By Ruby Bonham

Is humanity progressing or regressing? Technology has had a major impact on the way we perceive things The media stirs the pot, keeping people in an agitated state and prone to violence. Truth and fact finding are ignored in favor of the next great headline.

Were we better off 30 or more years ago before the internet was readily available? We had less TV stations and less global news. The news was reported without personal opinions. None of the anchors bashed others for their opinions or lifestyles. Did murders and theft exist? Yes, but were just reported as facts. Commercials were limited and restricted. TV sitcoms were tasteful, no curse words or nudity. Married couples slept in twin beds, fully clothed. Unrealistic? Yes but they were PG rated. The most violence we saw was in our favorite westerns, with their fist fights and shootouts. No weapons of mass destruction or mass murders were committed.

Human bodies were not covered with colored tattoos. Your hair was your natural color with maybe a little help from Clairol. No one sprayed their hair red, green or blue. Men shaved everyday and combed their hair. Women wore bras, granny panties and clothes that covered. Men wore tailored suites without skinny legs and dress shoes with socks. Kids did not compete with other kids for the most outrageous clothes. Were there exceptions? Yes, but school children did not have access to weapons or kill their teachers or fellow students.

There have always been disagreements between people and countries, sometimes escalating to war. Today there is such discord within countries that the people refuse to work together, not caring the harm they do to their people. Countries are at war, rabid leaders choosing to destroy whole cities and the innocent people within. The rest of the world watches in horror but seem powerless to do anything without starting a global war. How did we get to this place where powerful technology is used to harm instead of make life easier for humanity.

Today we have smart phones, tablets and amazing computers, that make our lives easier. Our electricity, water, gas pumps, cash registers and our very lives are dependent on this technology. What happens when that technology is attacked? We have no backup so are left without the basics we need to survive. Are we better off now than we were 30 plus years ago? The answer is yes and no.

Humanity has progressed in some ways but has regressed in morals and behavior. Can we have the new technological lifestyles without the criminal element? Probably not. There has always been a criminal element in the population but today the percentage is much higher. It has become easy to steal and defraud with the help of this new technology. Will humanity destroy itself or will there be a new awakening? Stay tuned

Ruby Bonham

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Social Hour Friday March 1 @ 3pm in the Clubhouse

I know you have heard of Chapter 9, but:

● Do you know what Chapter is?
● Do you know why Chapter 9 is important?
● Do you know what Chapter 9 members do?
● Do you know how much the Chapter 9 annual dues are?
● Do you know what Chapter 9 does with the money it raises?
● Do you know why you should be a member of Chapter 9?

Jackie Deal will be our speaker at Social Hour on Friday March 1 to answer these questions.

Jackie is the current president of Chapter 9 and wants to tell you about the monthly breakfast changes and much more.

Do not miss this Social Hour.

Sharon Elliott #36

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Join Us for Leap Day Breakfast! Thursday February 29 8:30am – 10am in the Dining Room

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TV Log February 25, 2024

If your mobile device does not allow you to view the entire Log, click this link to open the Log in a new window.

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Social Hour February 23 @ 3pm in the Clubhouse

You have most likely seen the huge eagles or bears carved out of beautiful wood. You may have even visited the sculptor’s ranch, but there is a lot yet to learn about the Woodshop located on Central.

Mary Jane Morey, owner of the Woodshop, will be our guest to describe all about the wood in the shop and what can be done with it. Many gifts are available by turners and other carvers. Some of the items are made on-site by local artists.

Come and socialize, learn, and have some fun. Bring snacks to share, and, of course, wine will be available.

–Sharon Elliott #36

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Chef Denis Lunch – Wednesday February 21 @ 12noon – Dining Room

Enjoy chili, corn bread and cheesecake! Please sign up in the Dining Room if you plan to attend. $5 donation.

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Thursday February 22 Movie Night @ 5pm – Groundhog Day

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Social Hour Friday February 16@ 3 pm in the Clubhouse

Here is an example of a rig you can rent to hook to your truck and travel. It is also possible to have Adventure Bound Easy Rental bring it to the park for your family to stay and pay no more than a hotel. If your family or good friend is not a member of the Escapees, you will have to “Sponsor” them.

Adventure Bound is a business you pass on Calapooia St. at the end of Valentine St. frequently.

