Timber Valley Log January 16th

TV Log 1_16_22
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Annual Tree Trimming – Help Wanted

The annual TImber Valley tree trimming is scheduled for this coming Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2022. Meet at the shop at 9 am, to divide up into teams, before heading into the park.

This is mostly the fruit trees that must be cut back while the leaves are gone. All tools will be provided, but you might bring gloves.

Let’s fill that burn pile up, meet some new people, and make the park look good….a 3-way winner!

On behalf of George Boykin, Thank You in advance.

Marc Stalnaker, PCM Secretary
936 900 9445


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A Fantasy

Use your imagination.

Midnight. Full Moon. Continue reading

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By Jackie Deal
Amber is lost! Disappeared! Not to be found. I’ve looked everywhere. High. Low. Her favorite hidey hole. No Amber. The water heater repairman-prone across the kitchen floor, head under the sink- mumbles “I didn’t let the cat out. She’s not out.” With all the things Amber is, she’s not an outdoor cat. She’s a beautiful tuxedo cat, black and white, sensitive, independent but Amber is not an outdoor cat.
I frantically begin to call, “KITTY! KITTY!” She has never, ever answered me before but I try anyway. “KITTY! KITTY!” ‘’meow-ow-ow.” “KITTY! KITTY!” “meow-ow-ow”. She’s answered! I start to trace the pitiful meow. The living room? No. Bedroom? No. Kitchen? No. Aw, the bathroom. I look under the sink, behind the toilet, in the linen closet.
And then I notice the shower stall: its translucent panels reaching up to about 12 inches from the ceiling where it’s open, and it’s right next to the sink. I open the shower door and huddled in a far corner is a pathetic little black mass. Huddled small, eyes downcast. “meowow” She looks up-sees the open door and bolts out. She tears down the bedroom steps, through the kitchen (leaping over the repairman) and dashes into the living room where she attacks her scratching post. She nearly climbs the 4 foot pole digging in with all four paws. Every cat needs a scratching post.
That scratching post hears all of Amber’s woes: “My Human no longer pets my tummy when I throw myself in ecstasy on the floor delighted she’s finally comes home.” (Truth is, Human is recovering from total hip replacement and is forbidden to bend over.) “And then she has the audacity to set herself down and call ‘Kitty, Kitty, come, come.’ What does she think I am? Her rag doll?” Then there are the times when Amber plainly wants something and Human is too dense to know. “I ask her plain as day. “Me-Wow-Wow-Er”? What part of Me-Wow-Wow-ER” doesn’t she understand? Surely she knows that means ‘treats’?” Time for the scratching pole.
The scratching pole hears all, keeps all and cleanses the soul. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a scratching post? All the slights and snares of daily life could be scratched away. SCRATCH! SCRATCH! Never again to have to carry hurts and anger. SCRATCH! SCRATCH! No more counting to ten through clenched teeth, SCRATCH! SCRATCH! What a civilized world we might have if each of us had a personal scratching post.


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Chapter Nine Breakfast Meeting

Breakfast Flyer
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Timber Valley Trail is Open!

Bob Feiler was able to salvage enough wood from the washout to build a temporary bridge. No excuses now.

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Timber Valley Log 1/10/22

TV Log 1_10_22 (1)
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Kitchen Stove & Oven

The gas has been turned off to this appliance. We have had members tell us about smelling propane in the area. When we are ready to start using the kitchen and stove again, it will be inspected and the gas turned back on.

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Here are a couple of pictures to illustrate the need for airflow under your sheds. This shed will need to be replaced because there was no airflow, and the floor has rotted away. Take a look at your sheds and if there is no airflow, please get the problem fixed before your shed looks like this one.
Rockey Shanahan #62








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Bridge out on Timber Valley Trail

We had snow and now lots of rain. So much that the bridge between mile markers 0.9 and 1.0 was washed out. Please avoid this area. I will put some signs out today. Not sure when it will be replaced. Happy New Year.

Bob Feiler

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Sutherlin’s Emergency Manager Brandan McGarr talks at Timber Valley Tues., Jan. 11 at 10 a.m. in the Clubhouse

Sutherlin’s Emergency Manager Brandan McGarr will give an overview of the City’s Emergency Management Department.

