Monday July 4th Picnic at Snoopy’s Meadow at Timber Valley

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TV Log June 26, 2022

TV Log 6-26-22
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Conserving RV Electrical Use

elec final draw
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The Community Garden Group (CGG) News

Rick De Young told me that there has been an interest among members to have
a garden in the park for many years. Recently that dream has been renewed by a bunch
of those who have had working family gardens growing up and know the benefits. That
bunch has organized themselves and begun planning. To explicitly state what their
objective is, they created their MISSION statement which reads as follows: “To create
an organic community garden at Timber Valley for individuals of all abilities. The garden shall be a welcoming, inclusive space where the focus is on sustainable organic food, education and strengthening bonds of the Park community.”

At the May meeting the board voted overwhelmingly (7 to 1) to allow the
Community Garden Group (CGG) to create a garden!! The CGG is now requesting the
board to approve a specific site so that they will be able to finish detailing plans. This includes garden design, costs, building plan oversight of maintenance and how the project will look upon completion. Meanwhile the CGG will continue fundraising (to prevent the park from paying for any equipment) as they are already halfway to their initial goal.

This large single purpose group of park members have the ability and willingness
to add an amenity to the park that will serve current and future members allowing them to participate in wholesome healthy exercise together

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Fawns at Timber Valley

If you see a fawn (baby deer) laying under a tree, out in the open or even under your RV … PLEASE … do not try to move it or call the ODFW. The doe (mamma deer) is close by and has placed it there for their well-being. It’s easier for the fawn to stay in one area rather than trying to follow the doe around. Calling the ODFW is not necessary. This is nature’s way and the wildlife here are part of the natural surroundings of Timber Valley.

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Timber Valley has been informed of a 5% water rate increase! Using our
average annual water use, this represents about $2500 additional per year that
we will have to spend on our water bill that could be used for something else.
What can we do?

We can all do our best to conserve water. Outside watering is
the largest single use of water, so the biggest savings could come here.
Use timers on all irrigation systems, and constantly check that they function
correctly. Be very thoughtful in using hoses outside. If water is running in our
ditches when it normally does not, check it out, over watering could be happening
somewhere. Our annual dues will thank us!

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TV Log June 19, 2022

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The Magic Lamp

I just read a scientific survey. It was published by Fox News. So you know it’s accurate and unbiased. The scientists concluded that 99.6% of the English-speaking population of The United States of America do not understand the concept of exaggeration. Or subtlety. Or satire. Or sarcasm. I am, indeed, fortunate to be addressing the remaining 2.5 %. Continue reading

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Chapter Nine invites you to join them at Seven Feathers Casino for a BITES, BLUES & BREWS Festival on Saturday, June 25 from noon to 6 p.m. The event will be held on the South parking lot of the casino.
There is NO admission charge! Featured will be: Craft Beer, Food Trucks, and Live Music!!
Why not join your Timber Valley friends and neighbors to mix, meet and enjoy (let’s hope the weather cooperates!) You certainly could come early, or stay late, and take part in some of Seven Feather’s other activities. We won’t squeal on you!
It’s time we get out and enjoy what our wonderful Oregon area has to offer. Chapter Nine invites all SKPS to find us in the parking lot and let’s make some noise and have some fun. See you there.

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The best breakfast anywhere—coffee FREE (not $2.50 or $2.99) and fun companions. Where? When” At Abby’s Pizza (yes, a full-menu breakfast in the pizza parlor.) The second Wednesday of every month.
With? Chapter Nine. 8:30 a.m. Now don’t say, “That’s too early!” One morning a month you can surely get up to come join in the fun and good fellowship. A word of warning: don’t come late! Don’t ever come late to any SKP food event.
All SKPS are welcome. You don’t have to belong to Chapter Nine. B.C. (Before Covid) about 40 Timber Valleyites packed Abby’s “Upper Room” for a rollicking good time. Can we do it again? Let’s try. Come get reacquainted with old friends and make some new friends.
June 8th, 8:30 a.m. at Abby’s Pizza in Sutherlin.

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How long have we talked “Community Garden”? Old Timers will tell you, “Forever”. And nothing has been done. But now we have an energized, organized group that is actually doing something! They got Board approval as a Committee, which was later rescinded. And now it seems they‘re getting a little bit less than cooperation. Continue reading

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For about twenty years Dee and Dan Ohnemus have called Timber Valley home .Dee passed away May 26, 2022 after struggling with poor health for almost five years.
Dee was born in Klamath Falls, Oregon July 8, 1931 and she and Dan met and married there. They were married for 48 years in September. They lived mostly in Bend Oregon and Dee worked as a Cosmetologist for Rite Aide and Payless stores.
They enjoyed RVing and traveled extensively in the mid-west and western states. They joined the Active Wait List in 1998 and Oct. 16, 2003 they moved into Timber Valley. Dan says, “We set still for one winter to see what it was like” and then they spent most winters in Havasu and Casa Grande, Arizona.
Dan says, “Dee really loved this park and she liked the people in it”. Dee is survived by her husband Dan and his three sons and her son, Gordon Wynant.

