by Ruby Bonham

Sometimes I feel like a four-year-old again with my endless “whys”. Most of them are unanswered but I hold out hope that one day I will understand. As a young girl, I didn’t pray for things, instead, I asked for wisdom. I wanted to grow up to be a philosopher. I was fascinated by Diogenes who searched with a lantern looking for an honest man. Continue reading

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In Memoriam, Bob Akers, Lot 19


Robert “Bob” Akers passed away on October 17, 2021. Bob and his wife Mary moved into Timber Valley RV Park on October 1, 2001. He was well known for his cooking ability and was an active participant in the Men’s Cooking Group where he was famous for his Pinto Beans.

Bob was born in Kingsport, Tennessee, and joined the Air Force at the age of 17. He served for 28 years and was in the Korean War as a refueling boom operator on the KC135s. His wife, Mary was an Air Force colonel. They had no children. After Bob retired from the Air Force they traveled the United States for about 25 years. In 2011 he bought a home in Tennessee and then “snow birded” between Tennessee and Oregon. Mary passed away on January 8, 2011.

Lynette Brunner was Bob’s companion for about 7 years. She says she helped him with the cooking group. They traveled to Tennessee every summer as long as they were able to. Lynette says Bob wasn’t feeling good for about a month before he had a massive heart attack.

Bob’s nephew, Jeff Estep of Tennessee says that although Bob had no children he was very close to his nephew and their children and visited them often. Lynette will remain in Timber Valley.

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Open Board Meeting “Streaming” Test

The communications committee has been experimenting with “streaming” our Open Board Meetings.  This means, if you have the link, you can watch the meeting in near real-time on your computer or smartphone.  In addition, the video is also available for replay later.

If you’d like to view today’s board meeting, go to the Member’s Only Page and look for the link to the meeting.  It’s near the top.  We apologize for the audio portion of the recording, which is NOT great.  You’ll have to turn up the volume to hear it properly. This project is still a work in process and we’re working to improve.

However, we’d like to hear from you.  What do you think about this?  Will you use it? How was the quality?  This particular video is about 1.5 hours — so grab some popcorn and enjoy.

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Ditches – A Reminder from PCM

As we approach the (much needed) rainy season, please check the ditches in front of your lot and make sure excessive gravel and leaves are removed, and not blocking water from freely flowing.

Thank You.

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“A Hard, Hard Rain”

by Fred Prout

Bob Dylan was a prolific songwriter. He was a major influence on the folk music scene. And maybe on some of our lives. The fact that he really couldn’t sing does not diminish his work. If you know the music to “A Hard Hard Rain”, try to hear it with the following adaptation: Continue reading

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Patricia “Pam” Bowen, Lot #193

We’ve just learned of the death of Pam Bowen, Lot #193 in July 2021.. She and her husband, Sid moved into Timber Valley on February 8, 2008. Sid preceded her in death on February 24, 2020. She has a son residing in Phoenix, AZ. Pam and Sid had been avid yard sale hunters until a deep depression in more recent years kept Pam away from activities. They are missed by their close friends and neighbors.

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Just Some News and Updates

Once in a while, I feel a need to pass along a collection of various news and/or updates to our Timber Valley community.  So, here goes… Continue reading

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Donation Provides Additional Titles to our DVD Library

As Winter approaches and daylight is in short supply, not much can beat a good movie to help pass the time during those chilly and rainy nights. A recent contribution of about 400 additional DVDs has been recently donated to our Timber Valley Library to provide an expanded selection of titles for your viewing pleasure. Our own Dennis Hellawell (lot #66) is the benefactor.

At this time, everything is in place and the system should work like this:  There are two volumes of DVDs you can page through to make your selection. Because these DVDs are not in individual jewel cases, place your selection in a provided protective sleeve. Then log your selection on the provided sign-out sheet with a provided pen. Please take good care of the discs while you have them and cycle them back to the Library within 2 weeks please. Of course, log them back in when they’re returned.

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Emergency Preparedness Committee Tues., Oct 12, Meeting Cancelled -AND- Aviva Health Drive-Thru Covid Testing

Two things:

1. There will be NO Emergency Preparedness Committee Meeting on Tuesday, October 12.

2. Drive Thru Covid 19 Testing Update

Now that the Cow Creek Health Center is no longer providing Drive Thru Covid testing, you might want to check out Aviva Health’s Drive-Thru Covid 19 testing near Costco (across from the gas station, near the Verizon store) at NE Stephens and Kenneth Ford Drive in Roseburg.

The woman at the drive-thru tent said they were open Monday – Friday. I believe she said 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. I am taking a friend on Monday, so I’ll check out the exact time.

The woman also said that you do not have to be a member of Aviva Health to get tested. There appears to be a cost if you need the results the same day. A note attached to the sign states: “If you require same-day documentation of a negative test, you must pay the $60 Rapid BINAX testing fee.  A PCR test for travel or other non-medical reasons is $35.”