McGarr will speak on Tuesday, Jan. 11, at 10 a.m. in the Clubhouse.  This special presentation to Timber Valley’s Emergency Preparedness Committee is open to all of the Park’s members and visitors. (Masks required.)

McGarr became a firefighter in 2004 and was hired as the City’s Fire Department’s Battalion Chief in 2018. Then on Nov. 1, 2021, he was promoted to Division Chief. He also serves as the Fire Department’s Training Officer and Fire Prevention Coordinator.

While in high school, McGarr became interested in the fire department and it is said he could be found at the local fire station almost every day.

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A freeze is coming, starting Saturday.
Check your water box for adequate insulation.
Check generators and have fuel.
Have water in your tanks and/or have extra water.
Have all of your propane tanks full.


Patti Healey, Board President

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Twenty Four Carrot Christmas

One of our best RV experiences was volunteering in a membership park in Lake Havasu Arizona. We got to run parties, help with entertainment, and do a lot of really fun stuff. Our involvement with this has resulted in many long lasting friendships. Thanks to our many CRA friends for helping us, and me, get through
the last couple of years.

One day we got a call from friends from before we retired. Sandy and Jem were neighbors in Ct. “ We are in Phoenix. How about we come to see you over Christmas? “ Well great!!!

A bit of background. Sandy and Jem were from the UK. As was Rita. Because of her eyesight problem, Rita had especially acute hearing. Which was fortunate because, for some reason, I couldn’t understand a word Sandy said. My ears just couldn’t process her voice. Whenever we ran into each other, I had to get Rita to interpret.

So they arrive in Havasu, check into their motel, and come to the park. Rita and I were obligated to work Christmas Day, but we devised a special treat for Christmas Eve. We took them to Oatman, Az. Oatman is a tourist trap. But the most humane tourist trap ever.

Years ago the miners, who worked in the area, brought in burros to carry the material out of the mines. Eventually, the mines played out and the miners moved on. The burros stayed. After a while, some merchants decided to create a town. They quickly realized what a draw the burros would be, so they started feeding them. Pretty soon, at ten am, two dozen or so burros came into town from their homes in the desert. They were greeted by a growing number of tourists willing to feed them carrots. And watch staged gunfights and buy souvenirs of the occasion. Each animal was named and provided veterinary service if needed. When one died, the merchants grieved. When one was born, a celebration.

Driving Jem and Sandy towards town, we noticed the trees and cacti were all decorated with tin cans and other detritus of the desert. We made sure we arrived well before the magical ten am hour so they could have the full experience. We parked just outside of town and told our guests we had a special present for them and handed them each a ten pound bag of carrots. Their look of bewilderment coincided with the arrival of the burros. I can still see the look on their faces as they re-gifted their Christmas present. One carrot at a time.

We all have that one special holiday memory. Jem and Sandy are back in the UK and we have unfortunately lost touch. I know this for sure, though. At some time before the end of the season, they will think about their twenty four carrot Christmas gift that they kept for just a few moments. A very happy few moments.

So, no matter what happened during the past year. No matter how many lumps of coal in your stocking. No matter how many times you had to get back up, reach back and find that special holiday memory, milk it for all it’s worth, and have the best time you possibly can. But, don’t shoot your eye out.

Fred Prout


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It seems like the whole world resonates with the sound and feel of
grieving. It has been nearly two years since the beginning of the “great
pandemic” and we are still losing loved ones at an alarming rate. Add to
that the number of people dieing of old age and other illnesses. Sometimes
it seems like our flags are in a perpetual state of half mast. We live in a new
world of partial or full isolation and our grief seems insurmountable. How
do we move forward in a world that no longer holds the ones we held dear?
Grief. The dictionary defines grief as the response to the loss of
someone or some living thing that has died, to which a bond was formed.
Although conventionally focused on the emotional response to loss, grief
also has physical, cognitive, behavioral, social, cultural, spiritual and
philosophical dimensions. Grief is like a fingerprint – no two people grieve
the same or for the same length of time.

