By Jackie Deal

Perhaps a laugh, even a giggle, might help us survive the current turmoil. If you feel this is sacrilegious, please, don’t read any farther. And if my sense of humor doesn’t appeal, there’s always the dictionary to read. Yes, the virus is serious but will it hurt to guffaw just a little bit? With your permission, I’ll try to find some humor in our daily grind and share it with you.

“A rose by any other name would smell the same.” Yah, and so would life without restaurants. You-all know, I have a reputation to maintain. An image to foster. “I don’t cook. I can’t cook!” Just ask Bud, he loves to ask me, “Jackie, can you boil water without burning it?? Ha! Ha! Ha!” It’s a precious reputation. Nobody expects me to bring salivary, delicious dishes to a potluck. “Oh, Jackie, don’t worry, just buy some chips or rolls.”

Now my survival depends on rejuvenating old skills (Of course, I cooked when I was raising a family.) I’ve always said (well, in recent years) “If it can’t be microwaved it ain’t fit to eat.” I have a new (well, new to me) little trailer with TWO slide-outs (OH, Joy) and a beautiful clean, white stove: three burners and an oven. So far I’m acquainted with one burner. You see, I tried to light the front burner (it has a “sparker”, never had one of those before) and it didn’t jump into action. The back burner knows its role: it lit. One down two to go. Don’t even mention the oven, that can wait a week or so. That’s why there are store-bought cookies.

Hey, how about a crock pot? Yah, I have one of those somewhere. Probably under the bed. Cute little two quart thing. High, Low and Warm. How complicated can that be? Let’s see: chicken! Run to the store..remember six feet apart. The store has graciously marked off the floor in six foot stripes. The line is practically out the back door but at least we’re not within sneezing distance.

I wanted an already broasted chicken, but of course, those hoarders had bought all of them so I had to settle for a cold, slimy, naked chicken. The recipe, (yes, I found a cook book under the rags in my what-not drawer) called for leeks. Leeks? Don’t they know how to spell leaks? I know all about those. My old fifth wheel had a leak right over the door so every time I stepped out I got sprinkled. Horrors! I was raised Baptist, we don’t sprinkle. No leeks, but way back in the depth of the refrigerator I spotted a semi-not-spoiled-yet-almost-firm onion.

The recipe says put the leeks (onions) in first. Seems like a tragedy somehow; putting those smelly onions into that nice clean white crock pot. In they go. Now for the chicken. Cramming a full size chicken into a two quart pot isn’t easy, believe me. But brawn over-trumps brain every time. Then the recipe called for chicken broth: Huh? I haven’t cooked the chicken yet how can there be any broth? Forget it. Also cream. Cream? I swore off that pounds ago. No cream. Mushrooms? Oh, yeah, I have a can of cream of mushroom soup somewhere. Dump that in. Yuck! Lumpy, unappetizing looking gunk. Put the lid on and strut away. Look who’s cooking!

Fifteen minutes later, I check. Who can wait 6 hours? The pot is cold! Okay, put the brain into second gear: the pot is plugged in (Of course, how stupid do you think I am?) Um, Ah, is it turned on? NO!? NO? Remember that Low-High-Warm thingy? Turn it on to High and away we go.

Actually, the chicken was good enough that I’m trying a second chicken recipe. Maybe sometime soon I’ll branch out and try something really creative. But in the meantime, the dust bunnies are marching into the kitchen and refusing to salute. Time to chase them back under the bed.

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April 1 Situation Status Report

Sit Stat 4-1-20
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3/30/20 Updates on Timber Valley Covid-19 Response


Bulletin for Timber Valley Members and Guests 3-30-20 (2)
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The Three Rs by Jackie Deal

By Jackie Deal

Readin’, Ritin’, and Rithmetic: that’s what the three Rs used to be. But now? How about Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle? Sure, and how do we apply that to the current toilet paper crises? By the way, did you know that Arizona is now number 1? Yep, we’re number 1 in the toilet paper crises. Isn’t it nice to be number 1 in something?

