TV Log June 23, 2024

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Thanks to All for Solving Today’s Water Leak!

Randy (on his day off!) and many park members helped solve today’s water leak. Thanks to all who reported, communicated, and helped with the day-long unexpected work on a hot Saturday!

If you did not receive the Timber Valley alerts throughout today in your phone’s text messages or in your email, please sign up for alerts on our website’s Members Only page.

For those who do not subscribe to alerts, the 8:24pm – 8:26pm alerts state: “Leak is fixed. Tree roots got us again. Make sure to flush your outside faucet/hose for 10 or 15 minutes before running it into your rig. And you’d best be using bottled water or ultra-filtered water for a few days until the system has settled down. This was a tough one. Thanks, Randy”

We also have a small and dedicated water meter team reading the meter every Sunday to ensure that we are billed fairly and to monitor leaks. Today’s leak was observed and immediately reported by members, and we are very grateful. Today’s events demonstrated the Timber Valley co-op values! Thanks again to all!

Thank you Vicky Mount for the photos! View photo gallery.

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New Order for Timber Valley Badges

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Card Bingo Schedule for July

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Important Chapter 9 Meeting – July 11 @ 9am

If you want to come to breakfast, please be in the Clubhouse by about 8 a.m. After breakfast we will have the most important meeting in the history of Chapter 9. Will someone step up and lead the group? Will we have to disband?? It’s just that simple: no leader? No CHAPTER NINE!

Please read the July newsletter for more info.

–Jackie Deal

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Communications Committee Bulletin Board Posting Standards

Many thanks to Thom Hoch, Suzi Rupert, and the Communications Committee (Comm Comm) for standardizing park bulletin board postings. Comm Comm is working next month on standardizing the Readerboard and Log to ensure that all park events are consistently and reliably available to all park members, renters, and visitors.

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Thanks to All Who Attended Art’s Birthday Party!

Thank you to everyone who attended Art Hampton’s birthday party! And to the family and friends who traveled here for the big event. 100+ people made a very festive occasion. Thank you Jacks and Jills and Chapter Nine for sponsoring the party. Thank you to all the volunteers who planned it, set up the rooms, prepared and served the delicious cakes, provided the entertainment and the amazing number of people who made clean up pretty darn easy.

I was proud and happy to be a member of Timber Valley Park today. Being part of such a warm and friendly and fun community is pretty special in today’s world. And it takes all of us to make it work – the members who present the event and the members who support that effort by showing up ready to have fun and lend a hand where needed.

We have our differences sometimes and being a self-managed community can be frustrating and hard work but days like today remind us how worthwhile it can be. One of our neighbors turned 100 years old today! And we celebrated that momentous event in grand style and with plenty of laughter.

At the recent Jack and Jills meeting we talked about the upcoming 4th of July golf cart parade. One of last year’s participants said that we not only need “paraders” we need spectators sitting outside their rigs and  “rah-rah-ing” those paraders. Today we had lots of rah-rah-ers and it makes it all worth it!

Thank you for participating today and let’s keep rah-rah-ing!

— Barbara Russell, party committee member

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Social Hour Friday June 21 @ 3pm

Debbie Hamilton will be our speaker on Friday. Debbie is a member of the City council and the President of the Music on Central. She will tell us all about the music makers, the food and drink providers and much more. Hamilton is a great speaker and contributor to making our town the pleasant place it is.

–Sharon Elliott

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TV Log June 16, 2024

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Fire Season Is Here!

Fire season has begun, so please read the informative Douglas Forest Protective Association flyer below. The Timber Valley website posts the daily fire season level (Low, Moderate, High, Extreme) for your information and safety.

If your mobile device does not allow you to view the entire flyer, click this link to open it in a new window.

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Electric Distribution Panel Maintenance Wednesday June 19 @ 9am

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Social Hour Friday June 14 @ 3 pm

Our speaker for the Social Hour will be Cindi Eastman. Cindi’s business is Health Markets, an insurance company that offers Medicare plans. Cindi will not discuss the Durable Power of Attorney in-depth, but she will whet our appetites to learn more and prepare for our planning should we or our partners face severe or extensive health issues.

