By Jackie Deal

It’s a cat carrier, lets’ call it a “cat taxi”. Maybe Amber will like it better; right now she is highly suspicious. Really, it’s probably all my fault. I bought a cheap “Pet Taxi “at the thrift store and set it in the middle of the floor to let Amber get used to it. She ignored it. So I put some of her dearly beloved treats in it and left it. It was a side-opener and she cautiously reached in for the treats. Only her little black rump protruded and I thought I had it made. I gave her a quick thump in and she exploded. Straight up into the air and came down running. When she caught her breath those amber eyes glared at me. From then on she wouldn’t touch the Pet Taxi.
I finally decided I needed a top-opening carrier so I ordered one. It came. Cute, light weight. I dropped a few treats in it and left it in the middle of the floor. Amber regarded it with jaundiced eyes and avoided it. I laid it on its side and put a few treats in it. We’re biding our time now, no rush, no push but come on, Cat, I need to take you to get your toenails trimmed. I need to get you used to riding in a car. Why are you so suspicious? You have your own plush little taxi with a cushy floor and well-ventilated sides. What more do you need?
In a few days I’ll try to plop her into the carrier and close it quick before she escapes. If you walk by and hear a growling, yowling cat, don’t fret. I’m not torturing her; I only want to be her taxi driver.

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Open Board Position


The Board is seeking resumes for the

vacant Director’s position. Turn your

resumes into the Office by September

27, 2021 at the end of the business day

5:00 p.m.

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Cheerios, Ice Cream, and Hershey Bars

Or a thoughtful lesson in economics.

Now, before I get too deep in this arcane subject, a brief glimpse into my qualifications. I do not possess a P.H.D in economics. Nor a M.S . My main qualification is B.S. Lots of it. There, I said it before you could.

If you are the recipient of Social Security or some other C.O.L.A based scheme, you will get more money next year. Yippee!!! But, wait. The amount of money you receive is important only in what you can buy with it. There is something called inflation.

Now, I have never been in a Cheerios factory. But I have been in several dairy farms, and eaten my share of ice cream. Rita and I also visited the Hershey factory in Pennsylvania. You can smell the town from a mile away. A wondrous aroma.

Your C.O.L.A. Is nothing more than an admission that things cost more than they used to. Sooooo….. in order to maintain profits, companies must consider three options.

1: Reduce executive compensation. Okay, two options.

2: Increase prices.

3: Keep prices the same but give you less.

4: Options two and three.

When was the last time you bought a half gallon of ice cream? Look again. A half gallon of ice cream is two quarts. You are now paying the same for one point five quarts. An increase of 716%. Hershey bars are 1.55 oz. The original Hershey bar was 9/16th of an oz. and cost 2 cents. Projecting that to today’s cost represents
an increase of 976%. Since it contains 37% less cacao and 14% more sugar, the actual increase is higher. You can do the math.

Cheerios come in various sizes. From the 7oz size with a picture of the Lone Ranger to the double box of one pound eleven point five oz. Target sells a twenty
oz size for $ 4.49. So I’m sure you can understand how this works out. If you do, please let me know.

In conclusion, I hope this is helpful to you in some small way. On one of our dairy farm visits,we were told, “ Now, you all know what B.S is. M.S. is More of the Same
and it’s Piled Higher and Deeper.

Fred Prout

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Christine and George Utz moved into Timber Valley R.V. Park on their wedding anniversary, May 21, 2016. They considered it their anniversary present. They were both very happy with Timber Valley and felt it was “home”.
George was born in New York and had a varied and interesting life. He helped design and engineered construction of Safeway and Frito Lay and other food markets. Together they managed an R.V. park and motel on the Deschutes River for four years. They met in Fair Oaks, California and were married 33 years. George loved to camp, fly fish, tying his own flies, travel, golf, and scuba dive. Christine says “he just loved life”. She plans to stay in Timber Valley. George is survived by two boys who live in San Diego, California.

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Clifford and Bonnie Wigle moved into Timber Valley R.V. Park Nov 2, 2010. Clifford moved to Callahan Care Facility in 2018 and Bonnie moved to ‘Woodland Senior Estates in Roseburg June 2021 to be closer to Cliff and her daughter. Cliff was a true Oregonian, having lived in Harrisburg, Oregon all his life. They were both working in Portland, Oregon when they met. They were married 59 happy years. Cliff passed away Sept 9, 2021.
They traveled to Bouse, Arizona every year for 12-15 years. Bonnie describes Cliff as a very loving husband and a good father to their children and grandchildren. He is survived by two daughters, Cindy of Sutherlin and Sherri of Roseburg and four grandchildren. Those wishing to contact Bonnie can reach her at 541-554-2966.