Come and hear Michelle Elsworth tell us all about it. Bring a snack and have a good time with your friends.

–Sharon Elliott

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Super Bowl Wrap-Up

Thanks to the 22 Timber Valley residents who made the Super Bowl party a huge success!

Rhonda’s reaction to her team winning sure added to the excitement.

Kudos to Dar for organizing the game quiz, and a big thank you to everyone who contributed snacks and those who stayed to help with the cleanup. 🎉

Watch Rhonda’s reaction

Game highlights

–Richard Hickethier

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Super Bowl!

In the cozy community of Timber Valley, there’s a buzz of excitement as they prepare for the Super Bowl LVIII. While they might not have the luxurious suites of Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, they’re still planning a delightful game-day feast.

Free Oscar Meyer All Beef Hot Dogs🌭, Creamy Umpqua Ice Cream, Henry’s Donuts and a variety Snacks & Munchies.

While their menu might not cost millions, the camaraderie and excitement make it priceless. So, whether it’s in CLUBHOUSE or their cozy living room, Timber Valley residents are ready to cheer on their favorite team! 🏈🌟


SF 49ers vs KC Chiefs


Pre Game Show 3:00

Kick Off 3:30

Hope to See You There

Questions? Richard 505-718-6655

Oh, Don’t forget CHAIR VOLLEY BALL 2PM in the Big Room. If you’ve never tried it, it’s loads of fun.

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Social Hour Friday, February 9th @ 3pm

Are you still traveling? Do you ever get tired of driving and need to stop before you reach your destination? Are you tired of staying in expensive KOAs and other campgrounds? Is your rig, car, van, etc., prepared to go without hook-ups for a night or a few days? Yes? Then, this program is for you!

We know you can park in a Walmart parking lot, but do you feel safe there? Did you know there are over 3,000 privately owned safe places to boondock, whose members can stay for free at a private residence, rest, and share experiences with the property owner?

Our speakers on Friday will be Janice and Dick Burke, who have a Boondock space where Richard Hicketheir stayed recently. Come and hear details about a wonderful program for

–Sharon Elliott

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Social Hour Friday, February 2nd @ 3pm in the Clubhouse

This is a crucial meeting you will want to attend. The personal trainer did not work out, so we grabbed Dennis Riggs. He will be here to tell us about the new Sutherlin Emergency System, NIXLE, and how we can be connected when problems occur.

After a significant snowstorm a few years ago, the wise ones who live here developed a model survival plan. Some of the things Timber Valley did was establish block captains who oversee the emergency preparations of folks on their street. We have a representative of Timber Valley who serves with the City’s emergency planning department. We have a Citizens Band base with several members proficient in broadcast monitoring and communicating with local and distant emergency personnel nationwide. Weekly, there is a roll call to count members and guests in the park, and we know who may need extra assistance.

As I learned about the extensive ice and snow situations not too far north of us, I breathed a sigh of relief that we were not involved. Winter is not yet beyond us, nor are the rain storms. We, as they say, “Cannot rest on our laurels. ” Let’s learn, teach others, and improve on the plan.

Please plan to be there and bring your neighbor.

Sharon Elliott #36

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Watch San Francisco 49ers vs. Detroit Lions on the Big Screen – Sunday January 28 @ 3:30pm

Come watch the San Francisco 49ers vs. the Detroit lions ON THE BIG SCREEN.

Kick-off at 3:30pm during Ice Cream Social, 50 cents a scoop, BYOB & Snacks.

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Member Notices Bulletin Board

By Kristine Godbey

Have something you no longer need? Why not offer it for sale, trade or free to a fellow park member?

Need some new stairs for your rig? Maybe someone in the park has a set they no longer need. Where would a good place to post these types of items be?

The Member Notice Bulletin Board in the Mailroom. It is directly to your right when you come in the door. Opposite the mail boxes.

All members are welcome to post items there, but remember, there are specific standards that must be followed for these postings.  These standards are posted on the Bulletin Board, but many members do not follow them, resulting in their post being removed.

The standards are as follows:

  • Notices are to be no larger than 4”x 6”. (A supply of 3”x 5” cards are on the window sill for your use and convenience.
  • Notices must include the member’s name, lot number and phone number.
  • Notices must be dated the date you post it and may be left for one month.
  • Notices left on the board longer than one month will be removed.
  • Notices that do not comply with these standards will be removed.

