“Personal” Emergency Preparedness from American Red Cross — Tues., Oct. 11, 10 a.m., Clubhouse Big Room

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Two American Red Cross representatives are coming to Timber Valley to help us become more personally ready for emergencies.

Mara Rouse, Disaster Program Manager and Katelyn Dzialowy – Senior Volunteer Engagement Representative with the Red Cross Roseburg office will be in the Clubhouse Big Room on Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 10 a.m.

“Getting prepared may sound difficult or time consuming but – with a little help from the Red Cross – it is actually very doable.”  Learn more about how to:

1. Make a Plan. Plan effectively for you and your family in case of an emergency.

2. Get a Kit or Go Bag Together.  Learn the essential supplies to put in your family’s survival kit.

3. Be Informed. Understand which disasters are likely to occur in your area and what you must know to stay safe.

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Pickleball and Chair Volley Ball Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays!

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Snowbird Farewell

What a wonderful evening we had at the Snowbird Farewell potluck.  We had 56 excited and hungry people.  There were so many dishes to choose from and of course we ate too much.

A map of Oregon was cut into puzzle like pieces and each party had to try to fill in the map where they thought it might go. There were drawings for candy and three stuffed animal “snowbirds”. Jackie put on a skit using several guests. It was funny.

We had cake and ice cream. While that was being devoured, Karen handed our small purses filled with money for their trip (of course it was play money…..darn).  The guests staying for the winter were given ‘crying towels’.  Thanks to Karen Hofferber, Jackie Deal and Kathy Perry for the great party.

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One Flew Over The Handlebars

It’s been a wild day in Ratcheds By The Sea. Shirley Shewill, incoming manager of The Ratcheds Senior Center, is conducting an audit of the books and an inventory of supplies. Apparently, some of the members were heisting bananas, coffee creamers and silverware. Shirley is intent on determining if this was due to kleptomania or a pushback against previous nickel and diming.

Our lunch table consisted of yours truly, Shirley, T Rex (fka) Thomas King and the Muldoons. T was pontificating on his feelings about the two-party system. “It’s a choice between the mooches and the misers.” As we were enjoying our delicious Cincinnati Chili, newcomer, Howie Doone came in on his electric scooter. As we have very limited space, and in an attempt to minimize walking bananas, so to speak, scooters and walkers have to be left against the far wall. We invited Howie to join us, so T offered to move the scooter for him as Howie has a very limited range. As T was weaving away, we learned that Mrs Howie, Cookie, was with the Stitch and Bitch group.

Howie sits and announces that he is about to lose his breakfast…

T returns to the table…

Howie fills his napkin…

T goes back to get the scooter…

T returns with the scooter…

Howie scoots off towards the mens room…

We push chili bowls away…

We discuss the axiom that no good deed goes unpunished…

Howie returns…

T retakes the scooter and promptly crashes into the wall. Ass over teakettle he goes…

Howie announces that in the process of rinsing the napkin in the toilet, he realizes that his lower denture is in the napkin…

After he flushes…

Howie then asks Shirley if she would bring him a bowl of chili…

We don’t want to be rude and leave, but we also don’t want to witness a rerun of the previous festivities. After what she considers a reasonable time, Shirley finally has to get back to inventory. T leaves as his leg hurts from the horrific scooter crash. The Muldoon’s police scanner announces a fender bender in town, and they have to leave.

I’m stuck here watching Howie gum his chili and corn bread. Crumbs of something in his beard. I’m silently wishing for the Stitch and Bitch to end early. No such luck. Shirley finally takes pity on me and asks if I would help her count knives and spoons. As I get up, I try to lighten the situation by telling Howie that I have had that effect on people before. Many times.

As I started to walk away, I saw Mae Wees, a former resident of France,
and Kim Chee ,a real sourpuss, get into an argument over who belongs to the lone cane at the table. Sure enough, both silver haired, very senior, ladies start tugging and trying to wrestle the cane away from the other. Before you know it, they are both on the floor, flopping around like an entire congregation of alligators . In a rare display of sanity, no one offered to intervene. They were still at it when I left, so I have no idea what happened next. Probably a very good thing .

Well, that’s the latest from Ratcheds By The Sea. A quirky little town on the beach, where everyone is beautiful, above average, and at least one degree off center. Fare thee well Mildred, we will all miss you.

Fred Prout

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TV Log 10/02/22

TV Log 10_2_2022
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Snowbird Send-Off Potluck & Party

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In Memorium

Everyone here in Ratcheds, and elsewhere, is in mourning today. We learned of the passing of our beloved founder, Continue reading

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Reminder . . .