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Jackie Deal

We have anOTHER cat in our house. “Other”. That’s the cat’s name that lives in the bedroom behind the mirrored closet doors! I realize that’s what Amber’s been trying to tell me for some time. Amber watches her. She hops up on the bed and peers into the full-length mirror. “Other” is watching her: ears back, tail twitching. “Other” hunches and glares at Amber.
Now there may be other aliens at loose too. Amber basks in the sunshine and glares at that gray, gauzy cat-shape on the floor. It moves with her and then disappears. Amber stalks the perimeter of the room and “Shad-oh” hides.
If I may digress and tell a dog story. “Lady” was a small-size Jack Russell, the runt of the litter but not runt in spirit and sense. Lady loved to chase the butterfly shadows on the grass; she dashed back and forth, head down, eyes on the ground and pursued those butterflies. Once when the shadows disappeared, Lady paused, sniffed and then, threw her head back and studied the sky, looking for the butterflies. She knew where they really were! She was no dumb dog!
But back to Shad-oh. “Shad-oh ”that’s what Amber’s hooman calls it. I’ve been calling myself “Amber’s Mistress”; I do realize that has a rather doubtful connotation. But “hooman”, is that any more politically correct? Shouldn’t it be “hoo-man/woman” or “hoo-woo-man”? I think I’ll stick with Mistress and you can snicker if you wish.
I don’t call myself Amber’s Mommy because I’m not! I recognize the difference between humans and animals. That doesn’t mean I love Amber any less it just means I make a distinction between us. And incidentally I consider myself “in charge”, now don’t tell Amber that because I’m sure she thinks she’s in charge. If she could only open packages and cans she wouldn’t need me. And that drawer that closes when I tell her the treats are “all gone”. She knows better, one of these days she’ll figure out how to open that drawer. And then, unlimited treats!


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Emergency Preparedness Committee ZOOM meeting Tues., Sept 14, 10 a.m.

Emergency Preparedness Committee will hold its ZOOM meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 10, at 10 a.m.

To join Zoom Meeting:

  • Go to MEMBERS ONLY page (click on link in Home Page Banner)
  • On Members Only page, click on LINKS TO ZOOM MEETINGS.
  • On Links to Zoom Meetings page, scroll down to information on EMERGENCY PREP MEETING and follow instructions.

Questions? Contact Julianne G. Crane, Site # 197.

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Two Years Later

September 26th will mark the two year anniversary of our physical move from Timber Valley. I say physical move because mentally, emotionally, and spiritually we never left. We moved because…

I keep trying to answer that. I have never been a particular believer in “The unseen hand ,” “ Fate “, “ Divine intervention “ or any other religious philosophy.
But, move we did. We had in mind that Rita needed to be in a place where she would be taken care of if something happened to me. She had survived many illnesses including breast cancer. I have often wondered if we somehow “ knew she  would be diagnosed with another illness within a week of moving. Did we get some help making the decision? 
She fought hard and died peacefully. She made the world better for all who knew her. I am a better person for having loved her.
A couple of friends have made comments like “ I wish you still lived here.” Well, in the strictest sense, we never really believed that we lived at Timber Valley. We considered it a privilege to be a part of Timber Valley. For many years we joined with you to help make Timber Valley a special place. I understand that some members have chosen not to participate in the many opportunities to be a part of this great organization. I feel bad for you because you are missing that feeling of belonging that Rita and I had. If it weren’t for the dreadful pandemic, I would be there with you to help. But, you know I am with you in spirit.
Don’t get me wrong, Linus Oakes is a very nice place too. The staff is fantastic and I have made many friends. Considering my current needs, it is the right place for me to be. It only has one drawback. I am a resident. I live here. Perhaps if we never had an opportunity to be a part of something, we would have never known the difference.
PS. I just re-read this piece and it’s a little too somber. Sooooo…..
Q: What did the vulture say to his vegan male offspring?
A:  Carrion, my wayward son.

Fred Prout
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WiFi Update 2

We installed new equipment on several towers in the past 3 days.

The new towers will now show up on your computer or phone as “SKPb” The Password has not changed. For security reasons, I am not putting it here, but if you need it please call.

