Friday, December 8, at 3 pm Social Hour – “TOYS FOR JOY”

Sutherlin Fire Department Auxiliary will be here to explain how the Sutherlin Christmas “Toys for Joy” toy drive works. Learn the entire process about this vital program to our community, from beginning to delivery of the wrapped gifts. How are families chosen? How do families choose gifts for their children? Do they still deliver with the fire trucks?

And don’t forget to shop and bring your unwrapped toys for ages infants to 18, by December 14 (pick-up is December 15 at 10 am) to place under Timber Valley’s Giving Tree. Is it possible to have more toys this year under the tree than in this photo of last year’s toy drive?

Join in at 3 PM, Friday, December 8 in the Clubhouse Dining Room. Bringing a treat to share is always welcome. Some Holiday Cheer will also be available or bring your own.

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December 2023 TV Log

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The hardest thing you will ever do in life is to become a caregiver.
Whether it happens gradually or suddenly, it is devastating to both the
caregiver and the loved one. No one ever expects it to happen to them. You
may start out is disbelief then your emotions will run a gamut. You will
become emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted. No two days are
the same as you try to learn how to navigate your way through this new
stage of life. You are on duty 24 – 7 with little respite. If you are lucky you
will have a support team of relatives, friends and medical. Even with help
you are still on alert. You don’t sleep well because you always have one ear
open. Crises may be a normal part of your life depending on your loved
one’s condition. You try to handle medical emergencies with outward calm
even when you are shaking inside. Your emotions fluctuate between
sadness, anger, despair, acceptance, denial and just plain overwhelming love
for the one you are trying to protect and support. Even so, you would never
choose a different path.
Your loved one is experiencing many of the same thoughts and
emotions. After the disbelief, they too go through stages. Some are
embarrassed or ashamed that they have put you in this position. Through no
fault of their own their lives have changed course, with no map to guide or
understanding why this event has changed the dynamics of your
relationship. No one is in control of this situation. You both struggle to
adapt to this new life and find some form of order in the chaos. In time you
start to adjust. Though you are still sad for yourself and your loved one, you
move forward in this new life. The love you share is still there. Touch is
important to hold the connection that has morphed into a new dimension,
especially when speech and memory are involved. A gentle touch tells them
you are still here, still in love and that you aren’t going anywhere. You
grieve the loss of the old life but you come to realize the one you so loved is
still there. You adapt and you grow from the experience. You are still
exhausted and sad but you find that inner strength that says you are OK.
You too are loved.
Ruby Bonham

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Social Hour Friday December 1 @ 3pm

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Annual Toy Drive – “TOYS FOR JOY”


Buy a toy or two appropriate for children from newborn to 18 years.

Put them under our Timber Valley Clubhouse tree before December 15.

Sutherlin Fire Department will pick up the toys at 10 AM on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15

Members are invited to come help load the toys into their truck(s), and share hot chocolate or cider, and some sweet treats.


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Active Wait List

By Robin McFadden, Lot 195

August 2019 – Giddy with excitement I clutch the membership application receipt as I practically skip back to my rig.  My new friend Rick, tells everyone I am ‘on the waitlist’ and I grin as people congratulate me.

Year one goes by quickly as I get immersed into my full time RV life and travels.  It’s now 2020 and I ‘got a lot’ at the Rovers Roost SKP CO-Op in Casa Grande, AZ.  As Covid causes states to shut down, and RV parks and campgrounds close nationwide, I’m relieved and grateful to have a place to call my own, and hunker down for the duration.  Then the heat comes and it’s time to leave.  By then, the states have loosened restrictions, so me and my virus free mobile living unit head to cooler climes.

Year two and I check the active wait list on the Timber Valley website once every month or two.  It doesn’t feel like I have made much movement this year, but frankly I don’t remember where I started on the list.

Years three and four and I start to reconsider.  I go to other SKP parks, and weigh the options of buying a house or buying land and building.  So many choices. My pro/con list gets bigger and bigger.  I still have time to decide.

I get the email!  I’m 25th on the list.  Back to the pro/con list. More research.  I start checking the Timber Valley website several times a month.  I read and reread the rules and the bylaws.  I join the Facebook group.

I look at the various volunteer opportunities looking for options of how I can contribute remotely.  I check the Active Wait List weekly.  When a lot is posted for trade, I look at it and check its location on the park map, even though I am not yet at the top of the list.  I hope I’m not the only one who does this!

I’m now in the top 10 and it starts getting real.  Time to make sure my finances are in order.   I open a new checking account with the same bank that holds my money market accounts and am relieved to see I can transfer money instantly on line. I’m ready.

November 2023 –  4 1/2 years.  I’m at the top of the list!  I  email Kim to confirm she has my current contact information and address since I won’t be ‘home’ for two months.  She tells me if no one wants to trade for the lot listed on the website, it will be mine.

