May 2021 Pavement Project: Latest Updates

On Thursday May 13, 2021 and Friday May 14, 2021 the Clubhouse and  Laundry Room will be closed for the Slurry Sealing Project. The Agenda  Workshop has been changed to Wednesday May 12, 2021 at 9 a.m. in  the Clubhouse. We can have 50 members present.  

On Thursday, May 13, the Entrance Rd./Creekside through Quail Run, and all roads on the north side of the park will be closed to all traffic including foot and golf cart traffic. Only Police, Fire, and  Emergency Vehicles will be permitted to pass through. The gate on State Canyon will be open Thursday and Friday. Also, take note, the office will be closed all day.  Depending on how fast the slurry sealant cures, the roads on this side (north) of the park may not be open until later in the day on Friday, May 14.

On Friday, May 14, State Street through Hilltop, State Canyon, and all roads on the south side of the park will be closed.  Depending on how fast the slurry sealant cures, the roads on this side (south) of the park may not be open until later in the day on Saturday, May 15.

** More detailed information on this project **

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Review Proposed By-Law Changes in the Clubhouse Until May 16

The Election Committee is inviting all members to review and write pro/con statements on the upcoming proposed By-Law changes.  These are available in the Clubhouse now and will be available until May 16th.

So stop by, buy an ice cream bar, and spend a few minutes to get informed and make a comment or two if you feel so moved.

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On Water… Too Much and Not Enough

Most of us were quite happy to be done with 2020.  Be it the pandemic, isolation, or wildfires, we endured a lot.  So welcome 2021?  Well, maybe not.

Let me explain. Continue reading

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Emergency Preparedness Meeting – CANCELLED – Tuesday, May 11

Because of the road repair in the park, and the high involvement of  Emergency Preparedness Committee  members, the monthly meeting on Tuesday, May 11  is cancelled. Continue reading

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Notice: Paving and Slurry Coating Project will Start May 5

PCM’s current plans are that preparation work for the paving and slurry coating project will begin on Wednesday, May 5th. The early part of the project will involve paving the small sections of our roads that were opened in order to replace drainage culverts and to run electric lines to the maintenance shop, as well as cleaning the streets to prepare for the slurry coat application.  These should cause minimal disruption and will be intermittent in nature. If a road is temporarily blocked by a work crew, simply find an alternative route to your lot.

The more involved part of the project is the actual slurry coating, which is being applied to extend the service life of our roads. This should start the following week and will involve longer periods where the roads may not be driven on for up to 24 hours.  We will know more later this week and will strive to keep everyone informed as to restrictions and impact on our members.  Besides the website, AlertSense text and email alerts will be utilized, as well as a reliance on our Park Emergency Radio and Communication System, and our block captains. Our Park Manager is also planning alternative parking areas and transportation to/from affected lots, as well as alternative means to deliver mail and packages.

With everyone helping by being flexible and prepared, we can finish this project with minimal impact on our members and renters.

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I asked my Doctor “Will I lose my hair?”

A definite “Yes” was the answer.

There is no escaping it. I will be facing the summer with hats and wigs to cover my very pale head. I wonder if there are freckles up there. One of my philosophies is “In every Bad there is some Good” Continue reading

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BC: before cat (Amber is her name).
Flop out of bed, stagger to kitchen. Make coffee. Open blinds. Sit with coffee and enjoy view. Stagger back to bedroom, get dressed. Search refrig’ for breakfast items. Time elapsed: 20 minutes.

