Memorial Day Picnic – Monday May 27th at 1:00 PM

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Your 2019 Slate of Candidates for the Board

front row l to r: Rockey Shanahan, Sue Eytalis, Patti Healey
top row l to r: Jim McIntosh, Don Bush

Nominations for Board positions closed May 10th and at their May 16th meeting, the Board introduced five candidates. Please give your consideration to Don Bush Lot 46, Sue Eytalis Lot 166, Patti Healey Lot 117, Jim McIntosh Lot 141 and Rockey Shanahan Lot 62. Thank you to all and good luck!
Ballots will be mailed to all Members on May 22nd and must be received in the Park Office by 5:00 PM July 5th. Be sure to vote.


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A few highlights of May 16 Board Meeting

from the desk of  Helaine…

Important to every member of TV is the change of dates for the agenda meeting and the open board meeting. Starting with the June meetings, the agenda meeting is the 2nd Thursday and the board meeting will be on the 3rd Thursday. Both meetings start at 9 am.

The park manager said the the poison oak is growing fast and he is taking steps to kill it but must also abide by regulations limiting what can be done near the creek. Be careful where you walk and where you let your pets go. He also pointed out a number of bull snakes have been spotted. They help limit the mice and rat population so they are welcome in TV.

The Board approved raising the monthly rental to $380. This brings us closer to the surrounding parks.

Fun Days have been renamed Timber Days with old and new activities highlighting the timber industry

The board ruled that as the water and electric systems are park property, leaseholders are not permitted to make any changes to them.

Introduced were candidates for board positions. Patty Healy, Sue Eytalis, Don Bush, Jim McIntosh, and Rocky Shanahan. Ballots will be arriving soon.

On the last Friday of the month the green truck will pick up yard trimmings. You must sign up in office if you want the truck to stop at your place.

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Emergency Preparedness Meeting – Monday, May 20, 9 a.m.

Emergency Preparedness Committee Meeting
Mon., 5/20 – 9 a.m. – Clubhouse

Continue work on an emergency response plan.

Update on Emergency Communications Group

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Cooking Group Dinner on Thursday May 16th – Sign Up Soon

And rumor has it there will be Carrot Cake for desert.  Carrot Cake!

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Union Gap Fire – May 9

“FIRE”, Julianne Crane said, “will probably be our first emergency.”

That was at about 11 am. By mid-afternoon the fire between Oakland and Sutherlin caught our attention. Cheryl Warfel and I drove out and circled up Union Gap Loop Road to where a slash burn pile had apparently gotten out of control. The fire was creeping up the mountain side (Hillside?) and about 5 firetrucks, including water tankers were fighting it. As the fire spread up the hill there was lots of smoke and very few flames. Smoke would encircle a group of trees, the trees would turn brown and the smoke would continue on up the hill. I couldn’t understand why the trees didn’t burst into flame. One of the firefighters explained, “The underbrush burns so quickly that it just scorches everything and races on ahead.” Also probably the trees were green enough and maybe moist enough to prevent a full-fledged forest fire.

When the fire outran the reach of the trucks and hoses a helicopter with water bucket appeared. Every three minutes he dumped, raced off north and returned to dump again. Three minutes on the dot.

What a good test for our fledgling Emergency Preparedness Communications. Not sure how it should work, I called Julianne and Rick DeYoung and turned it over to them. “Rained Out” performed beautifully letting us know when the danger was over. You don’t have “Rained Out”? Run, don’t walk, to the office and ask Kim to put it on your phone. You will be notified when any happening is “rained out”, interfered with, postponed cancelled etc. or when you are endangered by an emergency.

Also very timely, the Wildfire Prevention talk scheduled for Friday, May 17 at 3 p.m. read more about it on the Timber Valley website. (And yes, you need to get hooked up with that too; it’s beyond terrific.)

Now we have the opportunity to plan what we would have done if the fire had shot over the hill and threatened downtown Sutherlin. Probably also Timber Valley!

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Summer Comes Early

It’s Dry Out There!

The dryness of Oregon summers has started early this year. Not only is this looking like another high fire risk year, but also another high water use year as irrigation systems are being turned on early. Sutherlin’s sewer rate increase is 27% this year and we pay the sewer charge on every gallon we use, whether it goes to the sewer or onto the ground for irrigation. That’s a big hit to our M&Os. For your information, we pay 1.3 cents per gallon for water and sewer combined. An in-depth explanation of this is best served in a separate article. So what can we do to reduce our expenses?

