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Larry Hultin (lot 37), In Memoriam

The Timber Valley community was saddened to learn of the passing of member Larry Hultin, lot 37.  Larry passed away on Nov. 26, 2022, in California. He suffered a stroke on October 7 and was hospitalized first at Oregon University Hospital, then in Fresno, CA.
Larry was born in St. Paul, MN. in 1938. When he was about eleven years old his family moved to the Los Angeles area. He worked several jobs ending up selling farm machinery. Larry moved into Timber Valley on July 11, 2006. He was an outdoorsman and fisherman. He was also a talented musician and played in the park with Larry Barry and the late Ed Bonham. He is survived by his companion Faith Hardin, daughter Robin and son Donn.


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Garden Group Continues Fund Raising

Garden Group funding - Jill's edit
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Chuck Cowles (Lot 130), In Memoriam

The Timber Valley Community is saddened by the news of the recent death of Chuck Cowles.  He died November 21, 2022. Charles “Chuck” Cowles and his wife Lillian moved into Timber Valley on October 24, 2002. Lillian passed away on July 30, 2006. Chuck will be remembered as the “coffee man” in early years, making coffee for almost every event. Chuck took part in numerous park functions. He was part of the “sound crew” helping with microphones when needed.

Chuck was born in Steubenville, Ohio, and moved to California with his family when he was 12 years old. He went into the navy at age 17 and served 4 years. Chuck was an electrician which may explain why he was so insistent that the clubhouse lights not be left on at night!

According to his sister Bev Spain, Chuck suffered from a bowel blockage and never recovered from the surgery. He moved from the hospital into Curry Manor in Roseburg and died five days later.

He is survived by his sister, Beverly Spain of Vallejo, CA a son, Charles, Jr., and a stepson John Bowman.

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Mary Woodell (Lot 35), In Memoriam

The Timber Valley Community is saddened by the recent news of the death of past member Mary Woodell. She died November 19, 2022.  Mary and Robert Woodell moved into Timber Valley (lot #35) on April 18, 2003. Robert passed away on January 5, 2009. Mary will be remembered as a quiet, shy lady who enjoyed lunches with her friends at McDonalds. Mary moved with Jaye Brame, (lot 28) into Linus Oaks in April 2020.

She is survived by a son, Roger Woodell of Gresham, OR., and a daughter, Roberta Adlard of Ridgefield, WA.

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A Thanksgiving Story

John Tucker died.

Outside of Ratcheds, it’s not news. You didn’t know him, why should you care?
But John Tucker’s life had meaning. As do all lives. The community of Ratcheds loved John Tucker. And it went both ways. John Tucker found us by accident and stayed with us for over thirty years. Before telling John Tucker’s story, a word or two about community as that’s half the story. Continue reading

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Please Help… “Toys for Joy” bring smiles to kids faces

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Agenda Workshop

The Board of Directors has changed the Agenda Meeting to an Agenda Workshop held one week before the Board meeting. This is designed to encourage park members to have more significant input while making Board Meetings more efficient. The workshop is meant to be a sounding board where park members can express concerns and discuss the pros and cons of an issue. This will allow board members to gain an idea of what park members see as important.

The Agenda Workshop is the time and place to tell the board 1) If there will be a committee report and/or a report from ad-hoc committees; 2) If park members have a concern they want to be reviewed by the Board. The Board will use this information to set the agenda for the Board meeting. It is hoped that all members will share in the operation of the park through participation. The Board welcomes your ideas, concerns, and offering of solutions.

The last couple of Board meetings each lasted close to 3 hours. Let’s work together to minimize this in the future by sharing at the Agenda Workshop and supporting the Board’s process during their meeting,

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Squirrel Droppings / Pumping Irony

By Fred Prout

As many of you know, the light of my life for most of a half century was legally blind. So I am not totally ignorant of the problems and how to get around them as best you can. The other day, a new resident of The Home for Senior Delinquents, mentioned that she couldn’t see her phone. We can all thank her as that inspired this story.
Continue reading

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Technical Help and Guidance for Phones, Tablets, and Computers

We all struggle to improve our ability to communicate. These days, that usually means utilizing a cell phone, tablet, or computer. Using these new-fangled devices can be frustrating at times. And sometimes the problems we’re having can be easily fixed. Sometimes.

Some of us in the Park would like to offer assistance to members with technical issues you may be having with your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This might entail connecting to our WIFI system, getting the Park calendar on your smartphone, or any number of other issues that crop up with these devices.

The idea here is to connect a member with a problem with another member who MAY have a solution. It’s a radical idea… using the idea of “community”… to provide a forum for members to help members.

In order to get started and organize this effort, please send an email to the address at the bottom of this message. Make sure your name, lot number, and a good description of what you’d like help with. We’ll get back to you. For assistance with technical issues.

