Rod Ziegenhagel, In Memoriam

On June 4, 2023 Rod Ziegenhagel passed away unexpectedly. Rod was born in North Dakota in 1950. He and his companion Sam Lucas were together for 44 years. Rod was a Registered Nurse working in Operating Rooms. Rod and Sam traveled the West Coast starting about 1992 and then moved into Timber Valley Park August 2017 while still able to travel.

Rod was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation but suffered no symptoms from it. He played pickle ball 5 days a week right up until his surgery. He had a successful three way coronary bypass and was recovering well when he died suddenly at home on Sunday evening.

At his request there will be no memorial service and he will be cremated. Rod is survived by his loving companion Sam and a sister in Lodi, California.

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Social Hour Friday June 9 at 3pm in the Clubhouse

The Friday Social Hour will host two members of the Fraternal Order of Eagles Organization, which is an active social and service club. Lisa Martin and Loraine Herdman will tell us about the structure of the Organization. The Club Auxiliary provides several services.

You will hear about their fundraising, which provides scholarships for graduating students and assists those individuals in the community who cannot afford but need medical assistance.

Ms. Herdman, the current of the Auxiliary, has spent the past year supporting the Phoenix School students with special needs.

It sounds like the Org. has a lot of fun with live music, their bar, and food.

–Sharon Elliott

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Tom Binninger, In Memoriam

On June 2, 2023 Timber Valley’s flag lowered to honor the passing of Tom Binninger. Tom and his wife Margi became members of Timber Valley July, 2007. Tom was born in Oakland, California May 24, 1933 and had just turned 90. They would have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary June 19.

Tom worked as manager for Longs Drug Stores in California and retired at age 52 to care for his father. Tom and Margi traveled for 12-13 years and crossed the United States three times. Margi says they put 110,000 miles on their motor home.

Tom was very active in Timber Valley Park. He enjoyed mowing the lawns and other landscape work. He formed and was very active in The Men’s Cooking Club. He volunteered at the VA where he accumulated 1,000 hours of volunteering. Tom was always willing to help anyone.

Margi fondly says, “He was industrious, generous and a wonderful husband. He will be missed by many friends and family.

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TV Log June 4, 2023

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Laundry Woes … or Whoas!

Yet again, the Park has had to call in a service technician to repair the washer and dryer doors. It seems as though the doors have a “plate” that holds the door in place. Those using the doors as a “leaning tool” or a “crutch” have actually broken the plate. This last service call cost you, the members, over $600 in parts and labor to replace them. So … “Whoa” or “Stop” using the doors to lean on. Sorry for the repetitiveness and yet another “DON’T DO” for the Laundry room, but this is becoming an issue and a very expensive one at that!

–Park Office

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June 2nd at 3 pm Social Hour will feature Sutherlin Police Officer Cody Mann

Cody will cover self-defense and gun safety. Lots of folks enjoy shooting and improving their efficiency in hitting a target. Hunters have pleasant memories of having bagged a trophy animal. Some believe a gun is the best protection against a rabid deer, fox, or bear. Mann will cover laws pertaining storage of guns and ammunition.

This is a controversial subject and I believe your opinion should be aired whether you agree or not with the topic of guns.

Questions such as these may be posed;

● What types of guns are safest in the hands of seniors?
● How do we deal with the senior that insists on having a gun when the aging brain behavior indicates otherwise?
● Can a police officer help a member’s partner or neighbor relieve the perceived above danger?
● How serious is the danger to members of our Park from intruders?
● Where is the shooting range?

The event should be interesting and everyone should be in attendance to speak and learn.

–Sharon Elliott #36

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Potential Sutherlin Water Curtailment

The City of Sutherlin is experiencing construction delays for the Nonpareil Water Treatment Plant, which may lead to a potential water shortage. They have implemented a curtailment plan in accordance with the Oregon Administrative Rules.

The alert specifies Stage 1, also known as “Water Watch,” which serves to inform and educate the public about the possible water supply issue. While mandatory water conservation measures are not yet required, voluntary conservation is strongly recommended to reduce water demand and prevent the need for more severe measures.

Residential customers are encouraged to limit watering of lawns, gardens, flowerbeds, or shrubbery to every other day. Non-commercial vehicle washing should be discontinued, except using a bucket and hose with a shut-off nozzle for brief rinses. Washing of sidewalks, driveways, and other paved surfaces is prohibited except for health and safety purposes by public agencies.

