Poetry Corner – Poised

a poem by Ruby Bonham Lot #127

I knew I was in trouble
The minute I started to sing.
For I was at that stage of life
When my Poise pad I must bring.

Protection from a sudden laugh
When I’d spritz my underwear.
Oh Lord please keep me safe and dry
I don’t have an extra pair.

Poised for adventure
Poised to take a stand
Poised with my protection
With a Poise pad close at hand.

Menopause and mini pads
They’re part of my life these days.
A spritz here and a trickle there
Changed my life in many ways.

For that innocent cough or laugh
Like a scout I must be prepared.
For if I’m not I’ll surely regret
That unprotected I had dared.

So these days I’m always ready
For that sudden bladder trickle
Armed with Poise I’ll never worry
If my bladder will be fickle.

Ruby Bonham

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Submissions to Website… Where to Send

Hey Everybody, just a reminder that anything you’d like on the website… and I do mean anything… newsletters, original articles, updated information… anything, please email it to webadmin@timbervalleyskp.com    This allows your hardworking web guys to get the information wherever they are, even while traveling.  It also prevents things from getting lost.  Dick and I share the duties of keeping the website current and your help in this regard is invaluable.  Thanks

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This Month’s Agenda and Open Board Meetings

To clear up any confusion out there, both this Thursday’s Board Agenda Workshop (Jan 14) AND next week’s Open Board Meeting (Jan 21)  will be virtual meetings on Zoom. The sign-in instructions are now available through a link on the Member’s Only page.

If you have questions about how to participate, email me… Thom Hoch, at Thom@timbervalleyskp.com

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** From Monday’s Covid Board Meeting **

The Board is announcing that a survey will be placed in each Leaseholder’s mailbox concerning holding a Park sponsored Covid vaccination clinic at our first opportunity.

We need a count on how many Leaseholders would be interested in receiving the Covid vaccination, and if you’re in the “over 75 years of age” risk group.

Please respond to the survey by completing it and immediately returning it to the office by closing time on Friday, January 15th

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Emergency Preparedness Meeting – Tuesday, Jan. 12, 10 a.m.

Emergency Preparedness Committee’s  meeting is Tuesday, Jan. 12 at 10 a.m., in the Big Room of the Clubhouse.

There will be no Zoom meeting for this event.

Because of State orders, only up to 23 members are allow to attend meetings in the Big Room.

Be sure to wear your face coverings.  We will practice social distancing.

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Poetry Corner – What Would Happen


A Poem by Ruby Bonham Lot#127

I saw a soldier standing there,
His face all blurred by tears.
I wondered what had caused such pain,
And how to ease his fears.

He made me stop and ponder,
The world we now live in.
Of wars and strife in daily life,
And things that might have been.

What would happen
If there were no Holy Wars
To destroy our brave young sons.
If people respected the beliefs of others
And loved and lived as One.

If there were no starving children
Whose cries disturb the night
If each and every one was fed
And protected with God’s might.

If violence wasn’t a way of life
And hatred wasn’t the norm
Parents loved and nurtured each child
And calmed their inner storm.

If there were no need for Peacekeepers
To fight the hopeless fight.
Because there was no concept
Of anything but peace and light.

What would happen
If a soldier didn’t stand alone
With scars and tear filled eyes
And long for the life that might have been
If mankind had only tried.

What would happen?

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Open Board Meeting on Thursday January 7, 9:00am

As a reminder, there is an open board meeting this Thursday, January 7, at 9:00am.  This meeting will be “virtual”, that is, we will NOT be meeting at the clubhouse and will instead be meeting virtually by Zoom.  The log-in information for this meeting is on the member’s only page of the website, where you can also find a link to the agenda for this meeting as well as instructions for how to listen-in and contribute by regular telephone.

If you have questions, please use the comments function (below) to express them.

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Joe and Patricia Buckhalter moved into Timber Valley SKP Park December 11, 2009 where they were on lot 160.  They moved to Highland, California to live near their son and daughter in March of 2019.  Patricia passed away December 28, 2020.  They were married 64 years Sept. 27, 2020.

Joe says that Patricia had COPD and also fractured an arm just before Thanksgiving. They were in the hospital and both Joe and Patricia contracted Covid19, they believe from hospital exposure. Patricia also had a heart attack before her death. Joe had extensive treatment for Covid 19 at the Loma Linda VA Hospital. 

Joe remembers many good friends from Timber Valley and says “we loved it there”. He will accept calls, if you would like to call him at 541-556-1116. Joe will remain in Highland, California with his son and daughter. They also have a son living  in Montana.

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Gary Ball Announcement

Gary Ball, lot 163, passed away Dec. 18, 2020 at the  Roseburg VA Care Home.  He and his wife, Elaine, were residents of Timber Valley from October 29, 2008.  He is survived by his wife, Elaine, and their dog Lucy.  It was his request that there be no memorial. We extend our condolences to Elaine and the family.

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Goodbye or Good Riddance . . .

Happy New Year All!




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