Business cards and flyers from community businesses and organizations as well as public service announcements are welcome on the Community Businesses, Events & Public bulletin board located outside the South Clubhouse door near the kitchen.

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Dryer Shrinkage

By Ruby Bonham

Over the years my clothes have mysteriously shrunk in the dryer.  One day they fit then surprise, they don’t.  After much investigation I concluded it must be the dryer.  To prevent this anomaly, I have kept two to three clothes sizes just in case.  Some wiser than me have said, “No Ruby, you’re just fat.”  I disagree, however parts of me have been rearranged, they have dropped lower.  I’m not as tall as I was so logic says that height reduction caused me to spread out sideways; ergo I am not fat just compressed down.  Periodically I cut out chocolate and desserts and lose a couple of pounds.  I recently quit chocolate for about a year.  I had chocolate in the refrigerator and never touched it.  As a kid I wouldn’t eat sweets.  In my mid thirties, a geologist I worked with gave all us ladies Godiva Chocolate for Christmas.  I felt obligated to try it out and I was hooked.  Even now I prefer dark chocolate but will eat mild chocolate in a bind.

When Ed was alive I kept no sweets in the house due to his diabetes.  He always said it was OK for me to eat them but I didn’t feel it was fair to eat sweets in front of him.  After he died I went on a sweet binge.  At that time the dryer started shrinking my clothes again.  I started slowing down on the sweets, then Christmas candy appeared in the stores, wafting its sweetness toward me.  Also at this time my daughter sent me an Omaha Steaks large package that included apple tarts, berry tarts, sticky toffee cakes and 8 little cheesecakes.  Along with Ghirardelli dark peppermint bark and Mint Truffle Kisses, I am lost.  I feel the dryer warming up.

Walmart discounted it Christmas candy 50% off and then 75% off.  Of course my favorites were there and I stocked up.  I am trying to convince myself to take most of it to the office to share with others.  I wonder if the dryer will shrink their clothes?

Ruby Bonham


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San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers Follow-Up and Future Sporting Event Suggestions

On Saturday night, eleven Timber Valley sports fans braved the constant downpour and made it to the clubhouse to witness the thrilling back and forth Big Screen football battle between San Francisco and Green Bay.

Both sides fought gallantly but late in the 4th quarter an interception by San Francisco sealed the deal for a 24 – 21 49ers victory.

In case you missed it, here’s the highlights from

I’d like to thank Darold, Rhonda, Rob, Jane, Michelle and Rachael for helping to plan this event. In attendance were Darold, Loel, Cindy, Linda, Rhonda, Richard, Jackie, Deb, Dar, and Thom.

Everyone stayed after for a speedy clean up, for this we were all very grateful.

If you have any suggestion for future sporting events, please sent them to me at

Thank you,

Richard & Deb (Guests Lot 35)

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Movie Night – Catch Me If You Can – Thursday January 25 @ 5pm

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Breakfast Scheduled for Thursday January 25 Postponed to February

The breakfast scheduled for Thursday January 25 has been postponed to February. We look forward to seeing everyone then!

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Join Us for National Pie Day, Tuesday January 23 @ 2pm

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Welcome New Members! Loel and Cindy Banta – Lot 143, Bill Wissman – Lot 124

By Kristine Godbey

New Members – Loel and Cindy Banta – Lot 143

Loel comes from Modesto, California and Cindy from Southern California. Loel was in the Navy and Cindy was a bookeeper.

They have been full time RVers for 11 years and now want to settle down here in Timber Valley. While traveling, they worked at campgrounds, State Parks and even harvested sugar beets and sold Christmas trees in Florida. Welcome to you both!


New Member – Bill Wissman – Lot 124

You might recognize Bill. I think he’s probably been here at Timber Valley for almost a year, awaiting his permanent lot. You probably have seen him walking around the park and he has become active in various commities and in doing helpful service work around the park.

Bill comes from LA Habra and Anaheim, California  where he attended a military academy then lived in Orange County, California for 20 years.

He was a building contractor and in construction. He owed a farm where he raised, cattle, trees and even ostrich. He sold it 6 or 7 years ago.

He has a son who has been in the Navy for 15 years and his favorite hobby is deep sea fishing.

We’re glad to have you Bill!

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