AD: Amber domini.
Flop covers back: “Awoah. OWWW.” “Oh, sorry Amber, I didn’t know you were on the bed.” Stagger to kitchen:
“No, it’s too early for treats. NO.” “Wowhah…mmmm”. “I said NO, now get out of my way so I can reach the coffee pot.” “Mmmmm…moaw.” “Oh, alright, you can have treats.”
Open blinds so I, oops, so Amber can see out. “Look at the turkeys, Amber.” “Moaaw…woaaaa.” Relax with coffee to enjoy… “Amber, your tail is in my face. Hey, what do you think I am? A bridge?” “Hmmumpff.”
Give up on relaxing, back to bedroom to dress. “Amber, you’re sitting on my clothes. What? You want a love fest? Now?” “Ummm,waowwww…uuum.” “Alright, come cuddle. Good kitty.” Finally dressed.
“Let’s see. What’s for breakfast? Amber?? You’ve got plenty of dry food. You want your special canned food now? That comes later.” “Aooow…oooow.” “Later.” “Mmmm…mrwoo, mrwoo“. “Okay, if you insist.” Time elapsed: 60 minutes.

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Life is fleeting.  And oh, so fragile.  Connie Lankford passed away in her sleep April 24, 2021.  Friday I talked with her on the phone for 30 minutes: she sounded fine, happy, looking forward to being “home” to Timber Valley.  She had spent the winter in Yuma, Arizona at her “winter home”.  Her son, Howard talked with her at 5:30 that evening and confirmed that he was picking her up at the Portland International Airport on Tuesday.  Connie passed away sometime in her sleep that night or early the next morning. 

Connie leaves many friends in Timber Valley and Cross Roads RV Park, Yuma. She was an enthusiastic Welcome Wagon volunteer, helped with Jacks and Jill’s projects and volunteered at the Sutherlin Visitor Center and the Visitor Center in Yuma. Her friend, Linda Zinc, credits Connie with helping to “embellish” the Welcome Wagon and Connie spent many happy hours working to welcome new people into the park. According to Rick DeYoung, who worked with her at the Sutherlin Visitor Center, she was a popular and enthusiastic volunteer there and she recruited several friends to join her as volunteers.

Connie was born in England “outside Liverpool”.  According to Howard she came to the United States when she was about 23 years old, as Howard was born in Portland, Oregon. Connie and her husband Norm RVed the United States; finally settling in Medford, Oregon where they ran an office equipment and supply store which Connie managed. July 10, 2007 they moved into Timber Valley Park.  Norm passed away in May 2013 and Connie continued to split her time between Oregon and Arizona. 

Connie is survived by her son Howard Brown, of Portland, Terry who lives in Arkansas and Keith of White City, Oregon and three grandchildren and one great grandchild. There are many who will dearly miss her. If heaven has a Welcome Wagon, you can look for Connie to be running it! 

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The Good, Bad and the Ugly

I promised the good, bad, and the ugly. How about a combo of Good, Bad and Ugly, What could possibly be all three at once. I can’t taste food. Everything is yucky. I have lost a few pounds. Easy to limit calories when nothing tastes good. Even water is ugly. Ate something super spicy, Nothing! But my tummy reminded me later that it did not like spice and it didn’t matter that I couldn’t taste it.

Good. Nearly to the end of chemo and I have tolerated the treatments well. A nasty rash attacked but was quickly brought under control with antibiotics and steroids. Bonus, a sore, scaly spot on my hand for years has disappeared.

The Bad, I never thought I could feel so weak and tired and still have such trouble sleeping. I would love some good solid sleep but make do with an hour or two. This isn’t forever. I get rest, laying quietly in bed, listening to the quiet. Rest is the most I can hope for at this time.

The Ugly, as I approach the end of Chemo treatments, the Radiation Doctor has scheduled first appointment. From what I have read, this will not be a fun event. Lots of measuring, poking, arranging of body parts. Uncomfortable at best. Then there is my super fair skin and the ability to get a sunburn by a light bulb, well, almost. It will be daily trips,5 out 7, torture for sure. But, it is another step closer to the end of this journey.

Looking at the entire trip is overwhelming.  But for one day, one hour, I can do anything.  Just one step at a time.

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The Silliness Train

First of all, this story is 92% BS and 10% true. So, if you like silliness, hop on. If you have a problem with it, call me and I’ll deliver my Complete Works of Leo Tolstoy. And a few assorted Dickens to sweeten the pot. Hey, that sounds like an advertising slogan for a certain Oregon agricultural product.

