YIKES! $70,000 Ambulance Bill

Social Hour Speaker scheduled for October 18, 3pm

Here’s a scenario that could happen to any of us…..

You are driving along and get plowed into by a semi truck. Needless to say there are serious injuries. You are transported to Mercy Hospital Emergency Room and are stabilized, however there are problems that they are not equipped to handle and suggest you be transported to OSHU by air ambulance. You will fly directly over the park and your trip would have been exciting if only you could have enjoyed it. A month later in your mail comes a bill for $70,000.

Were this me, I would have to file for bankruptcy. Ronald Sanders of REACH may have an alternative for us. He will explain the Reach (AirMedCare) program but not do a sales job. He will leave contact information in case you desire to join his membership.

Please attend and lend an ear!!!

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Fixing The Hill Above the Wall

By Jackie Deal

Weird noises.  Car? Motorcycle? What time is it? 7a.m.!  Stagger to window.  Open shades.

And there before me—two humongous, orange pieces of scooper/scraper machinery be-bopping around.

Lunch time and an interview request with Randy Bice, Manager, and Machinery Operator:

“Five minutes?”

“Nope, gotta get back to work.”

“Aw, com’on. Five minutes?”

”Oh, Okay.”

The big boys happily playing with big boys’ toys are Randy Bice, George Boykin and James Lowe. They’re operating Timber Valley’s front end tractors and a rented excavator. Shelly Gingery drives up with load after load of dirt that’s being dumped and leveled out behind the new wall fronting Hillside. Randy estimates 40 yards of dirt have been transferred from the drainage ditches in the storage area to the wall.

Randy says, “A host of people have worked on this wall since day one. After we smooth it, the Landscape Committee will cover it with plastic for the winter and then next spring they have a plan for fixing it up.”

Afternoon found our “cowboys” relegated to hand labor as they smoothed out the clods of dirt and swept more dirt from the road. A day’s hard labor and what do they get for it? Our gratitude and our thanks. And, oh, yes, a little more money left in our wallets come Annual Maintenance Dues time. Thanks to all who have contributed their time and effort. We do appreciate you.


And now, a few words from the Landscape Committee…

After a very busy summer full of projects for PCM, it’s time to return to the Wall Project. Randy, Shelly, George Boykin, James Lowe and others have been busy grading ground above the wall in preparation for landscaping in Spring. Penelope Hepworth has helped Dar Hoch develop a landscape plan that will soften the wall’s stark straight appearance. Plantings will snake along the mid and upper portion with spring blooming yellow forsythia, contrasting with crimson barberry, variegated green/yellow/white Euonymus and blue accents of caryopteris (bluebeard). Over the wall’s edge, cascades of color from creeping phlox and thyme will continue to soften the wall’s sharp edge.

A big THANK YOU to those who have worked to prepare and lay the groundwork for next spring’s planting.

Dar Hoch – Landscape Co-chair

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An Insider’s Explanation of Winston’s Wildlife Safari

Want to have the experience of a lifetime? Come to the Social Hour on Friday, October 11 at 3 pm.
A representative from the Wildlife Safari located in Winston will WOW us with information about the Park including volunteer opportunities, various animal programs and a vision of the 2nd most successful Cheetah breeding program on the earth. I assume the most successful is located in the cats native country of Africa.

The cat will be accompanied by two handlers and the Ambassador CHEETAH!!!. You do not need to fear the animal, it will be tethered with leads in the hand of each handler and has been raised to be tame and safe to be around people. You may not touch the animal nor get too close however there will be opportunities to take pictures. We will hold the event in the large room with plenty of space for the cheetah to be paraded around. I think we will be cautioned not to applaud or have loud noises.

This event was made possible thanks to our former residents Tom and Betsi Outland. Tom has volunteered at the Safari for many years and made the arrangements. Betsi will introduce the speaker. The usual charge is around $300 for an appearance however the charge is being waived for us. The Wildlife Safari is dependent on donations and volunteers to operate so lets thank them with a generous gift of appreciation to be collected at the event.

Invite your friends and should our Snowbirds be planning to head south, make sure your schedule is for a later date.

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Snowbird Send-Off – Saturday, October 5 at 4PM

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Medicare News You Don’t Want to Miss

What Has Medicare Done to You Today?

Our Social Hour speaker for Friday, October 4th is Jim Daniels. Jim is a Medicare licensed Owner-agent of SIDNEY SENIOR SERVICES. His place of business is located at the Roseburg Senior Business Center.

Jim will not be here to sell you a bill of goods but to tell you whats happening with Medicare in 2019-2020. He reports that there is news that cannot be shared with the public until after October 1st so the timing is perfect.
He will explain his services and leave information as to how to reach him should you need further assistance.

Mr Daniels is known to several of our residents that attend Toastmasters. He is known as friendly, jovial and very knowledgeable.

Jackie Deal will be on hand to introduce Jim. It is suggested you attend for important updates.

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Flu Shots Offered Monday September 30th

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Landscape Season Winds Down…

Regular Landscape Committee Meetings are discontinued for the season effective this Friday the 27th. Debris pickup on the last Friday of the month is still scheduled for September 27th and October 25th.


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Fire Season Ends

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Proposed Sutherlin Theme Park

At a glance
It started as a water park but plans for the 126-acre site off I-5 in Sutherlin have grown considerably over the last few years. Here’s a snapshot look at what developer Bruce Brunette is proposing to build, in phases.
AMUSEMENT PARK: Will pay tribute to Oregon’s heritage while featuring a water park, timber log flume (think Timber Mountain) and rides.
OUTDOOR RECREATION: Nearly half the 126-acre site will remain undeveloped and feature natural habitat including trails, playgrounds, boating, fishing, 100-spot RV park, amphitheater and picnic areas.
SHOPPING MALL: Around 60 stores, including four larger anchor stores, spread out over 100,000 square feet and featuring Oregon products and brands.
INTERPRETIVE MUSEUM: Using innovative architecture, materials and construction to showcase the history of Oregon industries.
HOTEL: Consisting of 180 rooms and built with advanced timber components, intended to demonstrate the newest technology from Oregon’s timber industry.
CONVENTION CENTER: At between 30,000 and 50,000 square feet it will be designed to be big enough to host local and statewide conventions, conferences, meetings and events.
Scott Carroll, Roseburg News Review

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********No Landscape Meeting Tomorrow*********

The meeting September 20th is cancelled. I will be out of the park on vacation for the next month. Weeding is always needed.


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