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We’ve added a new item to the top level menu of this website… “Events”.  A click on this page will take the user to a page with a list of recent events… for example our recent Fun Days during the Annual Meeting week. Those links lead to a page of photos from that event. At this point, there’s only one event listed, but as time goes along we’ll add more.

Link to Fun Days photos


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Chapter 9 August Day Trips

Chapter 9 has announced two day trips during the month of August. Click here for details. Both promise to be enjoyable and a great way to partake in some local flavor during the warm summer days of August.

Hope to see you there.

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UPDATED: Committee Organizational Meetings for the New Year

If you signed up for the following committees at the annual meeting (… and even if you didn’t — all are welcome…) we’re having organizational meetings to choose chairs and co-chairs at the time and place noted below:

Communications Committee:  Monday, July 24, 9:00AM at the clubhouse

PCM Committee:  Tuesday, July 25, 1:00PM at the clubhouse

Landscape Committee:  Friday, July 28, 8:00AM at the clubhouse

Call, Text, or Email Thom Hoch (435-200-4624) if you have any questions.


Lot Improvement Committee, Tues., July 25, 9:00 AM, Clubhouse dining room.

By-Laws committee, Tues., July 25, 9:30 AM, Clubhouse dining room.

Membership Committee, Tues., July 25, 10:00 AM, Clubhouse dining room.

Library, Sunshine and Welcome committees will meet following the Jacks and Jills meeting on Monday, July 24th.

Call Kris Gordon if you have any questions.


Elections Committee, Thursday, July 27, 10:00am, Dining Room

Call Donna Roberson if you have any questions.

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Jacks & Jills Activity Committee meets every 4th Monday

Monday, July 24 at 1 p.m. is the monthly meeting of Timber Valley Jacks & Jills Activity Committee. 

Every leaseholder of Timber Valley RV Park is a member of “Jacks & Jills.” It is the organization that handles all of the park’s social activities events, such as overseeing the planning of holiday parties and park dinners.

Learn about upcoming park events, and how you can help, at the July meeting in the Clubhouse. There will be sweet treats to munch on.

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Fun loving cooks meet again … July 31, 1 p.m., Clubhouse

The Timber Valley Cooking Group is taking on at least one membership meal a month and only fun-loving people need show up at a planning meeting on Monday, July 31 at 1 p.m. in the Clubhouse.

Actual cooking experience not necessary, just a willingness to pitch in and have fun.  Anyone interested in joining in the fun is welcomed to attend and share your ideas.

For additional information contact  Terry Hilty (#71) or Jimmy Smith (#197).

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Line Dancing – Tuesday 10 a.m. – Clubhouse dance floor

An informal gathering of gals and guys interested in line dancing will gather on the dance floor in the Clubhouse on Tuesday mornings at 10 a.m.

Just show up with your dancing shoes and join in.  If you’re a novice, the more experienced line dancers will show you the steps.

For more details, contact Jeannie Wainwright (#103).

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Annual Meeting was held July 18th

On July 18th the membership gathered to go over the past years events and make plans for the future.

The early preliminaries included honoring the original members who had a hand in the building of the park, introducing the members who joined in the last year, and remembering those who have passed on this year.

Following Roberts Rules of Order they heard the minutes and reports from the secretary and treasurer. And reports from all of the committees. The reports spotlighted the growth and progress of each committee.

After the lunch break, (which was prepared by the Jacks & Jills and the Cooking Group) it was time to get down to business. As there was not a quorum no vote involving By-Laws could be taken.

L to R: Kris Gordon, Don Bush, Nancy Hergenreder, Ron Pennington, Donna Roberson, Bob DuMilieu, Cathey Johnson, Thom Hoch, Ken Grant

First was the election of new officers. The results are President, Cathey Johnson,
Vice president, Nancy Hergenreder, Secretary, Ron Pennington, and Treasurer, Bob DuMilieu.

Gene Fisher explained how the parking lot was being damaged by seeping water through the underlayment. An engineer has advised the park on how to fix the problem. Phase 1 of the project consists of a trench along the south edge. Materials and piping need to be bought. Phase 2 will finish the project. Both motions carried.

A motion was made and passed to spend up to $1000 for new padded chairs for the dining room.
A motion was made and passed to keep the washing machines as they are now and not replace any now.

We were reminded to observe the speed limit of 20 mph and also reminded that lots need to be kept clean and weed free throughout the park. The management has the authority to warn a lease holder or order the work done and bill the lease holder.

This is a Co-op park. All were given the opportunity to sign up for various committees. The work done by all of the committees is what keeps our maintenance fees down. Watch for the organizational meeting each committee will have in the next few weeks. Join the committees that suit your talents. They will be glad to have you.

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Annual Membership Meeting Tomorrow

Timber Valley SKP Park is a cooperative membership corporation, and tomorrow is the Annual Membership Meeting. All of the members (lot owners) who can make it have been arriving over the last few weeks, and all the lots are filled. Lots of hugs!

The meeting takes most of the day, with a break for a group lunch in the clubhouse.

First thing in the morning is two hours for coffee, pastries, registration, and a chance to sign up for one or more committees.

Following the Call to Order, the park’s finances are reported. New members of the park over the last year are introduced, original members, who have been a part of the park since its inception almost 30 years ago, are recognized, and those members who have passed on in the last year are remembered. All the eighteen committees of volunteers report on what’s been done over the last year, and what is planned for the coming year. Volunteers are what helps keep our park beautiful, comfortable, and affordable!

This meeting is also when new members of the Board of Directors, elected from the membership, are installed to replace those Directors whose terms have expired. We have three new Directors this year.

Timber Valley is a nice place to live!

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The park’s nature trail building crew will start in the autumn

A nature stroll in the woods … The Happy Hill Walking Trail … has been approved by the Timber Valley Board of Directors.

The first leg of the trail along the south boundary of the park will begin between Site 103 and 115, and progress east along an existing access road (on park property) to Happy Hill Park.

There the trail will exit along the public access driveway between Sites 204 and 205 to Hilltop Road. The walking trail between Sites 204 and 194 progress the asphalt along Hilltop Road.

The second phase of the walking trail would begin east of the storage area gate where a foot path would be constructed to join a cleared trail east to the gravel bins.  There, the trail would merge with the already existing walking (and bicycling) path that meanders about half-a-mile to the eastern boundary of the park.  Once completed the walking trail along the south side of the park would be approximately one mile.

Work will be started in the autumn by the Friends of The Happy Hill Walking Trail, under the direction of trail-master Bob Feiler, (#143).

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Kay Peterson – A Life Well Lived

If you haven’t seen this video yet, get a bowl of popcorn and a box of Kleenex and enjoy this little video celebrating the life of Kay Peterson.  Click Link Here

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