Hot Hot Hot! Extreme Fire Danger

The next three days will be very warm! Here are a few things to keep in mind…

  1. Douglas Fire Protection Association has set the fire danger to Extreme! This is indicated by the red flag on the reader board near the Office.
  2. Our electrical loads will be strained with air conditioner use. Please! Do not try to run two air conditioners. Even without two air conditioners running, we may experience some circuit breaker failures. If this happens, call Rockey Shanahan at 503 508-1438. Randy will be available over the weekend and she will contact him to reset any failed breakers. Please do not attempt to reset these yourselves.
  3. Remember the Clubhouse is air conditioned. Wear masks, maintain social distances (6 feet).
  4. Stay hydrated, use sun screen if you have to be outside.


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Snowbird Fairies?

Fairy City residents may be planning to join snowbirds in the coming months. A fairy dusted land cruiser has been accrued and looks ready to travel.

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Gnomes on the Move …

It appears that a couple relatives with unruly hair have hitched on to the Gnomemobile!

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Emergency Preparedness Meeting – Tuesday, Aug. 11

Emergency Preparedness Committee Organizing Meeting (follow by its regular monthly meeting) is Tuesday, August 11 at 10 a.m., in the Big Room of the Clubhouse.

Everyone interested in helping is invited, especially the Block Captains and Co-captains.

This business meeting is limited to 50 members wearing face coverings, masks or shields.  We will practice social distancing.

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COVID-19 Exposure Risk Index

This COVID-19 exposure Risk Index is provided by the Douglas County COVID-19 Response Team. If the print is too small to read, the pictures give the broad strokes.

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Meet Your New Board of Directors for 2020 – 2021

Despite a pandemic-related delay in holding our annual Membership meeting this year, we were successful in seating the new Board of Directors for 2020-2021 on July 16th, at a Special Open Board Meeting following the regular July Board Meeting. Putting their best Covid-face forward, they are:

Front (L to R);  Rockey Shanahan (Secretary);  Sharon ElliotPatti HealeyGerry Vroomman

Back (L to R):  David Arndorfer; Mike Hilty (Treasurer); Jim McIntosh (President); Dan Ohnemus (Vice President); Gene Fisher

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The Gnome-Mobile

Gnomes like to travel just like SKPs do. Here is, for a better term, a Gnomemobile ready to go

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By Jackie Deal
FREE! The best word in the English language. Every Tuesday at St. Vincent De Paul’s Thrift Store you can get FREE food boxes. Why? How?
Well, it’s simple. Remember when farmers were dumping milk because there was no market with Covid restrictions? Now the Federal government has bought surplus farm products and is distributing them FREE to certified locations. NO charge. No forms. No restrictions. Just come into the store. The program helps the farmers and helps us.
The manager at St. Vinnies’ (Rodney Linton) ) goes at 6 am every Tuesday to Roseburg to pick up 60-100 boxes for Sutherlin. (For some reason the food truck doesn’t come to Sutherlin.) The 100 boxes are stacked by the door, covered with an insulated tarp; St. Vinnies does NOT have refrigeration so products need to be distributed that day.
Contents of the boxes vary; so far there have been two different choices. Last week included fresh garden produce and dairy products. This week was dairy and assorted. Get together with your neighbors and share a box: 30-40 pounds of dairy products is an awful lot. Potatoes and onions seem to be plentiful; we must have a lot of potato farmers! Ham and chicken have also appeared in dairy boxes.
Please be aware, delivery can be cancelled but so far the boxes have come every Tuesday. Help a farmer stay in business and eat better and cheaper (whoops, less expensively!)

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Friday Landscape Trimming Pickup

Tree and Landscape Trimming Pickup

Friday, July 31 between 8am – 9am

It’s the last Friday of the month and that means the Landscape Committee will be going around the park with “Big Green”, the dump truck, to pick up tree and landscape trimmings at member lots. Please have your debris piled at the edge of your lot near the road.

Sign-Up in the Mail Room if you want the truck to stop at your lot.

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Bored? Grumpy? Try This

Getting older by the minute? Try something new. Try Chi Gong.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 10 am there’s plenty of room to “social distance” and still enjoy yourself exercising in the clubhouse. Unless you’ve found the Fountain of Youth (and haven’t shared it with the rest of us) you‘re getting stiffer, weaker, losing your balance etc. etc. All those blessing of age that we do share.

Chi Gong stresses deep breathing. Did you know that none of us use the full capacity of our lungs? Deep breathing may help prevent colds and pneumonia. We use five video tapes that present a different set of exercise targeting muscles and balance. Those of us who go South for six months find we lose balance and strength without Chi Gong. It’s a privilege to return and join friends as we struggle to regain our quickly slipping youth.

Chi Gong is gentle yet you’ll know you’ve exercised the next day. And before long you’ll see you can do things you couldn’t manage when you started. It’s called progress!

The cost is right. It’s free. It takes only 30-40 minutes of your 1440 minute day. You could enjoy and you would benefit. Come join us.


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