Toys For Joy Pickup 2018

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Office Holiday Open House – December 21, 11am – 3pm

Our illustrious office crew is inviting you to an Office Holiday Open House on Friday, December 21, 2018 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Stop by, say “Hello!” and visit with the office staff while you enjoy an array of goodies!  Barb, Kim, and Randy will open the counter divider and welcome all to enjoy the space “behind the counter.” Com’on down and spread a little cheer with these hard working folks.

For their holiday schedule, the office will be open on Monday, December 24, regular hours; closed on Christmas Day, and will reopen on Wednesday, December 26, regular hours.

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Give yourself a three-day ‘Emergency Preparedness’ Go-Bag for Christmas and the New Year


With Winter weather upon us … including both freezing temperatures and possible power outages … your emergency Go Bag needs to be ready and within easy access for any possible emergencies.

Another cold weather reminder — when your propane and gasoline tanks reach about half way … don’t forget to get them topped off.

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Ugly Sweater Party December 20th – Update

Please note:  The time for the party is 4 p.m.  This poster has been corrected.  4 p.m. is the correct time:

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Christmas Dinner Planned

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Welcome New Members

Hank and Ann David, Lot 174

Hank & Ann David, Lot #174 have spent a lot of time here in the park over the past 4 years and actually became members a several months ago. Their official orientation took place October 30th but a slip-up kept their picture from being published at that time.





Carol & LeeRoy Rigdon, Lot 124

Meet Carol & LeeRoy Rigdon, new leaseholders on Lot 124. They received notice of their #1 status in August but because of Camp Hosting commitments they have just arrived this month to settle in. They were given their official welcome orientation Dec. 7 by the Membership Committee.



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Thank You Tradition for Police and Fire Depts

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Jacks & Jills Success

From the desk of Joan Larson…

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Merry Christmas RVers

I saw this on Facebook. Written by
Donna Ashby, a member of an rv group. I wrote her and asked if  we could use it and got email back saying yes. Enjoy…


As I sit in my Thermals,the wife in her robe,
We live in our 5th wheel, we call our abode
With the weather turning colder,and no snow on the ground, we figured ole Santa would still come around.

With no slant roof to land on, No chimney to slide, Santa has, for RV’ers, customized his ride.
He cruises up in a sleigh flashing bling,
He knocks on the door, and gives us a ring.

Instead of TV’s, radios and clocks,
He brings what we need, a new set of chocks.
He sets down his bag, and twinkles his nose,
He pulls out sanitizer and a new flex waste hose.

He climbs back in his sleigh, and chimes with a laugh,
He circles the RV, giving it a bath.
As he soars into the sky, and deep out of sight,
Merry Christmas Full timers and have a peaceful night.


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A Big “Thank You” from the Office Staff

Thank you, Thank you. To all that are picking up their mail promptly. You have helped to reduce the congestion in the mail room. The daily mail load is getting bigger and bigger as we approach the holidays. There are still some space shortages. Your efforts are appreciated.

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