Wildfire prevention talk on Friday, 5/17, 3 p.m.

“Wildfires …
… what to do?

It appears that our Spring rains are over, and any time now, our forests and wildlands will be tender dry.

And, since we live on the edge of a working forest, we are lucky to have  Fire Prevention expert Kyle Reed from the Douglas Forest Protective Association here to talk to us on Friday, 5/17, 3 p.m. in the Clubhouse.

DFPA is a private, non-profit corporation which is responsible for wildfire prevention, detection and suppression activities on 1.6 million acres of private, county, state, Bureau of Land Management, and Bureau of Indian Affairs lands within the Douglas District.

Reed will give a brief overview on the DFPA and a look back at recent fire seasons. He will talk about fire season restrictions,  give suggestions on defensible space, and evacuation information.

Mark your calendars for Friday, 5/17, 3 p.m. in the Clubhouse. This is also the weekly Friendship Hour, so remember to bring a pot luck snack to share.

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Ice Cream Socials will begin on Mother’s Day

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‘Kentucky Derby Run for the Roses’ great success

At last count, more than 60 Timber Valley members and guests stopped by for the 145th Kentucky Derby Party on Saturday, May 4, 2019.

Before the main racing event, people wagered on their favorite horses at the betting table (center) and munched on crackers and donated Rose City Pepperheads ‘Farm to Jar Pepper Jelly.’ Next came the ‘Taste of Kentucky’ ham, turkey and roast beef sandwiches, Kentucky Derby Pie, and bourbon balls prepared by Terry Hilty (#71).

All the Kentucky Derby events and final Running for the Roses were projected onto the Clubhouse Big Screen. Special thanks to Rob Hendershot (# 82) for setting up the race on the big screen; and to Jim McIntosh, Dennis Hellawell and Thom Hoch for technical assistance.

(L-R) Patty and Dal Healey (#117) prepared Mint Juleps for Thom Hoch and Dave Hall.

When not noshing, mingling or drinking Mint Juleps, Derby goers tested themselves by working on several word and trivia games.

Mike Hilty and his new Derby Hat

MC Fred Prout (#44),  kept events entertaining and moving. He also whip up the crowd to raise  $132 for the Sutherlin Food Bank from the auction of Derby Hats. An addition, $9 from betting winnings were also donated, for a total of $141 going to the help our local community fight hunger.

Derby Hat winners (L-R) First place: Dar Hoch (#31), Third place: Toby Anderson (#153), and Second to Marti Cady (#172)

Two dozen folks participated in the popular Derby Hat Competition. First place went to Dar Hoch (#31) for her dazzling red chapeau creation. Second place was won by Marti Cady (#172) for her charming southern ensemble; and Third place was Toby Anderson (#153) with his pink rose production.

For the third year, the event was organized by Linda Zink and David Arndorfer (# 16), assisted by Julianne Crane and Jimmy Smith (#197) and Terry and Mike Hilty (#71).  Other volunteers that made the success happen include Connie Lankford (#121), Jackie Deal (#109) and Patt Anderson (153) registration; Marti Cady (172), Susie and Jack Varner (# 105) at the betting table; bartenders Patty and Dal Healey (#117) and Chuck Williams in the kitchen. Derby hat judges included Micky Thompson (#9); new member Mike Resnick (#53); and Larry Heath (AWL #32).  Lastly, a big thank you to everyone who helped with set-up and clean-up.  Many hands equals fast, fun work.

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Spring Fling

by Jackie Deal

Spring has sprung and it’s time for a Spring Fling!   Continue reading

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Welcome Mike Resnick, Lot 53

Mike Resnick, who has actually been a leaseholder for the past 3 years, just arrived in the park for the first time a few days ago. He was given his new member orientation April 29. He comes to us from Florida and has already explored his new surroundings from Crater Lake to the coast. Enjoy a visit with him on lot 53.

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Lots Up For Trade

Lots of lots. It’s that time of year when lots here at Timber Valley come up for trade and we welcome new members to our little community.  If you’re a member and interested in changing lots, it’s important that you check the website every day.  Up there… at the top of the right side column… you’ll find the information on any lot that is officially up for trade. So stay informed, and check in often for the latest.

In the same area of the website, I will soon be inserting the fire danger level for Douglas County. It appears our rain has “evaporated” and we’re into the summer pattern of sunny dry weather. IF that’s the case, it’s only a matter of time before wildfires become a reality.

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Water Project Completed! Street Washing on May 1 @ 10am

Quick note to alert members that the streets are going to be washed Wednesday May 1. This is the final step in completion of the water project as the streets are cleaned of dirt and debris from the digging and hauling of materials. Because there will be overspray of water during the flushing, you might want to move or otherwise protect cars, RVs, golf carts that you have parked close to the road.  Thank You for your help.

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Welcome Home Snowbirds – May 11

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News Flash — The End is Near

by Gene Fisher

Botner Excavations expect to finish the replacement of the Park’s water services next week.

Rather than having a huge party, they will be washing down our streets. The washing of the streets will probably happen on Thursday, May 2, 2019. More details about the date and times of the wash down will be provided early next week.”

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It Will Be A-May-zing

by Helaine Hepworth

Rundown of May events set at the last Jacks and Jills meeting. It will be a-MAY-zing!

The month of May is lining up to be a busy month. Get out your markers and crayons and note these dates. Continue reading

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