The monsters woke me up at 4:41 this morning with the idea for this story. I’ll take a nap later. The idea came as a result of a visit to some old friends. First actual human to human visit in a long, long time. Socially distant etc. For obvious reasons, I will not name them.

When I called to see if they would like company, Gene said “ sure, but I don’t have any beer “. Taking a subtle hint, I made a quick stop at the local convenience store. That brought to mind this pseudo memory.

Rita and I once lived in a condo complex in the Naugatuck Valley, so named after the Naugatuck River. Said river named after the friendly little Nauga that roamed the area. They prospered and multiplied from almost the beginning of time. They were all over the place until the U.S. Rubber company discovered they could use them to make furniture covering. Very popular in the 50s. They were hunted almost to extinction by locals who gave up hunting deer because they couldn’t make a buck.

The company finally moved their breeding ground to the more civilized Wisconsin where they are treated with dignity and respect. It is said that one local tried to keep a pair and start his own breeding area. Too late he discovered they were named Chad and Phil.

Oh yeah, convenience store.

One of the units in our condo was occupied by the King family. Not their original name which had fourteen letters and one vowel. So Joe and Fay became the Kings. They named their twin boys after the first signs they saw in America. Nopar and Nosmo. They lived with a variety of relations. Some of which we never saw. Bill and Mill were always very polite, but, the old woman called Aunty was flat out nasty and mean. Since everyone including the twins worked at the store,Aunty ran the home with an iron fist. And she hated everyone.

Nowadays it seems fashionable to be anti this or anti that. My only anti has been anti Aunty. I swear,her main job was to teach the family and store employees,THE LOOK. THE LOOK says to all who enter the store, “ Why are you here, and if you try to steal anything, I will shoot you. Check this out next time you go, just please,don’t giggle.

Believe it or not, this is good for business. Among the many reasons people go there:

I am not prejudiced, so I drove ten miles out of my way to prove it.

I come in for the challenge. I may not make you laugh, but smile you will.
Of course the Kings know that if they do, they lose that business.

The beer is very cold, and there is lots to choose from. Oh, and the beer is very cold.

OK: So, hopefully, I have entertained you with the fictitious Joe King ,Fay King, Bill
King, Mill King, Nopar King and Nosmo King. Now it’s your turn. Hit reply, and tell us about some of your fake Kings

Anybody can do it,so let’s go.

PS. Since our stories are now famous on three continents,America, Canada, and the U.K. , maybe some one can explain why it is called the United Kingdom, instead of the United Queendom. Just wondering. Inquiring minds etc.

Written with a minuscule assist by Elvis. The King.


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Reminder Jack & Jills Meeting

Jacks and Jills meeting.
Monday, April 26th 1PM
Clubhouse Big Room

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By Bev Boykin #87 Membership Committee

In the last few months, we have add several new members to our park. Unfortunately, Covid kept us from welcoming them properly so I am trying to play catch-up.

Please give a Big SKP Welcome to:

Larry and Marie Heath, Lot #60, are full timers having given up their stick house in California. They have 2 children, 6 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren. Marie loves to do bead work.

Larry spent 47 years as an engineer and Marie 20 years as the manager of a bowling center. Larry worked overseas in Saudi Arabia for 5 years. As an engineer, he participated in the building of a city. It was very exciting seeing it all come together and they would like to go back and see what it looks like today.

They have traveled around the World three times…every time, they stop at their favorite little jewelry store to pick up a few bargain trinkets. RVing isn’t new to this couple. They started camping in a rented camper in the early 60’s. Their favorite travel destination is Laguna Beach in California.

Ken and Shirley Smedley, Lot #9, just accepted their lot. It will be their home base. They have been married for 30 years and have 3 children, 9 grandchildren and a precious new great grandchild between them.