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Vertigo or Squirrel Droppings or A Tale of Two Nurses


By Fred Prout

My body is revolting. WAIT, WHAT?  Alexa, erase that and start over.

A follow up to the vividly remembered two weeks without beer. I hope I didn’t give the impression I drink too much. Two possibly three a week. So that two weeks is not a big deal. It’s just that the words “ you can’t “ automatically creates a desire.

As I may have mentioned, once or thrice, my body is at war with me. Continue reading

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Mystery Park Member with Unclaimed Packages

The office has been receiving many packages addressed to June Robinette, 800 S. State St. #128, Sutherlin OR 97479. Neither the member nor previous renter on the lot recognize this name. If anyone knows of June Robinette, please inform the office so the packages can be delivered to her. Thank you!

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Volunteers Needed to Install Rubber Mats on Pathways – Wednesday June 1 @ 9am

Please join in a work party to finish the pathway mats. There are 3 areas being worked on, so a good turnout will make the job go smoothly.  Wed. June 1 at 9am. Meet at the ClubHouse N. Parking lot. You do NOT need to be part of any Committee.

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The Gift of Life

By Cathy Deyo

Perhaps some info on why donating blood and what happens before and during the procedure will encourage first timers to donate. I have been donating for 50 years and feel it is a duty and a blessing.  — Cathy

From World Health Organization – Blood Products – Blood Donation:

Why should people donate blood?

Safe blood saves lives. Blood is needed by women with complications during pregnancy and childbirth, children with severe anaemia, often resulting from malaria or malnutrition, accident victims and surgical and cancer patients. Continue reading

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A Relative of the Common Cold

By Jackie Deal

Ahh-chew! “Doggone cold.  It’s my third one this year”.  We can send a man to the moon, why can’t we find a cure for the common cold?  Did you know that your common cold is related to Covid 19? Covid is caused by the “the family of viruses that cause the common cold.” The virus causing Covid first appeared in 2003 as SARS CoV-2.  SARS stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.  (A syndrome is just a collection of symptoms.)  SARS confined itself mainly to foreign countries so we weren’t too affected. And peace reigned until 2019.

Since then we’ve heard about Covid strains, variants, RNA, mutations and other garbage and does any of it make sense?  Let’s see if we can make a wee bit of sense out of it.  (Most of the info’ that follows was taken from articles by CDC and reputable hospital sites, e.g. Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Hospital, and John Hopkins etc.) Continue reading

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Amber Does Know What a Mouse Is

By Jackie Deal

Amber (my cat) is playing with one of her stuffed mousies in the corner. Isn’t that cute? She’s acting like it’s a real mouse. That’s so cu-uUUUT !! A 2 ½ inch dark brown mouse streaked across the floor and jumped onto my foot. For one second I debated: did I want squashed mouse guts all over my rug? YES! I stomped but too late. Mouse scampered into the corner and Amber hurtled after it. It squirreled away behind some immovable furniture and Amber lost that round.

She hasn’t given up. Every day she goes on mouse patrol. Around the perimeter of the room, sniffing into the furnace vent, trying to pry open the kitchen cupboards. Once a mouse, always a mouse, right?

What could I do to help? Poison might catch Amber instead of the mouse. And those old fashioned snap traps could snap on her pretty little ballerina paws. Then my neighbor gave me the neatest mouse trap. It’s a blue plastic cylinder. In one end you put cheese and the other end is a little trap door which snaps shut behind the mouse when it enters.

So far no mouse. The trap is ready and so is Amber. I really think she’s scared it away for good and I can just imagine it saying to its family and friends, “Stay away from there. There’s a big black panther living there!”

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Volunteers Needed to Install Rubber Mats on Pathways – Wednesday May 25 @ 9am

Please join in a group activity to install the rubber mats on the remaining pathways.

Everyone is invited…you don’t have to be a member of a particular Committee.  Many hands make light work. We need a good turnout for this.

Our pathways will finally be improved, safer, and look sharp!

TOMORROW, Wed. May 25, at 9am.  Meet at the North lot of the Clubhouse.

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FDA Jif Peanut Butter Recall (Salmonella)

The FDA, along with CDC and state and local partners, are investigating a multistate outbreak of Salmonella Senftenberg infections linked to certain Jif peanut butter products. View the FDA’s Jif product recall list.

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