The Dam Speaker

The Dam Speaker on April 19, 2019
by Jackie Deal

Blair Nash head of the Sutherlin Water Control District spoke at our Friday 3 pm get-together about Cooper Creek and Plat I reservoir and the Cooper Creek Dam. Over 60 park residents listened and eagerly asked questions about “our” dam and its condition and the potential dangers. Continue reading

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Water Inundation Map for Cooper Creek Added

We’ve added a link to an album containing photos of the map shown by Blair Nash at Friday’s Seminar about the Cooper Creek Dam. Blair is with the Sutherlin Water Control District and gave a group of about 60 people an informative presentation including the history of the District, some behind the scenes insights, and the current state of the dam.

Both the dam and the district are in good shape… the dam structurally and the district financially. Other than a small amount of natural settling, the dam hasn’t moved at all during it’s more than 50 year life.  It’s continually monitored for both movement and water intrusion.  During the next couple years the district is considering a project to strengthen the dam beyond it’s current capability.

Link to Map Album

To get the most out of the photos, click on them individually and they will grow in size.  At that point, you should be able to zoom in with your mouse. The map album is also available on the Members Only page.

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Wolf Creek Inn and Tavern

by Jackie Deal

Imagine: you’re a pioneer bouncing over the rocks, hills, mountains, and creeks to get from Grants Pass to Wolf Creek. Four lane highways with nice signs don’t exist. In fact, the way is so steep that they unload your wagon, tie a sturdy rope around it and hoist it up to the top of the mountain, then drop it down the other side by ropes (hopefully they don’t break). But wait a minute, how about the horses? Oh, yes, they rope them up and hoist them up and then down over the mountain too. And You?? Why you climb over the mountain on your own two feet. Would you be glad to see the Wolf Creek Inn and Tavern waiting for you in its pretty little valley? You bet you would. Wolf Creek Inn was on the trail from Roseburg to Redding. Continue reading

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Bob is Making Breakfast – Thursday April 25th


Bob is making breakfast!

Thursday, April 25
from 7 am to 9 am

Enjoy a tasty

… and Jacks & Jills is picking up the tab!

Simply bring your own table ware
& Sign up

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‘Update on Cooper Creek Dam’ by district manager Blair Nash — Friday, April 19, (NEW TIME) 3:30 p.m.

Cooper Creek Reservoir (Rick Swart, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife)

Blair Nash, District Manager, Sutherlin Water Control District will give an update on the Cooper Creek Dam on Friday, April 19 at 3:30 p.m.

He will have the latest inundation maps and give information on the earthen dam .

Copper Creek Dam holds back the “160-acre reservoir nestled within a Douglas-fir forest.” There is “plenty of good bank access to thanks to an easy trail that encircles the lake. Stocked regularly with rainbow trout from March to May and again in August. Also known for large bass and panfish. Crappie are plentiful in the arms of the lake in spring and early summer.” — Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

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Meet HAL

from the desk of Helaine Hepworth

Timber Valley is a safe, secure, comfortable place for seniors, especially for single women, but sometimes it is just not quite enough and we get overwhelmed with life’s little problems. I am proposing one more committee, to be called Husbands At Large or just “HAL”. The committee would be run much like a library. Wives would fill out 3×5 cards with their husband’s name, talents, skills, and faults. A librarian will take the cards and maintain the files. Continue reading

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New Park Picture Board Needs More Pictures

From Joan Larson

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Great Board Members Wanted!

The Board of Directors has authorized the Election Committee to solicit candidates for new members on the Board of Directors.

There are three (3) openings for the Board of Directors.  If you are interested in contributing your valuable time, please submit your 1 page resume’ to the office no later than 5pm on May 10, 2019.

We’re looking for talented and conscientious people with leadership skills to lead and strengthen our park. If this is you, please submit your resume’  If you think this is your friend or neighbor — talk to them about submitting their resume’.  Let’s make this a great and competitive election year!

Judy Pambrun, Chairman of the Election Committee

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Swedish Meatball Dinner – Tuesday April 16

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A Big Timber Valley Welcome to Cheryl and George Ridlon, Lot 144

Cheryl and George Ridlon were given their official orientation to Timber Valley on March 28th. They are on lot 144 and are already getting involved with Park activities.  Welcome George and Cheryl, to the best little RV community in Oregon.


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