Ken retired as a Navy contractor and Shirley retired from the banking field. Ken also served on the City Council in Fillmore, CA. The couple loves RVing, especially boondocking. They spend time in Quartzsite, AZ during the winter and enjoy seeing the country all year long. Shirley describes herself as a wandering Gypsy at heart.

Shirley loves to knit and crochet and wants to get her sewing machine set up to do some quilting. Ken expressed an interest in learning to play pickle ball and they both want to include mushroom hunting in their future travels. They love our beautiful park and appreciate the “feel of Home” they found here.

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A Little Day/Night Music

I hate to admit it, but the losses of the past year, and the isolation imposed by the virus, have left me fighting a daily battle with depression. Most days it’s a draw, some days I win, some I lose. The last few days, I have taken a serious ass whooping.

I just armed myself with my magic weapon for today’s battle. I put my ear buds in and activated Pandora. I don’t know why, but I hadn’t listened for a while. I just had the feeling that I should do it now.

The first music played was John Williams recording of The Throne Room from Star Wars. (Listen: the distant sound of stories rattling the bars.) That sound grew loud enough for me to sit down and try to share a story with you.

Rita was music major, as you know. She had a wonderful voice. Opera, Broadway whatever. She was great. I, however, have no musical ability whatsoever.
And I can provide several hundred witnesses to offer proof.

But music is important. And if I can finish this story, it is magic indeed.

When we lived in Connecticut we learned that John Williams was going to give a free concert at Tanglewood in the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts. So we packed the camper, got a site not too far away, and got ready for what was to become an enduring memory.

This was not just a concert. It was a beautiful fall day. We sat fifteen feet away from John Williams and the Boston Pops orchestra. It was a rehearsal for that night’s performance at Symphony Hall in Boston. (Well, duh)

Before each piece, J.W. for brevity, explained to the audience what the piece was, and how he composed it. You know, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, E.T. and the like.
We learned that, before writing a note, he watched the complete movie with no sound. No dialogue. Just the actions he was to bring to life.

After explaining each scene, the orchestra rehearsed it. As they played, we were able to witness the transformation of symbols on paper into something that can stir every emotion in the human soul. A truly magic weapon.

That night, we went back to the campground and listened to the entire concert.
It’s hard to describe the feeling we had. It was as if we had participated in something that would be uplifting to everyone who listened.

All these years later, just thinking about that day gladdens my heart. It represents so many of the wonderful memories we shared.

I have to thank J.W., Pandora, and whatever force had me start listening at that precise moment in time. Right now, I’m looking down into the pit, not up from it.
Today I won.

I’m writing this today, because I know some of you are fighting the same battle, and maybe, just maybe, these words will help you find your own magic weapon. And next time you need it, it will help you win that battle.

And who knows, that might end the war.


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Timber Valley Park Membership

Come on people, support your Park. Step up and run for an open Board position. Thank you so much.

The deadline for resumes to be in the Office is Friday April 23 by 5:00 PM,


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Cold Weather III

When you live in Florida there are certain things that seem to be mandated by law.
In no particular order, they are sun, humidity, bugs, time share sales, and visitors. Particularly in cold weather. Particularly when you live within an easy drive to the Mouse House.

Our friends from up north, the Palmers (not their real name) came for a short visit one January day. Now, Harry and Mary are wonderful people. Do anything for you.
Their five, fourteen months apart children were difficult. Actually unmanageable. No, let’s try untrainable. No, that doesn’t describe them. Give me a minute to consult Steven King.

I guess you get the picture.

We were trying to have some adult conversation as the pack ran roughshod through the house and yard. Harry and Mary were oblivious as they were used to the chaos.

At the time we had a small dog named Bandit. He was a Lhasa Apso but everyone thought he was a Shi Tzu. I said he was a Shi Tzu not. When Bandit’s walk time approached, my darling wife suggested I take the kids with me. For a nice long walk. A very long walk. Really long.

