The “Yard Sale” is advertised to over 15,000!

The yard sale is advertised on three “buy/sell” Facebook groups in Sutherlin and Roseburg with over 15,000 subscribers. It is also advertised in Craigslist in the “garage sale” category. All sellers should be confident of lots of buyers showing up so bring your stuff to the clubhouse. 

Here is the text of the ad: 

Once each year, Timber Valley RV Park has a “Yard Sale”. This year we expect rain so all vendors will display in the clubhouse beginning Saturday, June 10, 7 am. There is plenty of parking. Donuts and coffee will be available. This is a 206 space RV park with many of the residents selling all the valuable stuff they no longer use. The prices are set for a quick sale “Sutherlin style”. Drive to 800 S. State St. in Sutherlin then follow the balloons to the clubhouse.

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Wednesday News

Good Morning all;  There’s also a rumor going around that the “yard sale” scheduled for Saturday will be at the clubhouse instead of the golf course. Prospects for rain are high for Saturday and the organizers are making this change to keep both sellers and buyers dry.

Checking the calendar this morning I see the normal Wednesday activities are on the board… Apple Users and QiGong at 10am; Prayer Circle at 3pm; Poker from 4 to 6pm; and Bingo at 6:30pm.  The website team is also going to meet for a few minutes at 10am in some corner of the clubhouse.

Comments on the website:  We invite comments to posts and articles on the website, but recent internet robot activity has prompted me to add “moderation” to the process. What this means is that your comments will no longer instantly appear on the site. Instead, there’ll be a short delay as the true comments are separated from the robot comments, that are just another form of spam. Thanks for your understanding.

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Successful Sew-a-thon

The Welcome Committee’s Sew-A-Thon was a super success. About 15 ladies cut, pinned, sewed, glued, stuffed and decorated gifts to be handed out by the Welcome Committee to guests when they visit our park. Linda Zink with Connie Lankford and Patty Healey organized this event and want to THANK everyone “SEW” MUCH for all your help. A SPECIAL THANK YOU!! to the Anonymous donor for the Chicken Pincushions, they are adorable. Everyone enjoyed the day and look forward to doing it again sometime in the future.

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James Shaffer, Lot 45

James  Shaffer, Husband of Elaine Teague, Lot 45, has passed away.
Timber Valley sends it’s sincere condolences to Elaine and their family & friends

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There will be coffee and donuts sold at Timber Valley Yard Sale 6/10/17

Rick De Young (lot 184) of the Timber Valley Coffee and Rolls group that meets each Saturday morning in the clubhouse, has volunteered to bring donuts to be sold at Jacks & Jillls Timber Valley Yard Sale on Saturday morning, June 10, 2017, starting at 7:30 a.m. Chuck Cowles (lot 130) has volunteered to make coffee and bring it to the Yard Sale for sale with the donuts. Other volunteers are needed and should feel free to contact Rick or Nusha De Young at 541-315-2830.

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Memorial Day Weekend

The website team hopes you have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend.  And remember the Memorial Day Pot-luck Picnic at 2pm on Monday.

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Today’s Improvements to Website

Hi all;  Here are a few items that have changed or been added in the last day or two:

  • In sidebar, raised level of the “Lots up for trade” section to make it more visible and closer to the top
  • In sidebar, added a “Really Hot News” section for those hot news items that occur between weekly logs. It’s just below the “Lots up for trade” section.
  • Lowered the sidebar menu… which is really just a duplication of the menu at the top. We really only need one and I anticipate the side menu will eventually go away completely.
  • Added the Bylaws and Rules/Regulations to the member only page. Remember, you’ve got to log into this page the first time with a password. For now, the password is the same as we use to get onto our wifi system.  If you have any problem, please email me…  [email protected]  

Remember, you can comment on most posts by using the link at the bottom of each article.  We enjoy those comments (usually), and encourage you to let us know your feelings about the website and how it’s working for you. Maybe there’s something you’d like to see?  Maybe you’d like to see things presented differently?  Let us know.

And, finally, here’s a picture of the website group hard at work yesterday. Photo taken by Dale Prohaska.

from left to right: Julianne Crane, Dale Prohaska, Rick DeYoung, Helaine Hepworth, and Thom Hoch

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Memorial Day Picnic

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A Gift Left in our Driveway

A pile, about 6 inches diameter, of pet turkey poop.

This morning I took Morgan out for her morning walk. She is in the habit of moving her bowels and urinating during her walk and I always pick up after her. Perhaps you’ve seen me walking around with a bulge in my back pocket which contains 3 – 4 plastic bags. I might also be carrying a bag of Morgan’s recent deposit. Well, this morning, I found this large pile in my driveway. It is obvious that someone’s pet TURKEY has left this deposit in my driveway. I just want to remind everyone, when you walk your turkey, please pickup after it. 

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Timber Valley is a Co-op Park

Being a co-op park means everyone shares in the work. It is what keeps our park beautiful as well as keeping our maintenance fees low. Divide the Fee by 12 and add your lights and propane. The resulting figure will not buy you a place to live anywhere else. But that low cost come with a price. YOU! You signed your lease that says you know about the need to volunteer in some manner for the good of the park. Lately volunteerism has fallen off. We need more participation of all members. Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with the job, there is advice from others. Don’t be afraid to bring new ideas. Good or bad, they will be looked at and considered.

We just need your HELP!

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