Today, less than a month after signing the paperwork, I’m enjoying my first stay on my lot.  It’s a short visit this time, however I’ll be back this summer for a longer visit. I’ve met my neighbors, and look forward to getting to know them better.

It was a long wait on the Active Wait List but it makes getting a lot that much sweeter. I’m looking forward to spending more time here and contributing what I can to Timber Valley, and making new friends.  See you all in the summer!

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Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease in Oregon

The recent rise in Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease reported to the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) includes:

  • Chronic mild to moderate inflammation of the trachea lasting six to eight weeks or longer, which is minimally or not responsive to antibiotics.
  • Chronic pneumonia that is minimally or not responsive to antibiotics.
  • Acute pneumonia that rapidly becomes severe and often leads to poor outcomes in as little as 24 to 36 hours.

Dog owners can protect their pets from respiratory illness by:

  • Reducing contact with large numbers of unknown dogs. Just like with other respiratory pathogens, the more contacts your dog has, the greater the risk of encountering a dog that’s infectious.
  • Reducing contact with sick dogs. This can be harder to determine but if a dog looks sick (coughing, runny nose, runny eyes), keep your dog away from it.
  • Keep sick dogs at home and seek veterinary care.
  • Avoid communal water bowls shared by multiple dogs.
  • Ask your veterinarian for advice on which vaccinations your dog should have. Common vaccinations include canine influenza, Bordetella and parainfluenza.
  • If it’s sick, consider having your dog tested with a PCR test to help determine the causative agent (viral/bacterial), if possible.

Thank you Dennis Hellawell for bringing this important matter to our attention.

For further information, see:
Oregon Veterinary Medical Association – Canine infectious respiratory disease in Oregon
American Veterinary Medical Association – Oregon dealing with respiratory illness incidents in dogs


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Propane Pumping Thanksgiving Week

The Office will be closed on Thursday and Friday, but propane WILL BE pumped on FRIDAY morning starting at 8:00 a.m. until they have no more tanks. Bring your tanks down for filling before the weekend!
~ Kim
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Thanksgiving Dinner at the Clubhouse, Thursday November 23 @ 2pm

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Soup on a Cold Day

What could be better on a cold, wintery noon than hot soup, homemade garlic toast, and crunchy oatmeal cookies??  Add in a beautiful travelogue of Italy on the big screen with soft Italian music.  That was this past Wednesday noon in our clubhouse. Did you miss it??

Almost every Wednesday our Chef Denis will be alternating soup and dinner both with music and travelogue presented by Richard Hickethier.  The Wed. before Thanksgiving there will be NO soup since Thanksgiving dinner will be a big hullabaloo. But the Wed. after Thanksgiving (Nov. 29) will be Chicken Adobo, the national dish of the Philipines. (Will Richard find Filipino music and pictures?) This will be a full dinner served at 2 p.m. That’s to get you all home before dark! Soups will be served at 12 noon.

Until further notice, every Wednesday after that, soup and dinner will alternate.  Be sure to put this on your calendar.  Everything is homemade (in our kitchen) and from fresh ingredients.

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Learn to Use the Timber Valley Calendar App on Your Smartphone or Tablet

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Expecting Guests Anytime Soon? Come to Social Hour on Friday at 3pm

So you are expecting a couple of friends or members of your family to visit you. Your rig is set up with a bed for you and your spouse, and you exchange the couch for different chairs and a loveseat. What are their overnight accommodation?

Well, there is a Motel 6 3 miles away. The cost is only $60 dollars a night, plus tax. The bed is reasonable, and after a shower and getting dressed, there is a restaurant nearby to walk to for breakfast or an additional $25.

Then there is the Best Western, also 3 miles away, for $145 plus the tax, and after you change from PJs to street clothing, you walk outside to the office area, and breakfast is free. Walking outside again, there is a pool house with a lukewarm hot? tub and a cool pool. No towels, but regular towels are available in the office. Persons not registered may not accompany you.

And then we have a spacious, well-appointed place within spitting distance of your rig for $94 plus tax. There is everything you need for breakfast, fruit, eggs, bread, a toaster, and even a bottle of great wine for an evening watching a big TV even while in bed. The hostess and host are great at making guests happy. The place is clean and comfortably furnished.

Attend the Social Hour on November 17th at 3 pm and learn more as they will be our guests for the hour.

Sharon Elliott #36

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Emergency Preparedness Meeting Speaker – Tuesday, November 14 @ 10am Clubhouse Big Room

All members, visitors, and guests are invited to attend to come and meet Douglas County’s new Emergency Manager Emily Ring!

The role of the Emergency Manager is to help local communities and organizations identify, anticipate, and prepare for possible hazards and vulnerabilities while undertaking and establishing measures to effectively deal with, mitigate, respond and recover during and after disasters.

