Ugly Sweater Contest

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Turkey Trap

The morning of Wednesday, December 4, the ODF&W (Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife) set off a net cannon to capture most of one of two rafters of Timber Valley turkeys. The cannon was set off at 8:00 a.m., just in case you were wondering what that thunderous boom was! After the net was launched, ODF&W staff and Park Manager Randy Bice and his Liaison Don Bush rushed in to contain the trapped birds. A total of 18 were caught and will be released in an area needing a starter flock. No turkeys were physically injured, just their pride and losing a few feathers. Those whom escaped capture will probably join the others around the Park.
~ Kim

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Good Time, Good Food 2019 Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner was a resounding success thanks to Linda Essex organizing and planning the event. We ate in the large room at the clubhouse and served from the smaller room; excellent idea Linda. The cooking crew worked for two days to get the preparations completed. Special thanks to Linda Essex, Rod and Linda Zebb, Trish and David Hall, Valerie Knowles, Ann Bowman, and Janice Edwards. Then there were other members of the park who contributed great dishes, Wonderful time had by all.
Thank you Rod Zebb for photos and text.


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Food Pantry – What you Might Not have Known

Social Hour Program Friday December 6th 3PM
Richard Jorge, Director of the Sutherlin Food Pantry

Did you know that the Sutherlin Food Pantry serves (FEEDS) an average of 800 folks every month?

The SKP members contribute regularly to the food pantry!! You may also want to know some details about how the program works. Richard will explain the requirements of recipients, how often they may visit, where food comes from, volunteer opportunities and much more. I learned that at certain times of the year the Pantry also distributes hats, gloves and blankets. Dog and cat food is also a popular item. Giving money also helps a bunch as they can purchase items at a significant reduction in price than we can.

Come and hear all.

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Saving Grace – How We Can Help

Trina from Saving Grace gave us a wonderful presentation about the adoption agency. As a result members agreed to put up a Saving Grace Christmas tree with tags of needed articles for all of us to purchase and give to kitties and puppies to use while awaiting for and taking to their adoptive home.
In addition Judy Leonard and Linda Zink make exciting creations for our furry friends which will be given to Saving Grace.
Be sure to collect a tag or shop in the pet section to contribute as you also purchase toys for needy human tots.

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Mega Thanks to our Propane Crew

David Hall, Bob Johnson, Del Healy, and Don Warburton

It was cold, threatening snow,but 40 propane tanks of all sizes were lined up to be filled. It was the day before Thanksgiving and members were wise to make sure their tanks were full before the long weekend.
As the men pumped tank after tank, Randy was on the phone ordering more propane. He knew demand will be heavy when predictions of snow are in the air.
It is cold miserable work and Timber Valley is lucky to have hearty volunteers taking care of us.
At the last Board of Directors a motion to build a small shelter for the propane volunteers was approved. This will be positioned to protect the crew from wind and rain. The marks on the ground are the beginning strokes of that shelter.


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Happy Thanksgiving

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Saving Grace


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Art Class Suspended until January

Ken has suspended the classes until next year. He will start them up again in January.

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Wonderful News!

THANK YOU, Thank You, thank you. There are not enough ways to say it: THANK YOU-ALL. Through a month of diagnostic tests and uncertainty you have all been supportive, loving, caring and kind. Thank you for your prayers and good thoughts; they’ve all helped. My diagnosis is “benign” and I’m headed south for five months. But like a bad penny, I shall return come April. Have a blessed winter and enjoy the snow for me!

Love, Jackie Deal # 109

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