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The Clubhouse Bell

Clubhouse BellIn September 1992 when Frank and Cathey Johnson #15 came into the Park the bell was an important part of the Park. The bell rang about 30 minutes before meetings. The Board, Jacks and Jills, or Memorials. Anytime members needed “to get together”.

The Bell was disabled because kids would come in a night and ring the bell then run away into the woods before anyone could catch them. The goal is to have the bell working again.

This will be discussed at the October 20, 2022, Board Meeting. Let us know what you think.

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David Sawaya, In Memoriam

By Jackie Deal

Dave Sawaya lived life to the fullest even after losing a leg to cancer in 1992. We knew him as a man on crutches hopping circles around us and laughingly piloting his electric cart wherever he wanted. He played games in the clubhouse and loved pot lucks.

Dave was born in San Francisco, February 4, 1942. In 1981 he met Pam at a Parents Without Partners event; they married one year later in Woodside, California. Dave lived in San Carlos, San Mateo and Redding, Oregon before he and Pam moved to Azalea, Oregon. In Azalea they had an emu farm and had 10 breeding pairs of emus. It was during that time in 1992 that Dave lost a leg to cancer.

He was a contractor and owned several rental properties in Sutherlin. He and Pam moved from Sutherlin to the Green District in Roseburg where he lost the ultimate battle with cancer. Dave and Pam enjoyed 40 years of marriage. Dave passed away Oct. 6, 2022. Those of us who knew him, will remember his ready smile and his cheerful nature.

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Office Thank You to Members

The Office looks amazing!

THANK YOU to our Park Manager Randy Bice and Rockey Shanhan for painting the front entrance a clean, crisp white.

THANK YOU to all of the PCM Committee members who helped to empty the Office furniture into the cargo trailer and then turned right around and loaded it back into the Office a few days later.

THANK YOU to the ladies who helped dust and wipe down the cobwebs. The carpet and flooring are a clean and welcomed change!

A HUGE THANK YOU to our wonderful Mail Committee for taking over the distribution of mail at the Clubhouse. These ladies showed up every day the Office was closed and made sure everyone had access to their packages and mail.

To the Members of the Park … THANK YOU for your patience during this disturbance of our normal routine. This just proves how many members come together and help out where help is needed.

~ Kim and Melissa

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Pickleball and Chair Volley Ball Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays!

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Snowbird Farewell

What a wonderful evening we had at the Snowbird Farewell potluck.  We had 56 excited and hungry people.  There were so many dishes to choose from and of course we ate too much.

A map of Oregon was cut into puzzle like pieces and each party had to try to fill in the map where they thought it might go. There were drawings for candy and three stuffed animal “snowbirds”. Jackie put on a skit using several guests. It was funny.

We had cake and ice cream. While that was being devoured, Karen handed our small purses filled with money for their trip (of course it was play money…..darn).  The guests staying for the winter were given ‘crying towels’.  Thanks to Karen Hofferber, Jackie Deal and Kathy Perry for the great party.

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One Flew Over The Handlebars

It’s been a wild day in Ratcheds By The Sea. Shirley Shewill, incoming manager of The Ratcheds Senior Center, is conducting an audit of the books and an inventory of supplies. Apparently, some of the members were heisting bananas, coffee creamers and silverware. Shirley is intent on determining if this was due to kleptomania or a pushback against previous nickel and diming. Continue reading

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In Memorium

Everyone here in Ratcheds, and elsewhere, is in mourning today. We learned of the passing of our beloved founder, Continue reading

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Reminder . . .

There seems to be interest by quite a few members that our clubhouse is in need of some tender loving care. This issue was brought up at our recent Annual Meeting. You all should have received a Clubhouse Survey in your mailbox this past Monday. The survey will give us a better idea of how you feel about this subject. Perhaps we can start some planning to address these needs. We encourage everyone to fill out this brief questionnaire and drop it into the “In Park” mail slot by this Friday, September 23rd. The Office will be closed the following week for carpet replacement. We will share the results of the survey at a later date. Thank you very much.

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Bees, Flowers, and How they Relate

Bee Presenation
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Movie Night

Watch TRUE GRIT This Thursday!

Instead of For Whom the Bell Tolls, we’re showing TRUE GRIT this Thursday (September 22). This is the original True Grit (with John Wayne) not the remake. Why the switch? Turns out For Whom the Bell Tolls is nearly three hours. Yikes! Too long to sit on not-so-comfortable chairs. True Grit is considerably shorter. And much more entertaining. So come enjoy movie night with friends and neighbors! Movie starts at 6:00 pm. Come a few minutes early to grab your favorite seat and fresh popcorn!

Dave and Michelle Van Westen, #182
714-625-2334 and 714-273-0743

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