Once you enter the Password you may be asked to “Sign in”, after tapping on that you should see a picture of Timber Valley and a blank space to type in an access code for guest access. You are no longer asked to enter your lot number, just enter “memberoftv”. No spaces or upper case letters.

If you have any issues, call:

Dick Shanahan   503 510-4661
Gerry Vroomman 520 521-0524
Thom Hoch   435-200-4624

We will post further updates as we go

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Emergency Preparedness reminder — Have a 3-day survival kit (Grab Bag) in each of your vehicles


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I am beset by demons.

I don’t know why, but they are increasing their devilish attacks on me with a vengeance. They started slowly a few years ago, when, I guess, they acquired
an effigy doll with my name on it. Continue reading

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Notice to WiFi users:

1. Expect outages over the next several days between 8AM to noon.
2. We will be installing upgraded equipment on Park towers, south of State Canyon.
3. We’ll provide an update after the install.

Your Park WiFi Committee

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Chapter 9 Breakfast Cancelled

The September 8th monthly breakfast has been cancelled.

Betty Bush

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LAYTON Fletcher Memoriam, Lot 86

Framed by the green trees of Timber Valley SKP Park, the red, white and blue flag flies at half-mast. Dipped in honor of Layton Fletcher who passed away August 29, 2021. Layton and his wife Veanna have lived in Timber Valley since 2007.
Layton was born June 27, 1938 in Sidney, Iowa, then moved to Oregon when he was two years old. He graduated from the University of Oregon with a business degree. His first marriage lasted 35 years and then he married Veanna, June 20, 1996. Veanna has many happy memories of their wonderful 25 years together. Layton taught 5th and 6th grades in Springfield, OR. He took each student home to dinner to get better acquainted with them. He delighted in taking his granddaughter to school where she set on his lap and helped him teach. He coached girls and boys basketball and football and he refereed basketball. Continue reading

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Cheryle Golgert, Founding Member of TV

The Passing of a Founding Member
Cheryle L. Golgert, Lot #76
Died: 7-20-21 Age: 79

Cheryle Golgert was born and raised in Twin Falls, ID. She worked for Ore-Ida before moving to Roseburg to begin a Nursing career from 1967-1993 at the VA Hospital in Roseburg. Continue reading

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Looking for a place to fulfill your co-op responsibilities? Please consider joining the Landscape  Committee. If you weren’t able to sign up at the Annual Meeting, this is your personal  invitation to become part of this dedicated team. You’ll have a chance to meet your neighbors  and have a great time making a difference!  Continue reading

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Covid Impressions

by Deborah DeYoung

Just returned from a road trip most memorable for its timing – during the weeks the Delta variant now sweeping the country started stomping through our lives here. 

Reading about Mercy Hospital being overwhelmed, and then the firsthand posts here, made me listen more closely to a former neighbor. She is working as a Nurse-Type (in Jackie Deal’s apt phrase) while studying to be an RN. The Delta variant has astonished her colleagues: 15 cases the night before! she marveled after one double shift, every one of them unvaccinated.  Continue reading

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Three Coins on the Dresser

by Fred Prout

Well, August 25th rolled around, and my insides are still not put back together.
Bummer! As I was walking Kelly that morning, a nurse crossed the street in front of me. “Good morning, rough night?“ “Yes“. As tired as she was, she stooped down to pet Kelly and we exchanged pleasantries. Continue reading

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Another Bear Story

By Ruby Bonham

Seeing the notices of our semi-resident black bear in the park has brought back a lot of memories.  Thus these recollections.

My ex was with a friend when he bought two baby black bears.  He said he would get them bottled and weaned and then my ex would take one of them when they were six months old.  It was said that they were the off spring of a movie star bear.  At six months Yogi weighed about 15 to 20 pounds, was litter trained and lived in the house.  His boys took him to school for Show and Tell.  He rode in the pickup and went along to check cattle.  He played with the calves while hay was being strung out for the cattle.  He was the star of parades, store openings and various functions. Continue reading

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Cancer Support Group to Meet Thursday, September 2

The first gathering of the CANCER support group was very successful and we are looking forward to our next gathering to be held at Jeanine Wainwright’s lot #103, Thursday, Sept. 2 at 10 am. We’ll be meeting outdoors, wearing masks, and social-distancing. Please join us for sharing and caring. Bring a chair.

Questions? Contact Jill Goldman ( / 815-216-6178) or Shirley Smedley ( / 805-298-2487)

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