So now let’s get practical. Reduce? Okay, I used to use T. P. for the purpose for which it was intended PLUS I blotted my lipstick, cleaned off the counter, wiped up the floor. No more! Toilet paper is now sacred.

Reuse? I don’t think so! Recycle? Uh, uh. Now paper towels can be reused, if only wet, so I dry them and use them again. So now I’ve got an untidy pile of drying paper towels on my counter. So much for aesthetics.

Recycle? I’ve heard you can use single socks in place of T.P. I like to use them for one time rags; doesn’t matter how dirty they get, you just throw them out. Of course, in next week’s laundry you’ll find the missing orphan sock.

Remember the old Sears or Wards catalogs? Many an outhouse sprouted this reading material. Read it and use it. Those in the know avoided the slick pages, oh yeah! I wonder if the Desert Messenger could be recycled in this way?

Arizona, don’t be too proud. Newport, Oregon may have out done you. The local paper reported that the police chief was begging folks to stop calling 911 when they were out of toilet paper?!! Some elected officials have no sympathy!

Perhaps you remember the stories of the long ago English ship’s captain who loaded plantain leaves aboard and decreed that his men would “wipe” and then, Oh Horrors, wash their hands. They almost declared a mutiny but when all was said and done, that ship had less sick and dying shipmates. Of course they also carried limes (Vitamin C) to prevent scurvy. That’s why they’re called “limeys”.

We don’t have plantain leaves, but real old timers joke about using corncobs. We do have cactus “cobs” but I’m not going to go there. So does that leave us any reduce, reuse, recycle options? Not really. I guess all that’s left is to beg your friends to give you the latest, best gift for your birthday, anniversary, housewarming etc. etc.: TOILET PAPER!

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Landscape Committee Changes

From:  Dar Hoch, Landscape Committee Co-Chair

Landscape Committee Changes:

The Landscape Committee has geared up, but during this time of Coronavirus some changes will be made.  This outdoor work doesn’t require closeness. We will maintain social distancing and disinfecting practices.  Work sessions will continue every Friday at 9 AM, starting at the Clubhouse and spreading out with assignments from there.  Those who wish to work independent of Fridays, a weekly Projects Spreadsheet will be posted in the Mail Room and Clubhouse bulletin board, so members can work on projects on their own time.

We Need More Help!

Thank you to all the Volunteers who work together to make this Park beautiful.

But we need more help!  You don’t need to be a member of the Landscape Committee to be part of this effort.  Another way members can help is to adopt an area. What’s involved in adoption? Mostly it’s removing weeds.  Trimming shrubs is also needed in some areas. Keeping the area looking good. The advantage is that you are able to work on your own time when you want and at your own speed.  See the Adopt-A-Greenspace up-coming article for more information.

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Website Updates and Housecleaning

This is a short post to make you aware of a couple changes with the Timber Valley website. First, We’ve now got a section of the right-hand column, near or at the top, called “COVID-19 Resources and Updates”. We’ll keep pertinent links active here for your use during this corona virus emergency.

We’ve also been doing a little housecleaning on the menus that users use to navigate around the website.  We think the changes make the website more intuitive with pages grouped in a more logical and orderly way.  For example, the menu item “Active Waiting List” is now under “about us”, right below information about becoming a member at Timber Valley. There are also a few “QUICK LINKS” near the top of the right-hand column to provide “one-click” access to the more popular pages.

Please be patient while we continue to make these improvements.  And if you have any suggestions or comments, email the website team at webadmin@timbervalleyskp.com.  Thank you.

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Monthly Pickup of Yard Debris and Clippings to Start Again

Again this year, the Landscape Committee will pick up landscape debris at Member lots on the last Friday of each month. A sign up sheet will be posted in the mailroom during the week prior. If you want debris picked up at your lot, you must Sign Up before the day of pickup.

