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Rained out is about to be dried up. Our time with Rained Out is coming to an end. NOW is the time to sign up with AlertSense . It is easy to do.
Send your name and phone number/email to [email protected] You will then receive messages and notices much like we did with RainedOut but with out the fees.


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And Then There Were LIGHTS!

Christmas lights!

After a little tour around the park we found a lot of Christmas decorations. So we took some photos. Some weren’t home and we regret not seeing those decorations. But you can see many here … Photos

Remember: clicking on the first picture in the album will blow-up that single photo and allow you to click through the album one at a time.

Merry Christmas!

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Note: Office will close early

The Office will close at noon Christmas Eve Day, the 24th.

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Our Gift Collection for Kids

Once again the generosity of our members is remarkable.
Here a a few photos from Rod Z and a link to more.

This is where they went from here.

More photos here.


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Open House December 20th

11 am -3 pm
Come to the office and greet the Timber Valley staff as they host their annual Open House. There will be treats and snacks to enjoy. Come and share in the Holiday Spirit.
(Note)This would be the perfect time to thank them for all they do

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Festival of Lights 2019

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It is rude to show up at a party before the host is ready for us…

But we are just so anxious to join the city of Sutherlin’s new AlertSense System. We have to wait. Dick Shanahan is taking the lead on this project. He is attending meetings, demonstrations and training sessions. The city is not up and running just yet so we must wait our turn. Dick will keep us informed as to when and what we will do to register. In the meantime Rained Out is scheduled to fade away. There may be a silent transitional period where neither system is available to us, but never fear, the Timber Valley Grape Vine has held up well and can be put into service with just a whisper.

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Social Hour Program Friday December 13th 3:00 PM

Sutherlin Fire Department

The Emergency Preparedness Committee considered how we might handle injuries and medical emergencies in the event of a park, community and/or county disaster where we would not have the usual resources to call upon. There was also the question of using the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) located on the common room wall. In view of this the Sutherlin Fire Dept. was contacted to inquire if they could lead us in basic techniques. In addition we asked the representative to assess our first aid kit to determine if it is adequate. To make sure we are prepared please attend. This program will remind you to make you and your home as well as the park ready to act when needed.

Come and hear all.

Sharon Elliott

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60th Escapade

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Ugly Sweater Contest

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