This notice will be updated, if new information becomes available.

Aviva Health
150 NE Kenneth Ford Drive
Roseburg, Oregon 97470

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The Ugly Orange Mug

by Fred Prout

I hope everyone involved in this story is reading it.
Well, actually, I hope everyone is reading it.

I am looking at what is, arguably, the ugliest mug around. No, I’m not looking in the mirror. I’m looking at a mug of a muddy orange color that does not exist on any color chart. It was bought in a dollar store and would probably qualify for a 50% off sign had we not bought it. Continue reading

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Ruth Doss, Lot 157; Original Member

The number of Timber Valleys’ pioneer members is slowly dwindling. Ruth Doss, an original member, passed on October 4, 2021. Back in 1990, Ruth and her husband, David, were camping on the Oregon coast when a fellow camper told them about the park in Sutherlin that he was helping to build. They drove over, joined Escapees, and moved into the park on Sept. 3, 1990. They got the lot they wanted, # 157, and never changed lots. David passed away in 2009 and Ruth remained on lot 157. Continue reading

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Wayward Tool

Attention: We need your help, a floor jack was borrowed from the shop at least a couple of weeks and it hasn’t showed up yet. Please if you see a yellow floor jack lying around please return it to the Shop. It is greatly missed. Rockey Shanahan #62

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Just a Minute

A famous philosopher, L. Peter Berra, once said, ” When you get to a fork in the road, take it. ” Rita and I followed that dictum for most of our lives together. Invariably, we chose well. Each fork leads to different paths which have many forks, which lead to…well, you get it. Continue reading

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By Jackie Deal

It’s a cat carrier, lets’ call it a “cat taxi”. Maybe Amber will like it better; right now she is highly suspicious. Really, it’s probably all my fault. I bought a cheap “Pet Taxi “at the thrift store and set it in the middle of the floor to let Amber get used to it. She ignored it. So I put some of her dearly beloved treats in it and left it. It was a side-opener and she cautiously reached in for the treats. Only her little black rump protruded and I thought I had it made. Continue reading

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Cheerios, Ice Cream, and Hershey Bars

Or a thoughtful lesson in economics.

Now, before I get too deep in this arcane subject, a brief glimpse into my qualifications. I do not possess a P.H.D in economics. Nor a M.S . My main qualification is B.S. Lots of it. There, I said it before you could. Continue reading

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Christine and George Utz moved into Timber Valley R.V. Park on their wedding anniversary, May 21, 2016. They considered it their anniversary present. They were both very happy with Timber Valley and felt it was “home”.
George was born in New York and had a varied and interesting life. He helped design and engineered construction of Safeway and Frito Lay and other food markets. Together they managed an R.V. park and motel on the Deschutes River for four years. They met in Fair Oaks, California and were married 33 years. George loved to camp, fly fish, tying his own flies, travel, golf, and scuba dive. Christine says “he just loved life”. She plans to stay in Timber Valley. George is survived by two boys who live in San Diego, California.

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Clifford and Bonnie Wigle moved into Timber Valley R.V. Park Nov 2, 2010. Clifford moved to Callahan Care Facility in 2018 and Bonnie moved to ‘Woodland Senior Estates in Roseburg June 2021 to be closer to Cliff and her daughter. Cliff was a true Oregonian, having lived in Harrisburg, Oregon all his life. They were both working in Portland, Oregon when they met. They were married 59 happy years. Cliff passed away Sept 9, 2021.
They traveled to Bouse, Arizona every year for 12-15 years. Bonnie describes Cliff as a very loving husband and a good father to their children and grandchildren. He is survived by two daughters, Cindy of Sutherlin and Sherri of Roseburg and four grandchildren. Those wishing to contact Bonnie can reach her at 541-554-2966.

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Jackie Deal

We have anOTHER cat in our house. “Other”. That’s the cat’s name that lives in the bedroom behind the mirrored closet doors! I realize that’s what Amber’s been trying to tell me for some time. Amber watches her. She hops up on the bed and peers into the full-length mirror. “Other” is watching her: ears back, tail twitching. “Other” hunches and glares at Amber. Continue reading

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Two Years Later

by Fred Prout

September 26th will mark the two year anniversary of our physical move from Timber Valley. I say physical move because mentally, emotionally, and spiritually we never left. We moved because… Continue reading

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WiFi Update 2

We installed new equipment on several towers in the past 3 days.

The new towers will now show up on your computer or phone as “SKPb” The Password has not changed. For security reasons, I am not putting it here, but if you need it please call.

Once you enter the Password you may be asked to “Sign in”, after tapping on that you should see a picture of Timber Valley and a blank space to type in an access code for guest access. You are no longer asked to enter your lot number, just enter “memberoftv”. No spaces or upper case letters.

If you have any issues, call:

Dick Shanahan   503 510-4661
Gerry Vroomman 520 521-0524
Thom Hoch   435-200-4624

We will post further updates as we go

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