missed a bingo night where he helped Joan do the calling and frequently won. As Joan said, “He partnered with me.” Most of us knew him as a quiet, gentlemanly, friendly man.

Jerdis was preceded in death by his daughter, Jennifer Martin, and is survived by daughters, Kay Smith and Donna Larson, by 6 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren. Joan will continue to live in Timber Valley where she has many friends and will frequently visit family.


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Landscape Work Session Starting

Landscape Committee Work Sessions Starting
It’s that time of year to get our Park spruced up.  The Landscape Committee will start meeting for work sessions every Friday at 9:00 am starting this Friday, April 9.  Meet at the Clubhouse. Members and Non-members alike are welcome to help weed, rake, trim, prune, and plant. Most tools are provided, just come with work gloves. 
Landscape Committee
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Offer from Family of Gene and Jane Fisher

The family of Gene and Jane Fisher is trying to clean up their site, Lot 145, in preparation for relinquishing. They have offered that any park members who would like to stop by to see if there’s anything you might want, to please do so. A small donation, while not necessary, could help out the family during a time of need. This week, the offer is only available today and tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday. Please stop by only if family is present.

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Covid Vaccine Locally

AVIVA Health Service will be administering vaccines at the Sutherlin Community Center, 150 S Wiliamette Street, on April 6th and 8th. Times are 8:00 AM to 11:30 and 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM both days.

An appointment is required. Call 541 672-9596 to make appointment.These are available for anyone age 18 and up.

Thanks to Peggy Russell for this information.

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Emergency Preparedness Meeting – Tuesday, April 13, 10 a.m.

Emergency Preparedness Committee’s  monthly meeting is Tuesday, April 13 at 10 a.m., in the Clubhouse, Big Room.

Covid Protocols apply — wear a face mask, sit 6-feet apart, limit 23 members in Big Room.

Questions? Contact Julianne G. Crane, Site #197 or Carolyn Hopkins, Site # 69.

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Jerry Williams resided in Timber Valley SKP Park from April 25, 2012 until his passing on March 28, 2021.  He is survived by daughter Inez Williams of Sutherlin and son Doug Williams of Oakland.    Jerry was born October 10, 1936 in Oklahoma but lived most of his life around this area.  He was a log truck driver for Gene Whitaker.  He loved motorcycles and rode until the last couple of years.  Jerry enjoyed the animals in the park.  He had one squirrel he named “Greedy” that he fed and his daughter is now having to feed the squirrel who comes looking for the usual handouts. Jerry will be missed by family and friends and his pet squirrel.

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Covid Weight Gain

by Ruby Bonham

My dog has Covid Weight Gain!  How did my slim , trim and healthy dog expand to over twenty pounds.  We will NOT discuss her owner’s weight gain.  I have heard the chatter around the park of the human weight gain but now it seems to be affecting pets too.  Just as we humans try to explain it, I have tried to reason out why Dolly now answers to the name Chubby.  DeDe (chihuahua) has remained pretty steady.  Now to Dolly.  Initially I thought it was because she grieved so hard at loosing her Daddy (Ed) or maybe it is because she just turned ten.  Could it be because we don’t walk in the rain. 

She now eats Weight Control food and I have cut down on treats.  So far she has not lost an ounce.  I now break up her treats so she is getting the same number but not sure she is buying that.  DeDe runs to claim the big dog bed and Dolly makes do with the smaller one.  It is kind of cute to see her try to curl up in the smaller bed but her belly is too big to curl!  Usually she lays on her side and hangs over the edge.  If she is lucky enough to get to the big bed first,  DeDe simply pushes in beside her and ignores her grumpy grumbles.

A couple of days ago I started giving healthy treats like fruit and veggies.  DeDe likes everything.  Dolly’s first offering of banana was funny.  She picked it off my hand but curled her lips to avoid touching the nasty thing and spit it out.  She gave me a look that said she was offended.  About the third time DeDe reached for it so she decided to eat it, a tiny bit at a time.  She now eats bananas but then comes to me and says “where’s the real treat? Due to Covid isolation I seem to spend a lot of time talking to my dogs and trying to understand what they are trying to tell me.  It is a work in progress and Dolly clearly indicates that I am a slow learner.     

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by Jackie Deal

Yep, I’m an “ailurophile.  Don’t call 911 and it’s okay, I’m not contagious.  An ailurophile is a cat lover.  I’m unemotional, pragmatic, blah, blah, blah; no way could I fall in love with a cat. But there it is, this ten pound black and white tuxedo cat has me hooked by her little white paws. 

By no means am I alone, in 2016 it was reported that there were 90 million dogs and 94 million cats as pets in the U.S. I’ve just bought Amber (my Cat) a scratching post, some new food to try, a new stuffed mousie, some catnip and a (supposed) laser-light toy.  Before you laugh at my expenses how about this?  “The average cat owner spends more than $1,000 annually on each furry friend.”(from Todd Hafer’s delightful book “101 Amazing Things About Cat Lovers”.)

The “supposed” laser toy? My friend Pat had a laser beam that her cat loved to chase around the floor.  The one I bought turned out to be just a tiny flashlight and Amber watched with glowing yellow eyes….my hand and the beam coming from it.  Forget the floor. 

However the scratching post was a big success. I sprayed it with catnip and Amber fell in love.  She scratched it, wrapped all four paws around it, climbed it, bit it, licked it and had a ball. Here’s hoping it will save my one upholstered chair. 

A lot of famous Americans were cat lovers.  Abraham Lincoln was said to feed his son’s cat Tabby with a golden fork at White House dinners.  And of his cat Dixie he said, “She is smarter than my whole Cabinet.  And furthermore she doesn’t talk back.” During the Civil War when visiting General Ulysses S. Grant, Lincoln rescued three freezing kitten and brought them back to join Tabby and Dixie.

Winston Churchill‘s favorite cat was named Nelson and he bragged that it could chase away dogs.  He also had a cat named Jock who ate at the table with him and Churchill would not eat dinner until Jock was present.

I may be an ailurophile but I don’t go to those extremes. I’m determined to teach Amber that she is NOT to climb up on the kitchen sink.  Any other high perch is fair game but I draw the line at sharing my food prep’ area with paws that have been in a litter box.  Amber is not so fastidious; we’ll see who wins. 


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Clubhouse Use Guidelines from the Board

Due to recent improvement in the number of new Covid-19 cases in Douglas County, this is an update and clarification of guidelines for the use of the Clubhouse as of this date.

–> The Clubhouse remains closed for all social activities.

* This closure does not include the Laundry Room.

* Masked individuals may enter the Clubhouse to purchase beverages, an ice cream and may use the Library and Restrooms.

–> Current Standing Committees may hold “in-person” meetings under the following rules:

#1) Clubhouse is open to committee meetings of standing sub and ad-hoc committees.
#2) Meetings must be held in the main meeting room.
#3) Strict social distancing must be practiced at all times.
#4) Masks must be worn be everyone present.
#5) Maximum of 23 participants in meeting room.
#6) A social distancing monitor must be appointed and named in the committee minutes.
#7) The person calling the meeting is responsible for area sanitation at the close of meeting.
#8) If microphones are required, the Sound Crew must be notified ahead of time.

Check with the office if you have any questions.

If we stay vigilant and new cases continue to drop, and with a little luck, we may see further improvement as more of our population is vaccinated.  We all look forward to an easing of restrictions as Spring turns to Summer.

Thank You for your Efforts!

The Board

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