Shen Yun Live Concert Clubhouse Stream Saturday March 25 5pm – 5:45pm

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Social Hour this Friday, March 24th at 3pm Featuring Eric Mooseman

Social Hour this Friday, March 24th at 3 pm will feature Eric Mooseman. Eric is an annual visitor and is #38 on the AWL. Eric is a great speaker but will not give a speech but educate us on a manner of physical fitness we can do in our homes.

Eric is certified in the use of Resistance Bands. He tells that he has used them for years and just look at him. He is the picture of health and fitness.

Let’s listen and see if this type of exercise is for us.

Sharon Elliott #36

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In Memoriam – Dolly

By Ruby Bonham

Although we remember the lost lives of our park members, there is another loss that we don’t usually share – the loss of a beloved pet. As I was working on this I read Fred’s loss of Kelly. On Friday, St Patrick’s Day my Dolly left to join her Daddy in the light.

Dolly was a street dog in Mexico. Ed met her is 2011. He came out of a little store with a pastry to be met by a gang of street dogs hovering around the exit. A little blond dog followed him to a bench and shared his pastry. He was hooked. He picked her up, fleas and all, and took her to the house where he as staying. She was low dog in the pack pecking order and bore a scar on her nose as evidence of that.

After several baths and fleas combing he took her to a vet for spaying and shots. The vet thought she was still young so she was given a birthday of January 2011. When Ed left Mexico he brought her back with him. We always laughed that she had a green card and was bi-lingual. She bonded very close with Ed and he absolutely adored her. He even wrote a song about finding her in Mexico and bringing her home to the US of A.

I met Dolly in 2015 and we became a family. Dolly never played with toys and was very distrustful of people she didn’t know. At feeding time she would back off and let DeDe (chihuahua) eat first even with separate bowls. She was only affectionate with certain people and was very self sufficient. If we met other people and dogs while walking, she would get behind me. She did not chase squirrels, rabbits, turkeys or deer. She didn’t bark very often. She didn’t get in your lap for long but was content knowing you were nearby ready to pet and scratch her favorite spots. This behavior dated back to her life on the streets. For all that, she was a very happy dog and loved to run in the desert. We had a very close bond with her on her own terms. She was funny and cute.

When Ed died in 2020, she was devastated. She mourned for months and started to show her age before my eyes. When Dede died last year, she became more dependent on me for entertainment. She was failing but still had a good wag to her tail. We spent all our time together and were seldom apart.

Finally on St Patrick’s Day she drew her last breaths as I told her it was OK. With my tears falling on her face, she left to join Ed and DeDe. She is whole, happy and healthy now.

We are a park of older people who have older pets. Way too often we lose then to age and illness. It is a part of life but that doesn’t make it easy. All we can do is remember them with love and affection, both human and animal. So in memoriam to Dolly DeDe, Kelly and the many other beloved pets.

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TV Log March 19, 2023

TV Log 3_19_23
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Screaming Silence

By Fred Prout

They don’t make noise. You can walk in the door and not hear a thing.

Maybe you can feel a presence. But no sound. The footpads on the carpet are silent. You close the door and feel a gentle nudge. It makes you aware of a second heartbeat. An aura of unconditional love pervades the room. Not a sound. Just an overwhelming sense of togetherness. The silence interrupted by the occasional clinking of a pair of metal tags. “I’m here! I love you! Pet me”. You read, watch tv, go to bed. You don’t hear the breaths. The snores. You are aware of them and are comforted by them.

Sooner than you want, the dreaded day comes. The day to do the necessary. What’s right. No matter how painful. The right thing. If you are extremely fortunate, you have a loved one with you. To share the tears. The grief. To hold you. To be held. To accompany you home. So you don’t hear the silence. Alone.

But, fate, as it will, makes certain that you soon open that door. Alone. The silence screams. It is overpowering in its intensity. It roars. You can’t avoid it.

The room contains almost fifteen years of memories. Shared walks, trips, visits, love. The memories assail you. Screaming silently. The more you cared, the louder the screams of silence.

R.I.P Kelly. 4/15/08 -3/14/23. You brought happiness to all you met.

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Janie Burke Funeral Service Friday March 17 @ 12noon, Valley View Cemetery

Janie’s service will be held Friday March 17 @ 12noon in the Valley View Cemetery, 683 Valley View Rd, Sutherlin, OR 97479

Her son Aaron invites all members of Timber Valley Park to attend.

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Squirrel Droppings: Diaper Rash or Mindful Movement Inbox

By Fred Prout

Random musings on the vagaries of life.

I understand that as you mature (a condition I resist with all my being) stuff happens to your body. In the past, I have recounted a few previous run ins with the medical community. It seems that when I was a child, maybe 3 or 4 , I started to go outside. In the sunshine. I can see by your nodding that you can tell where this is going.