Social Hour meetings are geared for us to gather, enjoy each other, and learn about our community and opportunities.

–Sharon Elliott

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Movie Night – Crocodile Dundee – Thursday June 13 @ 5pm – Dining Room

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Card Bingo Cancelled on June 17

Card Bingo is cancelled on June 17 so we can set up the clubhouse for Art’s 100th Birthday Party. We will resume in July (July 1st and 15th).

–Suzi Rupert

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New Office Mascot – Grundy the Goat!

The Office would like to introduce a newly arrived friend for Henrietta Hedgehog. Please meet Grundy the Goat.

The Office has been very busy with the arrival of packages for our members and guests. This quaint and quirky sign was posted on the inside of the mailroom door to help with a laugh or two. Keeping with the prediction … the goat did arrive!

Thank you, Daphne Garrett for contributing to the prediction. “It is what it is!”

~ Kim
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Electric Distribution Panel Maintenance – Wednesday June 12 @ 9am

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Friday June 7 Social Hour @ 3pm – Umpqua Woofstock

Join us for a delightful Social Hour on Friday, June 7, at 3pm in the Clubhouse. It’s a perfect opportunity to connect with fellow animal lovers in our community.

Umpqua Woofstock is scheduled for June 15th in Central Park. The Festival begins at 10am and ends at 3:30pm. There will be contests, Games, Vendors, Food, Music, a silent auction, and more!!

Theresa (Tree) Call will be our guest speaker to tell us about all the wonderful things this organization does for pets. In addition it is always an opportunity to meet with others, enjoy a snack, wine or other beverage of your choice.

–Sharon Elliott

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Art Hampton’s Birthday Party – June 18 @ 2pm in the Clubhouse

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In Memoriam: Marian Ruth Warne

For those of you who had the pleasure of knowing my sweet mom, Marian Ruth Warne, you will remember how she lived her life dedicated to serving others. Born on June 23, 1937, she grew up in Santa Rosa, California. She traveled the world as a military spouse and during this time gave birth to two daughters, Joni Kenner and Linda Feehs. In the 1970’s, she was introduced to her Savior Jesus Christ through the kindhearted mentorship of a friend, and dedicated her life to pleasing Him and to spread His love and blessings to those around her.

She met Bob Warne in the 1980’s and they were married on July 1, 1987. Bob and Ruth discovered early that they loved to take to the road in their RV. They bought their first RV in 1989, a brand new Dolphin Micro Mini Class C, and enjoyed traveling in it as well as the additional four RVs that they also purchased.  They have traveled to Alaska, Canada, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, New York, Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Colorado and Utah.

Ruth demonstrated Christ’s love by serving and sacrificing time and time again for her family, loved ones and friends. Whether it was making memories with her grandchildren, providing care to an elderly neighbor with no family in this country, or taking care of the needs of her family, she was always serving others. A memory that I will always hold dear is how she would cut out the middle of the watermelon, the sweetest and best part, and give it to my sister and me.

One of Ruth’s favorite Bible verses was “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15. I can think of no better way to describe my mom. Service, sacrificial love, heartfelt compassion, and unwavering faith depict how she chose to live her life. To our sweet wife, mom, grandma, sister, aunt, cousin and friend, until we see each other again, we will hold your memories dear to our hearts. We love you dearly.

–Linda Feehs

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Social Hour May 31st at 3 pm

Last week, we learned from Mike Nickel how he makes baskets from needles from a Yellow Pine tree. This coming Friday, Joy Stalnaker will tell us how she makes similar baskets but uses another medium.

Come learn how to make a keepsake basket without traveling south and gleaning material from the earth. You may need one for a birthday present or have one for yourself to put your precious item into.

This is this time to socialize and enjoy a snack or a glass of wine.

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