Learn More About the Timber Valley Garden!

The Garden Group is excited to have this brochure to inform people about our future Timber Valley Community Garden. The brochure will be available in the office for visitors and will be included in the new member packet. It will also be on the table at the March Escapade. Thank you, Garden Group, for all of the hard work to create this informational brochure.

— Melinda Stanfield

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Notice for Those Who Give A Crop!!!

When I looked into my chrysanthemum pots, I noticed new growth. Little green leaves in January??? Is this another of mother nature’s notice about global warming??? March, not January is usually when we begin to get excited about gardening. However, waiting until the days get longer and a bit warmer is no longer needed. Winter planting is also possible.

Let’s attend the Garden Group educational program on Friday the 27th at 3 pm. Melinda will bring what is needed to put the seeds in the dirt and watch for seedlings to arrive just in time for planting. Nature is truly amazing. It seems to know when to sprout and to grow baby veggies.

So for those Who Give A Crop be at the Clubhouse on Friday and bring a snack to share.

–Sharon Elliott

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TV Log 1/22/23

TV Log 1_22_23
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I Witnessed a Miracle. Or Maybe It Was a Dog

by Fred Prout

Here at the home for senior delinquents, we have two great chefs. Charlie and The Duke. Not the tall white hat chefs. The sit down and have a conversation chefs. A few days ago, one of our menu choices was a philly cheesesteak sandwich. I started salivating once I saw the weekly menu.

Now, as I am originally an east coast guy, I knew it wouldn’t be a PHILLY philly cheesesteak sandwich, but a good one nonetheless. Well, the long awaited day finally arrived. Rush through soup and salad, and here it comes. Beef piled high, cheese oozing from every pore of the fresh hoagie. Tender beef…ohhhh. Did I mention the cheese?

My table mates and I knew how to deal with this gustatory delight. 1. Pick up sandwich. 2. Take a goodly chomp and start chewing. 3. Put sandwich back on plate. 4. Put fingers in mouth (one at a time please) and recover any cheese coating same. 5. Repeat several times.

I was midway in ecstatically enjoying step 4, when I looked up, and noticed the four senior ladies at the next table. I was stunned. A miracle. Not only did they totally eliminate step 4, but they took an estimated seven hundred eighteen nibbles to finish off an eight chomp sandwich. It was amazing. They appeared to have not an iota of cheese on their hands. When they finished, they daintily blotted their lips with a tissue and continued chattering. A tissue you ask? Our napkins are made of a material specially designed to smear anything it touches. Soak them for a week and they will probably stay dry. I have in the past, exaggerated. A little. Maybe.

No sense witnessing a miracle if you don’t spread the word. So, next day, I questioned the chefs. Did the ladies have a different sandwich than the rest of us? They both denied giving the ladies a special, no mess sandwich. I believe them. Because I know them to be honest. I am also no fool. After much discussion and speculation, we decided it must be a true miracle. Or there was a dog under the table, having one hell of a good time.

When I asked the ladies about it, they all smiled coyly, and said they had no idea what I was talking about. People say that a lot.

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Cancelled: Wednesday January 18, 2023 Soup (12noon) and Spaghetti Dinner (4pm)

Due to unexpected technical issues in the kitchen, the Soup (12noon) and Spaghetti Dinner (4pm) events scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday January 18, 2023, have been cancelled.

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Join Us for Social Hour Today (Friday 1/13/23) at 3pm!

We are excited to welcome guest speaker Jessica Batchelor, Executive Director of the Sutherlin Chamber of Commerce, who will tell us about her plans to attract and support the business community. Enjoy delicious snacks and a glass of wine as well!

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Careful, It’s Dark Outside

I often take Vanessa for walks after dark. My night vision is still pretty good, so I often don’t bother with a flashlight. A park member mentioned to me that she was not able to see me the other night because I was wearing dark clothes and Vanessa is VERY black. She made me aware that, although I can see okay, I am not seen by others. I will be carrying a small flashlight in the future and will put reflective tape on my jacket.

–Jill Goldman

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Changes to our Park Text and Email Alert System

Most of our Park Members are familiar with the Alert System we’ve been using for the past few years. Primarily intended to alert our members of emergencies and other urgent information, these alerts are sent as text messages to your phone or email address. It’s a system that has been well received by members and has worked well.