Yeah, I just had my (seems like hourly) visit to the dermatologist. I think the office people are wonderful. I compliment them because, although I may be crazy, I’m not stupid. As a courtesy, as soon as they hear my car pull up, the nurses immediately ready the cans of liquid nitrogen, and start sharpening the scalpels. The clerks check my insurance and surreptitiously update my credit score. I really appreciate all this as it cuts down my waiting time. I can usually get in and out in just under four hours. Unless they find something.

They found something! Seems like the poor decisions of my youth continue to haunt me.  “We are going to take a tiny sample from your left ear. It won’t hurt a bit.” Except for the two foot needle that numbs it. Now you know that the doctor has to have a nurse present when they slice and dice. Mainly so they can mumble things that you can’t hear or understand. Scares the hell out of me. When the painless needle goes in for the third time, I imagine hearing “Starry starry night” playing in the background. For you younguns, that’s a song about Vincent Van Gogh. For you… never mind. I’ve been around the block a few times so I understand that this is just to stoke enough fear that you are relieved to know that some ear remains.

Then the magic words, “we’ll check this out. Come back in thirty days for the results.” I’m not sure that lousy insurance and a low credit score will avoid that second visit. That might just be a nasty rumor. The doctor leaves and the nurse starts mopping up the bodily fluids, puts on a bandage and hands you the consolation prize. A two hundred dollar gift bag of bandaids, preprinted instructions and a package of goop to use at home. When you get home you find that the goop says it’s good for, get this, diaper rash.

I am extremely fortunate to have two wonderful nurses in my life to help with the changing of the bandages and, inspection of said partial ear. One relationship is purely professional. The other jump starts my heart whenever I see her. Naturally, I tell each one that they do the best bandage job. I may have mentioned that I may be crazy but I’m not stupid. When Willie, the jump starter, looked at the tube of goop, she remarked that something for diaper rash used on my head was either symbolic or ironic. I’m not sure which because I sometimes can’t look and listen at the same time. I have no idea what she meant,but I’m sure she’s right. Stupid or crazy, you get it.

Now Dana, the professional nurse here at the Home For Senior Delinquents does a fantastic job trying to help keep the inmates healthy. One of the things she does is conducts seminars. A few weeks ago she posted a sign touting a seminar on “Mindful Movement.” Honestly, I kid you not. Some misguided soul didn’t realize that it meant think before you move so you don’t fall. He (ahem ahem) decided to put his three cents worth in and informed this highly competent health care professional that “Mindful Movement” isn’t necessary. Just sit and it will usually happen all by itself. Thinking is unnecessary. Also broccoli works.

I happened to mention this to my beautiful dining companion. Without hesitation, she replied, “Broccoli gets a BUM rap.”

Ubbada ubbada ubbada, That’s all, folks.

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Janie Burke, In Memoriam

Janie Burke, belter known in the park as “Purple” or “The Purple Lady”, passed away March 11, 2023.  Janie moved into Timber Valley Feb. 2012 and left the park June of 2020.  She was well known for her love of the color purple and for her cat, Fang, who she walked on a leash.  Janie is survived by the son Aaron in Minnesota and her daughter Danielle.

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Beverly Boykin, In Memoriam

Timber Valley Park lost a lovely and beloved lady March 11, 2023 when Beverly Boykin, lot#87 passed away. Beverly was born October 24, 1942 in Glendale, Ca. She attended school in Woodland Hills and Carmichael, Ca. and was in her second year of nursing school at Sacramento when she married George Boykin on Aug. 10, 1963.

In 1964 Beverly joined The Belles, an auxiliary of the Fire Department where George was Chief. She drove the Fire Truck and was involved with the Fire Department doings.

Beverly and George had honeymooned in a pick-up camper and thus began their many happy years of travelling and RVing. In 1983 they joined Escapees and until recently went on many of the Escapees HOPS. They joined Timber Valley in Feb. 10, 2015. Both of them played pokeno and bingo and Beverly recently retired as a board member when her health deteriorated. She was fighting cancer for just over one year and passed away with her family around her.

Beverly is survived by a large and loving family. Her two daughters, Jeannette Rodriquez and her children Jessica and Samantha; daughter Evelyn Anders, her children Christina, Amy and Robert and 5 great grandchildren. Most of them and their spouses have been with Beverly and George in her final hours. At their request there will be no memorial service but cards or phone messages are welcome .

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What’s Happening at Timber Valley Agenda Workshops and Board Meetings

The Timber Valley Agenda Meeting has been renamed to the Timber Valley Board Workshop
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Water, Water, Water!

As many of you remember, we monitor the parks water use daily. We had a surprise for February 2023. In the previous 3 years, the February average daily water use has been between 4000 and 5300 gallons per day. In February 2023 the average daily water use was 8959 gallons per day. This is costly for the park, and our yearly dues. February 2023 also brought brutal weather, with many very cold nights. So, what can we do?