If possible, Please Do Not set debris out by the road until a day or two before in order to help maintain the beauty of our Park. We do understand that may not be possible with larger tree trimmings and branches.

Be kind to your Volunteers…if you can take your own debris to the burn pile or dump truck, Please Do! We all appreciate everyone’s help keeping our Park beautiful.

First pick up date will be March 27, 2020.

Landscape co-chair, Dar Hoch

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from the desk of Helaine…

Dear Timber Valley Member,

From the Desk of Helaine …

What Now?? What else can possibly happen? Everyday brings news of more cases of Corona Virus, more deaths, more closings, more panic, more shortages. The Corona Virus is a serious disease, particularly for those of our age group. But it is equally important that we use our good sense and not join in the panic and folly of those around us. It was not panic that caused the city of Sutherlin to ask us to sequester ourselves. It was with the knowledge that we are a very self-sustaining group with more than a little wisdom behind our actions. Knowing that we can take care of ourselves frees the city to care for those that are truly needy, at the same time we will be limiting our exposure to the virus. But should we need help from the city they will be there for us.

So what should we be doing? You have already heard it…WASH THOSE HANDS….over and over. Every hour on the hour, every commercial break, what ever works for you. Clean with soap and water and sanitizers. Clean all hard surfaces, door knobs, handles., Finish with a disinfecting spray. Let the spray air dry. The longer it remains on the surface the more it kills. The virus can live up to eighteen hours on hard surfaces.

Here in Timber Valley it is hard to predict just how long this upheaval will last. Looking at the results in China it may be weeks, maybe months. Expect more cancellations both here in the park and across the area. We are safest in our own homes. And a few weeks of social isolation will save lives.

Carry sanitizers and wipes with you. Open doors with a tissue in hand then toss the tissue. Do all you can to avoid being on the receiving end of air born droplets and germs. And keep your hands away from your face.

But we are a social caring group. How can we help when we are stuck at home? Please make sure you are registered with Alert Sense. Then you will receive notices from Timber Valley and Sutherlin. They will see that we have the latest bulletins. Use your phone. Call your neighbors and friends. Make sure they are OK. So far there is not a documented case in the park, but if there was it is hoped that he or she would let it be known so that needed help can be made available. There are ways to help without direct contact. If you are going to the store, call your neighbor and see if you can pick up something for them. Money, lists, purchases can be left on the porch. Want to give your neighbor a meal, call them first, then put it on the porch. This is not being mean, it is being protective of yourself and your neighbor.

Whenever possible avoid crowded situations. Maintain a free zone around you. Ideally six feet. Standing in front of your friend with arms straight out in front, fingertip to fingertip will give you both a free zone of about six feet. As much as possible, someone who has the virus should take care of their own chores, washing their own dishes, doing their own laundry, maintaining the sanitizing of their space. Keeping a safe distance from others. Most who get the virus will not be so sick as to not care for themselves. Stay Safe!

Go to the Web site, TimbervalleySKP.com for the latest updates and news.

Helaine Hepworth
At the direction of the Board of Directors

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CANCELLED Chapter 9 Event 3/19/20

Chapter 9 Pedotti’s event this Saturday ar 5pm IS CANCELLED.

Terry Mason

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Landscape Committee, Friday at 9am

Date: Friday, March 20
Time: 9:00am

Place: Clubhouse Dining Room

From: Dar Hoch, Landscape Committee Co-Chair

It’s SPRING!!! The Landscape Committee is gearing up again. Weekly meeting/work sessions will begin this Friday and every following Friday. Everyone is invited to attend, no matter your skill level or physical level. Your input is valuable. Meetings begin with discussion, review, and planning followed by a work session. Meeting start times are usually at 9am.

This Friday’s agenda:
Review priorities for remainder of fiscal 2019-2020
Adoption of Greenspace Areas
Work session

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