The system we’ve been using was called Alert-Sense, a service utilized by the City of Sutherlin as well as other governmental bodies in Douglas County. Fortunately, the City allowed us to utilize the same system for our needs.

However, there are changes being made. The City, along with Douglas County, has moved to a different Alert system. We’ve determined that the new system will not work for our needs. As a result, we are now looking for a stand-alone system that will work for Timber Valley.

Until we can get a replacement system functioning, we will utilize the Parks radio-net and block captain system to inform members of urgent and emergency information.

As soon as a new system is fully operational we will inform members and provide information on how to sign up for it.

Dick Shanahan

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So What Does the Sutherlin CoC Do?

Jessica Batchelor CoC
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January Trailer Tracks

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New Years Party Poster copy
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Anna Mae Collin’s Memoriam

Anna Mae Collin and Willis (Bill) Collins moved into Timber Valley on November 6, 1998. Anna Mae loved any kind of game including Pegs and Jokers and Bingo. She was also an avid reader. In their younger years, she and Bill enjoyed biking, skiing, and line dancing. Together they taught line dancing at Thousand Trails and as they traveled. Bill passed away in May 2013 and in October of 2019, Anna Mae moved into Bridgewood Rivers Retirement home. She passed away on December 26. 2022. She would have been 94 on May 24, 2023.

Contributed by: Jackie Deal and Joan Larson

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An UnChristmas Story

Don’t worry. No Red Ryder BB gun. No ghosts of Christmas past, present or future.

Waking up to the wondrous aroma of turkey and Continue reading

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New Timber Valley Name Badges

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Christmas Eve Dinner Celebration

EVERYONE, Everyone, everyone, is welcome to our Christmas Celebration: Christmas Eve Day (Dec. 24) at 3 p.m. Our Chef Denis is preparing a Christmas feast of turkey and ham, dressing, potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, and cranberry sauce. You can bring a potluck dish to share if you wish. Bring your table service and drinks. There will be plenty of food, good friends, and fun. There is no charge. There’s a sign-up sheet in the clubhouse.

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Lifestyle & Nutrition Course at UCC

Ring in the new year with a lifestyle & nutrition course taught by the Umpqua Community Veg Education Group (UC-VEG). This 13-week training series teaches people how to use “lifestyle medicine” to prevent disease and manage stress in a socially-supportive atmosphere.

Topics include preventing heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other chronic illnesses, as well as how to manage stress using mindfulness, avoid toxins and chemicals, and “move naturally” by incorporating more exercise into daily life. That’s info we can all use!

To register and get more info visit the UC-Veg website, email UmpquaCommunityVeg@gmail.com, or call 541-378-6359. Attendance can be virtual/livestream or you can attend in person at the Aviva conference room at the new Aviva Health building at 150 Kenneth Ford Dr., Roseburg. Make sure to claim your spot before January 5th.

contributed by Cathy Deyo Lot 96

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Story of Chanukah

chanukah flyer

Jill Goldman

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Chair Volleyball

Wheelchair volleyball? Not necessarily. Generally just plain ole chairs. A nasty hard volleyball? No. A nice soft squishy beach ball. And a low net. Put six or so folks in those chairs, add the big ball and fun begins. Some return the ball with finesse. I return it in pure self-defense. It’s crazy, fun with lots of laughs. It’s letting your inner child out to play.
We play Sundays at 1 p.m. We’ve lost many of our players to the lure of the south, so we really need YOU. It’s exercise, it’s socializing and it’s getting out of the house during gloomy weather. If you’re not brave enough to try it, at least come and watch and have a few good laughs


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Learn to Make Candy Cane Sleighs – 10:30am Saturday

SATURDAY, DEC 10 at 10:30 a.m. at the Clubhouse

Come learn how to make candy cane sleighs for table favors. We’ll be
making enough for Christmas Dinner. And you’ll learn a new Christmas
skill. Chef Denis Perkins and the new cooking club will be hosting the

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Ford’s Pond

Ford Pond Flier

Sharon Elliott

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