Please inspect your hoses, and fittings for any leaks. Hoses and washers do wear out, and
cause leaks. Also keep a watch for any unusual water running on our lots or drainage ditch. If you see something unusual, please report it to the office or Randy. Inspect, fix / replace your hoses, and hose washers as they need it. Please Do Not let the faucet run to prevent your water hose from freezing! PLEASE insulate your water hose, or use a “heated hose”.

Thank You,
Your water monitoring team: Thom Hoch, Marc Stalnaker, Gerry Vroomman, Rachael Smithey

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Social Hour Friday March 10 @ 3pm – Speaker Rodney Linton, Director of St. Vincent de Paul Store

St Vincent De Paul
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Time Correction: First Monday Potluck Monday March 6 @ 5pm

The First Monday of the Month Potluck is at 5:00 not 5:30!! The Potluck March 6 th will start at 5:00. If you come at 5:30 you’ll be half an hour late!! Don’t ever come late to an Escapee food event! Eager Eaters always come early. So be sure to come at 5:00 to the potluck March 6 and happy eating!

–Jackie Deal

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Friday March 3 Social Hour 3pm – Sutherlin Schools Family Liaison Andrea Shaver

Andrea Shaver, the Family Liaison for our Sutherlin Schools will be our guest speaker at the regular Social Hour.

She will tell us the situation of families and their children that she deals with daily.

This past Christmas event at the Sutherlin Fire Department involved Andrea as she helped identify families in need but took special care of our unhoused teenagers.

The Leo Club at SHS is attempting to assist make food available to students who need some nourishment during school hours. Hopefully one of the Leo members can accompany Andrea. They might need to sell fundraising tickets for a $50 certificate from Cignos Italian Restaurant. Bring your dollars and help raise money for snacks.

–Sharon Elliott

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Goodbye Darkness My Old Friend

By Fred Prout

T Rex (fka Thomas King ) has been hard to find the past few months. The last time we got together was at The Unchristmas Party which was a huge success thanks to Ts efforts. Well,  this morning,  I was enjoying a mug with Shirley Shewill, her brother,  Willie Knott and Kay Serra when in strolls T himself. “T, pull up a chair, grab a mug and tell us where in the world you’ve been. It’s been far too long. ” Continue reading

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Friday February 24 Social Hour 3pm – Master Gardeners Cheryl Caplan and Dawn Shumack

Master Gardeners Cheryl Caplan and Dawn Shumack will be our speakers at the Social Hour February 24th at 3 PM. These two are a part of the Master Garden Community Outreach Team.

Dawn made a trip here on Sunday to look at the space identified where our garden will be located. They will be talking about planting and maintaining our plantings. These two have lots of knowledge and are excited to answer our questions.

Plan to be there to hear from them, enjoy a snack or sip of wine, and the fun we have at these events.

–Sharon Elliott

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Drive-thru Meals Mondays and Wednesdays 3:30pm – 5pm @ Sutherlin Senior Center

St. Francis Community Kitchen is now open at the Sutherlin Senior Center (202 E. Central), their new temporary location. They are serving meals Mondays and Wednesdays 3:30pm – 5pm as of February 13. Donation is appreciated but not required.

A few important notes:
1. Drive thru only
2. Serving from 3:30 to 5 pm (for safety do not line up early)
3. Enter parking lot from Willamette St. (Community Center)
4. Follow volunteer directions and signs
5. Be patient as they work out the process

Monday February 13 meal was grilled cheese sandwich, green salad, and fruit. Wednesday February 15 meal was chili, whole fruit, and salad. Monday February 20 meal includes mac and cheese, and meatloaf was mentioned as an upcoming meal.

Find more info at St. Francis Community Kitchen.

Thank you Richard Hickethier for this info!

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When Did Timber Valley Begin?

By Jackie Deal
Lets Begin

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Super Bowl Sunday! Sunday February 12, 2023

Why sit home and watch the Super Bowl game on your little TV screen?

Come to the clubhouse and see it on the BIG screen.

Come about 3 p.m. to get settled and share snacks. Bring munchies to share or at least just bring yourself!

Game should start at 3:30 p.m.


— Jackie Deal

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Social Hour Friday February 10th 3pm

At Social Hour tomorrow at 3 pm, we will be informed by Sensei Lisa Woods and one of her students.

Should you not be familiar with The Eternal Warrior, they are located in the little strip mall adjacent to Abby’s Pizza. The Sensei specializes in the instruction of Karate and Kobudo. Their building has a big red sign that says “KARATE”. This is a Christian organization that teaches self-defense for all ages. In addition, they conduct an afterschool program where children do their homework before self-defense classes. Lisa says that some students with failing grades are now on the Honor Roll.

Sensei Lisa has been studying martial arts for nearly 24 years and also is an inductee in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. She will instruct us in the value of fitness, situational awareness, self-confidence, respect for others, and self-discipline. In addition, to the business, Lisa is the newest member of the Sutherlin City Council.

–Sharon Elliott

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