Chapter 9 September Day Trip

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Annual Craft & Bake Sale Planning

 Thursday September 19th at 1:00 pm in the Clubhouse

Crafters and Bakers please attend. The Sale is on October 12, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Signup sheet is in the Clubhouse.

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Friends of Ford’s Pond Presentation

Friendship Hour September 20th 3pm.

Jim Houseman, Founder and Past President of “Friends of Ford Pond” will be our speaker. Jim will tell us about the pond location, history and development plans of the area. He will also describe the flora and fauna of the habitat that includes Bald Eagles, a variety of ducks, beaver, nutria, deer, bobcats and bears. Now do not be afraid to go there, most of the scary critters are rarely seen but are identified by the “SCAT” they leave behind.

The 202-acre pond property is planned to be a place where seniors will be able to enjoy nature and exercising. If you have never been there the Pond, located off Church Street, is a great place to sit and watch the denizens as well s to just be amazed at the beautiful surroundings. Non motorized vehicles and boats also to be seen.

Leashed dogs are welcome and there is a portable rest room. You can join a walking group every Monday morning at 9am. Jim and Friends occasionally conduct events and make hats, T-shirts and scarves available to help raise money for continued development. This area is planned to be a beacon of recreation for our already great area.

Do not miss this presentation.

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Chapter Nine Crab Rally

Jerry’s Crew

George’s Crew

Chapter Nine’s Crab Rally (officially known as the Coast Rally) was a whopping success for us crab eaters, probably not so much for the approximately 100 crabs that gave their lives for us. Boats were provided by Jerry Christensen and George Boykin; each boat carried a crew of four that varied somewhat daily. Thanks to all of them! We ate: crab and more crab and Mexican and Chinese food and pulled pork sandwiches and breakfasts and more food. Do we ever do anything that doesn’t include eating?
We also traveled to see the magnificent Heceta Head Lighthouse Keeper’s house. (The lighthouse itself was undergoing repairs and off limits.) Some of us went to the casino, some explored up and down the coast. The camaraderie was unmatched. Fun and games in the evenings. Good friends and gossip.
Several of us over-nighted in motels and enjoyed the fun. At the business meeting new officers for Chapter Nine were elected. Betty Bush will be President, Rick DeYoung Vice president, Terry Hilty, Assistant Vice-President. Jackie Deal, Secretary for summer, Larry Heath, Secretary for winter, and Ed Spearse, Treasurer.
Rallies give folks who can’t or don’t travel anymore a chance to get out of their daily life (dare I say rut?). After four days of self-indulgence, coming home was almost culture shock. No more peeks at the ocean no more hilarious goofing-off. Back into the old routine but with a sense of renewal and re-invigoration.
Chapter Nine publishes a monthly newsletter, “Trailer Tracks”, and hosts a breakfast the second Wednesday of each month. Frequent (monthly) day trips help satisfy that yearning for traveling. If you haven’t joined in the fun; please do, you’re most welcome.

Check the Photos section of the Web Page for more photos of 2019 Chap 9 Crab Rally.

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Our (Timber Valley’s) Soup Kitchen

Advertisement for the SOUP KITCHEN event.

The Emergency Preparedness Committee is hosting a Friday Friendship Hour Event. The event will take place September 13 at 3pm in the Clubhouse and is for the purpose of collecting non-perishable food stuffs for the SOUP KITCHEN. In the event of an emergent situation where food is needed for our members, the soup kitchen will spring into action using your contributions.

The Friendship Hour gathering will have entertainment including Chuck the Magician doing card tricks and pulling quarters out of your ear and much more. He is really fun and very clever. Francis Dean will perform her rendition of “How Much is That Doggie in the window” and our member who is running for President of the United States will give an update from her cabinet members.

In the meantime there will be a contest to give the presidential hopeful a Stage Name. Please list what you think she should be called and place your entry in the container provided in the Clubhouse. A committee will choose three possibilities to be voted on and the winner will receive a prize.

Items to bring may include but not limited to cans of vegetables, soup mix, top ramen soups, spaghetti and sauce, chili etc.



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Landscape Committee Cancelled This Friday

There will not be a Landscape Committee meeting Friday September 6th.

If you are so motivated there is always a need for weeding.


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Not Just a Blue Ribbon!

By Jackie Deal

Not just a blue ribbon (tho’ those are nice.) but a “Best In Division” and a “Best In Show” at the Oregon State Fair! Val Knowles explains, “My division was “hand-spun knit garment” and her beautiful vest won that. She goes on to explain, “Best In Show “included felting, spinning and weaving”; she won that also.
Val (site 156) spins her own yarn and this was her first time spinning cotton yarn. She says, “I’ve used bamboo and rose fiber, Egyptian cotton, wool, lots of things.” The bamboo-rose fiber yarn was beautiful, soft, multi-toned, and some alpaca yarn she showed me was soft as a dream. Val uses a small spinning wheel, powered by 12 volt or 110; it’s about the size of a toaster. She twists and pulls the fiber into a fine continuous thread as the wheel turns it. She also carries 2 small looms on the road and beautiful, colored fabric grows on them as if by magic. Val says she had knit with acrylic and other fibers but fell in love with natural fibers. “It’s the wonderful hand, that’s the feel of the fiber.” She says a friend is “gifting” her an alpaca fleece, “I’ll have to clean, deveg’ and prepare it for spinning.”
Val and her husband, Ken, were on the road for three years doing some Work Camping before coming to Timber Valley. Ken is a professional artist who has painted and sold his art all over the world. Art, whether painting or fiber craft, is a passion and two passionate crafts people might find it hard to live in the confines of a small RV. I

asked “How do you blend your two art careers? “Val thought, grinned and said, “Well, I like him better when he’s painting!”
Val and Ken have been married 42 years and they support each other’s crafts. They met at a Singles Bible Study group. I asked “and did Ken invite you over to see his etchings?” Ken laughs, “Um, hmm and I DID have etchings! “They were married a year later and Val says, “It was a God thing.” They have two sons and beautiful talented grandchildren.
Ken teaches drawing and painting Monday at 10:30 a.m. and Val plays and teaches Mahjong (an Americanized Chinese tile game) Monday at 1 p.m. Both of them are available and happy to teach their arts to interested people. We are so fortunate to have them in our park; this may be the opportunity of a lifetime for you to learn about and enjoy their arts.


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Cooking Group takes a Break

Carrot-Cake.png“Beginning September, the TVCG will be taking a break for an undetermined length of time. The great joy of my passion to prepare and serve a monthly meal has been immeasurable. Thank you for all your support and participation the past years. Possible future dinners will be published when known.”


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Congratulations Valerie!

Our Valerie Knowles is a winner, and apparently the judges at the Oregon State Fair think so, too! Here she is with her handspun Egyptian cotton knitted vest, taking not only a First Place ribbon, but a Best of Division and BEST OF SHOW! She has won a cash prize and a basket of lovely spinning fibers and goodies from the Aurora Colony Handspinners Guild, WEGO, and the Eugene Textile Center! Congratulations, Valerie!

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Board of Directors Opening

Attention all Timber Valley Members
We are in need of a new member for the Board of Directors. If you are interested
in applying for the position please turn in your resume to the office no later than
close of day on Monday September 9, 2019.

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