Read more at City of Sutherlin – Alert – Potential Curtailment

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Hastings Village Workers in the Park

As you well know, the Park has tried to hire summer help for a couple of years and has been fairly unsuccessful. For example, the last 2 applicants were not able to do the physical work. However, the Park has recently been presented with an opportunity to help both our local community as well as the Park.

A representative from Hastings Village gave a presentation on their purpose and operation at a recent Friday social event. He indicated that some of their residents are motivated to improve their lives and are willing to work in order to do so. Several of us thought this might be a good idea to help people from our community while helping us keep our Park looking great.

Randy, our Park Manager is willing to try an arrangement with a limited number of workers on Tuesday through Thursday on a trial basis. They will be assigned tasks by Randy while being directly supervised by their own foreman. Although they are not park employees, they will be using Park equipment. Randy has briefed them on our safety and security expectations. We are still working on all the details, so for now this is a “trial project”.

Please welcome them with the usual SKP waves and the friendliness of our Park. If you have any questions, please contact Randy, Rockey or Gerry V.

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Social Hour Friday May 26th @ 3 pm – Speaker Grant Fahey, Sutherlin Sanitary Service

The Sutherlin Sanitary Service is the company that collects our refuse in the dumpster as well as cardboard. There are some things that are not supposed to be placed into the container. Do you know what those items include?

As I drive to Eugene, I see an actual mountain having been built with trash. As I understand it, the buried trash results in the release of methane gas into the atmosphere.

My husband uses auto-injectors which after use are considered a biohazard and no longer accepted by the pharmacy, and doctors’ offices. What do we do with them?

So much of what we purchase is packaged in plastic. Berries, condiments, nuts, beverages. I can go on and on. I flinch every time I add it to my trash. Animals, including fish, become tangled in it endangering their lives. Then there is the mighty trash island in the ocean.

Did you know that there is governmental action being considered? Grant Fahey will be our speaker on Friday and will address all these issues. Bring your questions and concerns.

–Sharon Elliott #36

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Status of the Timber Valley Garden

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By Fred Prout

Sometimes the most frustrating and aggravating situations can turn into fun stories. Ordinary, every day chores can get you so mad you have to work hard to find the funny side. An eye doctor’s appointment that went completely sideways for example. Telling some friends about the misadventures involving new glasses, I unintentionally said the words that became the punch line for this story. So I took the punch line and built the story around it. Suddenly, all the pent up anger and frustration of over two months went poof. Gone. This whole story is intended to get to the punch line. So, no peeking. No matter what. Really!!!

Not too long ago, I went to Doctor Strabismus for an eye exam. Nice Doc, friendly staff, state of the art equipment, what could go wrong? Ha! Finish exam, pick out frames, get trifocals placement, give insurance card, pay copay. “We’ll call you in a week or ten days.” Now, for those of you who may be unfamiliar with trifocals, the top part is for seeing distance and most of what you want to see. The middle part is to see things like the dashboard of your car. Speedometer and such. Very important. The bottom is for close work like reading. Or writing.

Remember. No peeking. I’m watching.

Glasses are ready, walk into the office and Frau Blucher smiles and hands me my new glasses. Nice new case and a lint free cleaning cloth at no additional charge. Right away I realized the dividing lines are misplaced. If I looked straight ahead I had to look through two different parts of the lens, or, wear them halfway down my nose. To their credit, they did include a prism in one lens. Without said prism, I see double. Not good. So Frau Blucher smiles and says “No problem, I’ll have them remake the lenses.” Two weeks later, new lenses are in. They put them in the frames, and, double vision. No prisms. Back they go. I might mention that my customary patience and sang froid are starting to be slightly stretched.

Remember, no peeking.

Three weeks later, having not gotten a call, I have to call them. They check the lab. Glasses were sent, but, never received. “We will call again and expedite.” Magic condescending words.

After a total of two months and almost two weeks, I got tired of playing nice. I walked to the office and insisted on speaking with Doctor Strabismus to get this fixed. Frau Blucher stated the doctor is not in but she would call the lab. By this time, the steam is billowing off my head. Apparently the lab would not cooperate and I got really, I guess, pushy. Frau Blucher goes into the back and comes out with a check. Refunding my copay. It’s signed by the doctor who is not in.

So, in total and absolute frustration, I drive to Costco, and a week later, I have my new glasses. Lines properly located, prism in place and Lisa adjusted them with a smile.