  • Consider use of more drought and fire resistant plantings.
  • Use an automatic sprinkler or drip system on a timer.
  • Strive for minimum water use.
  • Automatic sprinkler or drip systems can cause excessive run-off if not set properly and monitored closely.

From the Lot Landscaping Guidelines:
“Water run-off outside one’s lot from sprinklers or automatic watering systems is not acceptable. Monitor watering systems closely to prevent over-watering and run-off.”
When leaving the park for an extended stay, have someone monitor your watering system to ensure it is working properly.

  • Avoid watering during the middle of the day. Best time for watering is early morning or in the evening. During the day most of the water is lost to evaporation and doesn’t benefit anything.
  • Monitor water hoses and hose connections for drips and leaks. Replace hoses and hose washers that are leaking.
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Landscape Crew to Offer Pickup Service at Lots


Landscape Committee will start picking up tree and brush trimmings from member lots on the last Friday of the month, every month thru October. To help keep the Park looking its best, members are asked not to place trimmings at the front of their lots until a few days before the pick up Friday. A sign up sheet will be placed in the office a few days before pick up, so the Committee knows where to stop. Be kind to your Volunteers…if you can take your own debris to the burn pile or dump truck, Please Do! We all appreciate everyone’s help keeping the Park beautiful..

The Landscape Committee

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It Happened at the Agenda Meeting

from the desk of Helaine:

Thom Hoch commented on Mike Hilty’s important agenda issue when he said, “the Agenda meeting is scheduled for the first Tuesday after the first Sunday, unless the month ends in Y”. While not quite the rule, it is close enough to remind us how difficult it is to enter that info into automated calendars.

You will want to attend the next open Board of Directors meeting on May 16th at 9am. to hear the outcome of that proposal and the many other things on the agenda including , regulations concerning making any changes by leaseholders to new water riser installations, possible long term rental increase, reminders about pet rules, and committee reports, in particular the Budget committee and their recommendations for the coming year. Also scheduled to be introduced are those who have chosen to run for the Board of Directors. It is an important meeting. Be there!

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Emergency Preparedness: Everyone in the Park should have a copy of ‘Prepare! A Resource Guide’

The Emergency Preparedness Committee has been tasked with, among other responsibilities: Develop an emergency information system,” and “Identify and maintain an inventory of human and other resources useful in mitigating threats of disruptions.” 

For those of us who were in the Park during the ‘March Snowmegeddon’ and 4-day power outage, one of our biggest challenges was getting accurate information in a timely fashion.

Within a couple weeks of that event, an Emergency Communication SubGroup was formed under the leadership of Rick De Young (# 184). At its first meeting, eleven emergency communications teams were formed (one for each street in the Park), with volunteer captains and co-captains.  These ‘Team Captains’  (AKA Block Captains) have agreed to be responsible for disseminating (and gathering) information for members and guests on their streets. (For a list of Team Captains, click here.) 

Team Captains or Co-Captains will be contacting each member in the Park to introduce themselves, and to distribute a copy of ‘Prepare! A Resource Guide’ published by the CascadeRegion of the American Red Cross. This 28-page brochure is packed full of information on how each of us can be better prepared for an unexpected emergency. It includes strategies on how to be more self-reliant, including having your own individual Emergency Preparedness Plan.

When Team Captains visit members, they will be asking each member if they have any special skills that might be of help in an emergency–such as do they know first aid or are a ham radio operator. Team Captains will also ask: in the event of an emergency and you are out of the park, do you have equipment or supplies you would be willing to share if needed, such as a generator, propane, or extra fuel.

You, of course, can choose to answer these questions, or not.  It is all voluntary.

These questions are being asked because during  our 4-day power outage the most critical, survival needs were extra generators, gasoline and propane.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your Block Captain or come to the next Emergency Preparedness Committee meeting on Monday, May 20, 9 a.m. in the Clubhouse.

Thank you for your willingness to be a good neighbor and helping support our SKP community.

You can also download a copy of ‘Prepare! A Resource Guide’ by clicking here.

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