Let Emily tell us about the Douglas County Emergency Management program and her plans for the future. Although she has only been in the position a short while, she had already heard about the Timber Valley Emergency Preparedness system from the Sutherlin Emergency Manager and Deputy Emergency Manager!


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In Memoriam – Glen Golgert

Timber Valley was saddened by the news that Glen Golgert, Lot #75, had passed away on October 25, 2023. Glen and his wife, Cheryle Golgert , moved into Timber Valley on September 03, 1990. Glen was one of the “original members” still with us. Cheryle passed away on July 20, 2021. Glen stayed in the Park until his move to Oak Park Assisted Living in Roseburg during March of 2022. He is survived by his sister, Theo Geblen and niece Rhonda Patnode of Washington. Glen’s sister, Theo Golgert and family, suggested that donations be given to the Sutherlin Oakland Food Pantry.

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Veterans Day Breakfast this Saturday

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Library Use Procedures

The library committee is excited that all books, movies, CDs, and books on CDs have all been sorted and alphabetized. In order to keep the library in order we need your help.

The library DOES NOT ACCEPT hardcover books, those that have no covers or are torn. Nor do we except VHS or Cassette tapes of any type, puzzles missing pieces or movies that have been scratched or corrupted. Please just throw them out.

Please allow our staff to reshelve all books, movies, books on CDs etc. This will ensure they are restocked properly and therefore easier for you to locate your favorite.

The Harlequin books are stored together on a separate shelf in the romance section.

The Oversized books are on the middle shelf and are filed by author, however they are intermixed and all different genres.

If you are donating puzzles, please write the date of donation on the back of the puzzle or leave on the desk in the library so we may do so. If you complete a puzzle that has not been dated on the back, please do so. This way we can keep the proper rotation when we donate older ones.

On the desk in the library there are two binders full of movies that have been donated. They are stored in alphabetical order. There are cover sleeves on the window seal for your use. Please return in the return crate and we will refile.

Thank you all for helping the library staff to help things running smoothly.

Kathy Perry, Committee Chairman

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Escapees Lifetime Membership Discount – November 2023

Join the Escapees Discount Campaign running from November 1-30, 2023, and get a Lifetime Membership for only $600, a $250 discount off the regular cost!

Discount Campaign Overview:

  • Dates: November 1-30, 2023
  • Cost: $600-Lifetime Membership Cost ($250 Discount)
    • Waive Additional Fee for International
    • No Membership Proration for Existing Members (Due to discount)
    • Veterans to receive 5% ($30) discount on lifetime membership purchase.
  • Webpage:

New Lifetime Membership Perks:

  • *Lifetime Member shirt(s) (New Lifetime Memberships Only)
  • *Lifetime Member badge(s) (New Lifetime Memberships Only)
  • 5% off Escapade registration
  • 5% off annual mail service fee
  • 5% off Escapees product store (excludes gift certificates and gift memberships)

(Discounts may be combined with 5% Veteran Discount, providing 10% off items above)

Disclaimer: These offers may not be combined with other promotions or discounts with the exception to our veteran program. Discount on Mail Forwarding Service does not include postage or enrollment fees. Store discounts do not include gift memberships, certificates, and donations.

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Social Hour November 3, 3 p.m. in the Clubhouse

This week will feature our own Chef Denis Perkins. No, he will not be cooking for
us; we will be the ones to bring anything to eat while we listen to one of the things
that is so special about this man.

With a slide show, Denis will tell us about his 20-year Navy and cooking experience
on a submarine. Can you imagine preparing a shopping list and cooking for a group of hungry men in a small kitchen? Can you imagine not being able to look out of the window? Was he ever involved in military action on the sub?

We have lots of questions to ask this special man. Do not miss the opportunity to honor Denis and hear his experiences.

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TV Log – November 2023

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Chair Yoga Friday, November 3rd. 10 a.m.

Chair Yoga Friday, November 3rd. 10 a.m. will replace the usual QiGong will be led by Denise Elliott O’Brien. Sharon Elliott’s kid. Denise has studied and practiced Yoga for 25 years. She studied at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts and is certified in basic and advanced Yoga. Her studies and certifications have included;
Lee Albert, Pain relief
Terry Roth (international Yoga Therapist), Healthy Spine.
David Emerson, Trauma
Joy Devi, Heart, Cancer, Cardiac
Dean Ornish, Gentle and Advanced Yoga
Craig Hanaurer, Kids Yoga
Harris Lender, Kidding Around Yoga
Richard Miller, Yoga Nidra
Loren Fishman MD, Yoga for Osteoporosis

Employment; West Virginia University Medicine. Wheeling Hospital currently where she leads classes for all ages and abilities including children, and the elderly.

Denise wants you to know that her classes are easy and comfortable.

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