Grief counselors and psychologists state that there are seven stages of
grief: shock or disbelief, denial, bargaining, guilt, anger, depression, and
acceptance/hope. Again no two people are the same. You may be moving
forward only to wake up one day to find you have regressed to an earlier
stage. That is normal! Death of a spouse is one of the hardest to deal with
and when that spouse is a soulmate it is devastating. Professionals have
documented and attest that soulmates are legitimate. When a soulmate dies
it is like a part of you has been ripped away and the grieving process may be
long lasting. When you lose your spouse you have to learn how to live as a
single instead of a half. Not only are you grieving the loss of your mate, you
are now faced with a new social and financial standing. Where do you fit in
in the new scheme of things?

You will find that some people are very understanding and
compassionate while other who may have moved on sooner, think you
should just suck it up and move on too. Ignore them! You will move on at
your own rate. There are no rights and wrongs. Talk to friends, join a
support group or write your feelings down. There are books and internet
blogs with good information and support. You are not alone. Eventually
you will accept and find your place in your new world. You will never stop
missing your loved one but you will learn to focus more on the beautiful
memories the two of you made together.

If you know someone who is grieving, be kind, listen to them no
matter how many times they need to talk. Your support can make a
difference. Your caring will be greatly appreciated
Ruby Bonham 12-10-2021

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Free Tax Advice

To put things in context, the following took place shortly before my recent re-connection surgery. For those of you who are interested, it went well and things are working out ok . And often. And after six months, I can face the correct wall.
Hey, that’s a big deal.

Well, it was inevitable. after many long, long months of masking, avoiding, hiding out, staying away… a friend came by our dinner table and asked if he could join us. Since I’ve known him and his wife for a long time, and knew they had both been vaccinated, I said sure. My table mates concurred. The next night, his wife called. You got it. He got sick the next morning and tested positive.

S#@t !

So the next morning I went to get tested. Too soon, they said. Come back Friday. Even though I had no symptoms and had been self-testing daily (more later, keep reading) I wanted to make sure that I didn’t carry the bug to possibly pass on. I am a nice person after all.

Two more days of self isolation and I went back for the test. A very expensive test. Well, the test was free, but the facility is right in front of Costco. I mean, you are already there, so, you might as well go in and look around, right? Thankfully, the test was negative, so, back to being a real person again.

Oh, the free tax advice. All the literature I read about Covid-19 says you may lose your sense of taste and smell. I read the two most reliable taste testers are bacon
and twelve year old single malt scotch. Since I don’t want to cook, I chose the latter. Because of the seriousness of the situation, I tested daily. Actually, several times a day. I mean this is important stuff, right?

Now, being a conscientious taxpayer, I called the IRS.I explained my situation and asked if the testing material was tax deductible. Unfortunately, the agent explained that in order to be considered tax deductible, the testing material had to be less than 1 week old. Therefore, my forty dollar bottle would not qualify.

Since it appears that frequent testing will be necessary, I am considering setting up a “Go Fund Me “. If anyone knows how to do it, please let me know.

Fred Prout

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Chapter 9 Event Update

2021-12 Fest of Lights2
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Speakers on gardening, composting Friday, Dec. 10, 3 p.m.

Escapees Melinda Stanfield and Dick Rauscher. (Julianne G Crane)

For the first time in ages, the Friday afternoon social time will feature guest speakers on Dec. 10, at 3 p.m. in the Clubhouse.

Longtime gardeners, Dick Rauscher and Melinda Stanfield will share some of their experiences on gardening and composting. Currently visitors in the park, they are #14 on the Timber Valley Active Wait List.

This will give us an opportunity to discuss possible interest in a Timber Valley Garden Club and Community Garden.

Please bring pot luck holiday snacks to share, and enjoy the Clubhouse’s seasonal decorations.

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Tree Trimming Volunteers Needed

It’s that time of year again! The many trees within our park are in need of trimming. Our Park Manager and the Landscape Committee are asking for your help.

If you will be in the Park during the next couple of months, please sign up to help with this project. Dates will depend on the weather but we would like to start around the first of January.

Sign-Up sheets will be available in the clubhouse and mailroom or contact:
George Boykin,

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PCM Meeting Cancelled

The PCM meeting, scheduled for Monday Dec.6, is cancelled.

— Marc Stalnaker, PCM Secretary

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