There seems to be interest by quite a few members that our clubhouse is in need of some tender loving care. This issue was brought up at our recent Annual Meeting. You all should have received a Clubhouse Survey in your mailbox this past Monday. The survey will give us a better idea of how you feel about this subject. Perhaps we can start some planning to address these needs. We encourage everyone to fill out this brief questionnaire and drop it into the “In Park” mail slot by this Friday, September 23rd. The Office will be closed the following week for carpet replacement. We will share the results of the survey at a later date. Thank you very much.

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Bees, Flowers, and How they Relate

Bee Presenation
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Movie Night

Watch TRUE GRIT This Thursday!

Instead of For Whom the Bell Tolls, we’re showing TRUE GRIT this Thursday (September 22). This is the original True Grit (with John Wayne) not the remake. Why the switch? Turns out For Whom the Bell Tolls is nearly three hours. Yikes! Too long to sit on not-so-comfortable chairs. True Grit is considerably shorter. And much more entertaining. So come enjoy movie night with friends and neighbors! Movie starts at 6:00 pm. Come a few minutes early to grab your favorite seat and fresh popcorn!

Dave and Michelle Van Westen, #182
714-625-2334 and 714-273-0743

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Board Member Needed

Board Member Needed
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Hello Jacks and Jills!

If you cannot be at the Sept. 19 Planning Workshop in person, come join us on Zoom. Just click on the link below. If it’s your first time to use Zoom, you’ll be asked to download the Zoom software or app to your device. It will only take a minute or so, depending on your connection speed.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 834 6806 0167
One tap mobile
+13863475053,,83468060167# US
+15642172000,,83468060167# US

We welcome everyone’s inputs. Hope to see you soon!

Dave Van Westen

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Please join Timber Valley friends and neighbors at the clubhouse this coming Monday (Sept 19) at 1:00 pm for a planning workshop. We will review all the suggestions received, and brainstorm other possible activities. Let’s discuss what to implement, and figure out who will lead or help. Hope to see you there! Thanks in advance!

Dave Van Westen #182, cellphone 714-625-2334 email dvanwest47@gmail.com

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In the wink of an eye, my soul is turning

They start in the seconds between wakefulness and sleep. Continue reading

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Red Flag Warning Tonight to Saturday

A red flag warning means high fire danger with an increased probability of a quickly spreading fire in the area within 24 hours.

For the next two days, we are expecting really high temperatures, low humidity, and gusting east winds. In these conditions, any spark could start a raging wildfire.

Be careful, gather your fire evacuation kit. Familiarize yourself with your evacuation plan. Where will you go? How will you get there? Who will you call to let others know
you are safe?



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You Missed September 2 Social Hour, with George Reel and Sutherlin Fire Department!

Fire Department Presentation
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U.S. Flag First Carried into Battle on September 3, 1777

Thanks to Peggy Russell for bringing this to our attention! The U.S. Flag was first carried into battle on today’s date in 1777. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides a fascinating history of the U.S. Flag at https://www.va.gov/opa/publications/celebrate/flag.pdf

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Dog Rules

By Fred Prout 

Dogs have their own set of rules. They supersede any that we try to impose on them. Simple: eat, drink, walk, sleep, give love, give more love, empty tanks and, to my dismay, periodically, eat grass and urff on the rug. Not outside, not on the linoleum. On the rug. I don’t know if you have ever watched a dog grab grass. Especially when they are involved with Canine Facebook (a more genteel way of saying pmail). They seemingly spot the desired blades from ten yards away, innocently start to walk past it, then, like a snake, the head yanks towards the prey, and, gobbles. A couple of years ago, I got tired of this and decided on a  course of behavior modification. AKA training. 

The book says to use a combination of rewards and punishment. Well, I’m not going to punish my dog for following the rules. And how do you reward her for not doing something? I just couldn’t figure that out. So I read further. Chapter Seventeen says “Your dog may respond to repeated demonstrations of correct behavior. So, as an example, throw the ball, bark and run after it yourself. Your dog may come to understand what you want.”

Well, I’m happy to report that over two years of training has finally paid off. Last Monday, Kelly grabbed some grass, ate it and we continued our walk. Miraculously, before we got home, she stopped and urffed on the sidewalk. She finally, after all that time, got it. It is a huge relief for me as I have come to hate the taste of grass. Also, the neighbors complain and take pictures.

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Social Hour Friday September 2 @ 3pm – George Reel Presents…!

Social Hour sept 2
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