Away from their parents, they had an abrupt personality change. They were quiet, polite and somewhat intimidated by being with a strange adult. I explained that they had a big part to play in our adventure. I explained that Bandit was not used to being with kids, so when we got to THE spot, they would have to squat so Bandit would be comfortable doing his business. As we approached one of the busiest corners in town, I saw it was time. Squat, I said. Squat, they did. In unison, five children and one dog squatting on cue.

Cars tooted, walkers applauded, bikers gave thumbs up. It actually worked. Being the responsible adult, I took on the job of disposing of the evidence. I gave it some thought, but I didn’t want to push it…

When we returned home, these now totally intimidated kids very quietly and politely bragged about how proud they were of helping Bandit poop.

Many times during the ensuing forty plus years, when we saw misbehaving children, we would look at each other, and remember when Bandit’s poop patrol tamed five untamable kids.




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“He will be missed”. Jerdis Ray Larson will be missed not only by family but by his many friends in Timber Valley R.V.  Park.  Jerdis and Joan moved into Timber Valley in 1991 after retiring and beginning to travel full-time in 1986.  Jerdis and Joan were married 64 years; he was a Navy veteran. Jerdis passed away peacefully from a heart condition on April 7, 2021 at 88 years of age.

Jerdis, Joan and their three daughters, Kay, Donna and Jennifer, lived in Santa Cruz, CA and often spent the summers in a cabin in the wilderness area of Idaho. Jerdis was a carpenter and taught his daughters to do home repairs and build many things. His daughter Donna said, “You didn’t know how valuable Dad’s advice was until you couldn’t get it.”  Kay, who came from North Carolina to see her father and be with her mother, quietly said, “We’ll miss him.”

Jerdis was known in Timber Valley for the beautiful wooden hand-crafted Pegs and Jokers sets that he made.  He was an avid game player and never missed a bingo night where he helped Joan do the calling and frequently won. As Joan said, “He partnered with me.” Most of us knew him as a quiet, gentlemanly, friendly man.

Jerdis was preceded in death by his daughter, Jennifer Martin, and is survived by daughters, Kay Smith and Donna Larson, by 6 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren. Joan will continue to live in Timber Valley where she has many friends and will frequently visit family.


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Landscape Work Session Starting

Landscape Committee Work Sessions Starting
It’s that time of year to get our Park spruced up.  The Landscape Committee will start meeting for work sessions every Friday at 9:00 am starting this Friday, April 9.  Meet at the Clubhouse. Members and Non-members alike are welcome to help weed, rake, trim, prune, and plant. Most tools are provided, just come with work gloves. 
Landscape Committee
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Offer from Family of Gene and Jane Fisher

The family of Gene and Jane Fisher is trying to clean up their site, Lot 145, in preparation for relinquishing. They have offered that any park members who would like to stop by to see if there’s anything you might want, to please do so. A small donation, while not necessary, could help out the family during a time of need. This week, the offer is only available today and tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday. Please stop by only if family is present.

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Covid Vaccine Locally

AVIVA Health Service will be administering vaccines at the Sutherlin Community Center, 150 S Wiliamette Street, on April 6th and 8th. Times are 8:00 AM to 11:30 and 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM both days.

An appointment is required. Call 541 672-9596 to make appointment.These are available for anyone age 18 and up.

Thanks to Peggy Russell for this information.

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Jerry Williams resided in Timber Valley SKP Park from April 25, 2012 until his passing on March 28, 2021.  He is survived by daughter Inez Williams of Sutherlin and son Doug Williams of Oakland.    Jerry was born October 10, 1936 in Oklahoma but lived most of his life around this area.  He was a log truck driver for Gene Whitaker.  He loved motorcycles and rode until the last couple of years.  Jerry enjoyed the animals in the park.  He had one squirrel he named “Greedy” that he fed and his daughter is now having to feed the squirrel who comes looking for the usual handouts. Jerry will be missed by family and friends and his pet squirrel.

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