Ok. Thanks for not peeking. The punch line: In order to get a new pair of glasses, I had to make a spectacle of myself.

You. I saw you peeking. Shame on you.

OK, on three, BOOOOOOO

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New Timber Valley Badges Available Once Again

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Social Hour Program May 19th @ 3pm – Speaker Terry Brock, Sutherlin Throwdown Coordinator

Many of our residents who exercise at the Body Shop are familiar with the owner, Terry Brock. Terry will be our speaker at this week’s Social Hour, however, he will not be talking about physical fitness. Terry is coordinating the Sutherlin Throwdown, an event that will put Sutherlin Oregon on the map.

The Throwdown is a competition between those who travel all over the country to cook brisket, ribs, and pulled pork. They are here for big winnings and points. There are expected to be around 50 BBQers at Central Park on July 15 and 16.

In addition, the Corn Hole competitors will show off their skills of throwing a small bag into the hole of a tilted board with a hole near the top. It looks easier than you think.

If that is not enough, about 20 wineries and 20 breweries will be stationed around the park and Country artist Jessie Leigh will be featured in a concert also.

Come and learn about how you can sample the foods with tokens.

–Sharon Elliott

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New Spin Bike for Timber Valley Residents

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Social Hour Friday May 12, 2023 @ 3pm – Speaker Wayne Elsworth from Umpqua Heart

Wayne Elsworth had to cancel his visit last month but he is rescheduled for Friday. With him will be a Sutherlin resident by the name of Marianne Anderson. Wayne works for Adapt and organized an organization called Umpqua Heart to assist persons who have lost safe housing.

Come and hear about Hastings Village, a “Camp” at the corner of Taylor and Hastings provided by our city. This is a unique forerunner for how municipalities can deal with the problems.

I have heard comments such as, “Why should taxpayers spend our money on the druggies?” I suggest you bring your questions and concerns to the presentation, in the clubhouse, and learn why they live in the Village. A few days ago there was a fire in the village and several again lost all their belongings. As we have an ethic of Caring and Sharing, we just may be able to assist these ner-do-wells.

–Sharon Elliott #36

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Meet the TV Board Candidates

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Kentucky Derby 2023 Photos and Chair Racing Video

Thanks Melinda for sharing these great photos and chair racing video from the Kentucky Derby party!

View Kentucky Derby 2023 Photos and Chair Racing Video

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The Garden Group Is In Action! Join Us at the Compost Pile Saturday May 6 @ 10:30am

The fence is up, and it is time to set up the beds for the planting season. So, for all of you who offered to help, IT’S TIME!!

First, we need to lay out cardboard to cover the grass/weeds; then assemble the (11) beds, add the ingredients (it’s more than just soil) which includes gathering sticks from the woods, distributing wood chips into each bed, and so much more.

Many hands make little work. This is a short-term project that will help us get going so veggies, herbs and flowers will be available for the many.

Please join us at the compost pile Saturday, May 6, at 10:30 to collect sticks. Questions – Text or call Jill (Lot 68) – 815-218-6178.


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Kentucky Derby Party – Saturday May 6 @ 2pm in the Clubhouse

The Kentucky Derby is held only on the first Saturday of May and lasts about 2 minutes. Not very interesting you say. Some people think badly about making the horses run to the point their hearts explode.

Here at TV, it’s not about the horses. It’s about a party!!! We will gather at the Clubhouse, wear our decorated hats, engage in a chair race, eat finger foods, drink mint juleps, and enjoy each other.

Win, place, and show tickets will be sold for $1.00. The race will be shown on the big screen.

Sign up in the Clubhouse, think about simple goodies to share, get your hat ready, and show up around 2 pm.

–Sharon Elliott

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Social Hour Friday April 28 @ 3pm – Garden Group Presentation

The Garden Group will be hosting the Social Hour this Friday, April 28th at 3pm. The group wants to share the progress made to date, as well as our plans and needs for a successful garden.

Now that the fence is almost completed, we will show the layout for the garden, talk about the next steps we will be taking and what we see in the future.

We will share how you can become an active and fruitful member of our group whether
or not you don’t want to garden. The cost of leasing a bed for a year will be announced;
copies of the Guidelines and Applications for planting a bed will be available.

We hope to see you at the Clubhouse this Friday in the dining room. Bring snacks if you wish and wine will be available.

–Sharon Elliott

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