From Both Sides Now

By Jackie Deal
(Blame Fred Prout, he started this!)

I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down and still somehow
It’s clouds illusions I recall
I really don’t know clouds at all.

Joni Mitchell was 23 in a black period of her life, one of many. She wrote the most famous song of her career “Both Sides Now” while flying and looking out the window at the clouds. Ironically, it was Judy Collins who first sang it and made it a hit. At such a young age, Joni was looking at love and life as we all have. Truly there was more illusion than reality when in our 20s we though we knew all about love and life. Remember those days? Were we wise enough to realize that we were peering up into the unknown? That what we thought was surety was an illusion?

In her 50s Joni rerecorded the song, some say that was her best: an adult look, down (back) on love and life. For many of us the 50s are but a memory. And now from our advanced, lofty perches we look down (back) and know it all!

You’ve seen real clouds from below and undoubtedly in a plane from above. But that’s really not the same experience as being IN the clouds. You can best experience that as I did, a quivering student pilot, alone in a tiny 2 passenger plane. One of the first things they teach you in flight school is: don’t fly into a cloud. No. No. Never! Well, Gee Whiz, I needed to stay in the flight pattern and land and that little white cloud was in my way. my.. Way!

I flew into the cloud and suddenly there nothing but pure white. Pure, dazzling whiteness! There was no up or down, no side to side. No horizon. And without a horizon you don’t know if you’re up right or upside down. I flew micro seconds in pure terror and then popped out of the cloud into blissfully blue sky. Within that cloud: was it illusion? Or was it pure reality?

Perhaps you’ve experienced those times, perhaps too short, when you felt intensely alive. Reality? Or were they an illusion too? Psychologists tell that our “reality” is only what we perceive it to be. Your reality may be, and probably is, different from mine.

Look in the mirror. Whoa! That wrinkled, age spotted wizened apparition. That’s not me. That’s an illusion. When did I get to be 70-80-90? It didn’t happen gradually; it happened overnight. “I’m too young to be old and too old to be young”, (Thanks to Fannie Flagg in “Fried Green Tomatoes”).

Yes, the clouds are life, love, illusion, reality. But what does the mirror reflect? Clouds from up above, down below? Illusion? Or reality?

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Amber and the Prescription RX

By Jackie Deal

“Just insert the syringe (no needle) into the corner of the cat’s mouth and squirt in the medicine.”

Amber has been prescribed an appetite stimulant one ml. twice a day. There’s no way to camouflage it like you do for a dog. Amber does not like people food, suspicious food, or anything different (that’s not counting lizard tails!). At the moment, Amber has quit eating and drinking and been vomiting. Hence, a hefty vet bill and now RX medicine.

What to do? Google it! I Google my name 3 times a day and the date 5 times a day just to keep them straight. I can Google. Ah So, Google claims it’s easy:
1. Wrap cat in towel to control
2. Turn head toward you
3. Insert syringe into corner of mouth and depress plunger
4. Give treats

Ah Hum! Has anybody cleared this with Amber? Where’s her signed consent form? Amber is the queen of: “I vant to be leff alone”. “Touch me only after completing request form B in triplicate and waiting 24 hours.”

Intrepid, I march forward. Got towel. Med’ in syringe. And T.r.e.a.t.s. Amber hears the Treats rattle and comes running. “Here, Amber, comecome. Treats!” Amber warily grabs the treat, her suspicion index rising. I throw the towel over her in one swift, professional maneuver (after all I was an RN). I wrap her up, turn her and….Swoosh, Squirm, Wiggle. She squirms out of the towel in 2 seconds flat and highly indignant struts across the room. She pirouettes, glares and gives me the evil eye. “Who in the blank, blank do you think you are? How dare you?”

Round one: Amber

We both withdraw to our corners. Amber grooms and I munch a protein bar mulling it over. Am I to be defeated by this little curvaceous fluff ball? (A little more streamlined since her hunger strike.)

**!! IDEA!!** This is an oral medication. She has finally licked at her Gravy Lover’s food. I swipe a few treats, tiptoe to her food dish and inject the medication into her cat food. I slink back to my corner. Amber glares and I eat a candy bar waiting for Round Two. At least one of us is eating.

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TV Log August 7, 2022

TVLog 8_7_22
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Rows and Flows of Angel Hair

By Fred Prout

Stuff! We’ll call it that. But you’ll understand there is a more descriptive word.
It’s the nasty stuff that gets in our head, from time to time, and turns a bright, sunny day cloudy. It makes us negative. Blue. Depressed. We all go through it.
It’s part of our nature. It can hit us at any time. Sixty to zero in no seconds flat.
Intellectually, we understand that if we are able to read, have enough food, and
a friend, we are among the most fortunate creatures in the world. Reality can be different. Big time. Continue reading

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How does This Park Operate

Agenda Meeting TVP.pages

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A Sweet Park, Timber Valley

SKP Park City Repo3
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A Big Thank You

“A huge thank you to Linda Mogavero, Barbara Russell, Rhonda Scott, Elaine Teague and Michele Van Westen for all your hard work, great spirit and laughter working to make the Annual Membership Meeting Lunch a big success! I appreciate your dedication and good will. Job well done!”

