Christmas Preparation Party December 1st

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Thanksgiving Dinner

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Do You Ever Wonder Why….. ?

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Fire Season is Officially Over

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It happened at Jacks & Jills meeting.

There will be a Thanksgiving Dinner. Our chief cook and bottle washer is out of the park, but when Terry Hilty gets back it will be all hands on deck to quickly pull it all together. Watch for signup sheets, be willing to jump in and help. Watch the web and the log for continuing developments.

The Lions club has thanked Timber Valley for the generous collection of coats, jackets, and blankets donated to their coat drive.

Most committees will be examining their rules and procedures and submitting their forms to the bylaw committee by Feb 1, 2019. The purpose of this work is the formation of central book of rules and regs for all things Timber Valley. No more guessing, we will have a single place to find answers.

The purchase of 2 cases of peanut butter was settled. The yearly holiday donation to the food bank.

A reminder about the Toys for Joy drive. Snow birds could leave their gifts with a neighbor. TV has always been very generous. Now is a good time to watch for closeouts and sales.

Don and Betty Bush have volunteered to research and buy and donate what ever will improve the performance of the sound bar for the big screen.

And…just for fun, Deputy Fred Prout tagged several victims who had forgotten their badges. They were given new tags and names for the day. The new name members were Seymore Butts, Willy Nilly, Cal Amari,
Joe King and Shirley Not.

This is just some of the events of the day.
The next meeting is November 26 at 1pm

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New Member Welcome

We all extend greetings to our newest member, Linda Essex.  The Membership Committee gave her our formal welcome and orientation October 16th.  Linda now resides on Lot #13.

Linda… Welcome to the best little RV community this side of the Cascades. We’re happy to have you as a neighbor.

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Halloween Bingo – All Invited

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Ham & Bean Dinner October 24th

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A Reminder about Pets…

A reminder about pets…
Lease holders and renters have the same rules regarding pets.
Three is the limit.
They are not allowed to roam freely or to use other lots for their bathroom duties.
The human must be leashed to the animal when off of the lot.
Remember, they are YOUR pets, not your neighbors. Your pet should never be a bother to your neighbor.

One more thing to remind you of, cougar and young cougar have been seen in the park. Your kittens and pups are no match for cougars.

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Lions Coat Drive Extended until Oct 16

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