Teri Mason

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Chapter 9 August Newsletter

Tracks August
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In Memoriam – Sally Keck and Jay Eubanks

Salley Keck

Although never a resident of Timber Valley Park, Carl Keck, as handyman and manager was, and is, a very important person in the park. We all offer our condolences on the death of his wife Sally, on July 18, 2022. Carl’s association with the park includes about 16 years of working as a well-respected and well-liked handyman. He also served the park for eleven months as an interim manager. Carl plans to resume work in the park after a period of mourning. Carl’s many friends in the park extend their sincere condolences to him. Anyone wishing to send a card to Carl can do so at 1105 East 3 rd Ave., Sutherlin,
OR. 97497.

Jay Eubanks

Timber Valley’s flag was lowered in honor of Jay Eubanks a former member who passed away on June 29, 2022. He and his wife Dawn moved into Timber Valley on April 19, 2011. They left the park in June of 2018 to move to Huntsville, Texas,. He is survived by his wife, Dawn, and two daughters, Laura and Kerrie.

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Annual Clubhouse Cleaning Day

Clubhouse Cleaning Day
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Why Have a Community Garden in Our Park

Why Have Garden #7

Jill Goldman

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Date Change for Jack & Jills Meeting

Our meeting has been moved from July 25th to July 18th.

Thank you,

Linda Essex

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Annual Meeting Date Change

Please note that the Annual Meeting has been changed from July 19th to July 26th. Hope to see you all there

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Golf Cart Parade 2022

Thanks to Melinda Stanfield Lot 2 for recording this video.


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Fourth of July, Ratcheds By The Sea

What a great Fourth of July weekend at Ratcheds By The Sea. The weather was perfect. Thirty degrees cooler than inland, and a gentle breeze wafted in from the ocean.

The festivities were nonstop starting Friday morning. By the time Monday closed it’s eyes, residents and visitors alike were thoroughly exhausted and ready for a much needed nap. Have to get ready for tonight’s music extravaganza. Continue reading

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Covid-19 Update

There have been multiple members in our Park that have tested positive to Covid-19 and to my knowledge they have been responsible and notified the members they may have exposed and also self quarantined. The clubhouse is open. As always , masks are optional. If any Committee or any activities wish to cancel or maybe move outside, that is their choice. The Board will monitor and evaluate for future Board meetings including the Annual meeting set July 19.. I’m proud of our Park…We met the challenge of this virus but unfortunately it’s still with us. We know what to do to protect ourselves As always, be respectful and kind to one another. Your Board President, Patti Healey

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July 4th Golf Cart Parade – Meet at 10am in front of the Office (BBQ at Snoopy’s Meadow is Canceled)

Although the BBQ at Snoopy’s Meadow has been canceled, the golf cart parade is on! Meet Monday July 4 @ 10am in front of the office.

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Conserving RV Electrical Use

elec final draw
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The Community Garden Group (CGG) News

Rick De Young told me that there has been an interest among members to have
a garden in the park for many years. Recently that dream has been renewed by a bunch
of those who have had working family gardens growing up and know the benefits. That
bunch has organized themselves and begun planning. To explicitly state what their
objective is, they created their MISSION statement which reads as follows: “To create
an organic community garden at Timber Valley for individuals of all abilities. The garden shall be a welcoming, inclusive space where the focus is on sustainable organic food, education and strengthening bonds of the Park community.”

At the May meeting the board voted overwhelmingly (7 to 1) to allow the
Community Garden Group (CGG) to create a garden!! The CGG is now requesting the
board to approve a specific site so that they will be able to finish detailing plans. This includes garden design, costs, building plan oversight of maintenance and how the project will look upon completion. Meanwhile the CGG will continue fundraising (to prevent the park from paying for any equipment) as they are already halfway to their initial goal.

This large single purpose group of park members have the ability and willingness
to add an amenity to the park that will serve current and future members allowing them to participate in wholesome healthy exercise together

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Fawns at Timber Valley

If you see a fawn (baby deer) laying under a tree, out in the open or even under your RV … PLEASE … do not try to move it or call the ODFW. The doe (mamma deer) is close by and has placed it there for their well-being. It’s easier for the fawn to stay in one area rather than trying to follow the doe around. Calling the ODFW is not necessary. This is nature’s way and the wildlife here are part of the natural surroundings of Timber Valley.

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