We’ll Miss You Trudy…

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Cougars Spotted in Timber Valley

Cougars have been often spotted in the storage area, but as their numbers increase they are wandering further into the park itself. Just last night, two juveniles where spotted by one of our night walkers.

In the 1960s cougars numbered about 200 state wide. To protect them, hound hunting was outlawed. Now they number 6000 and are being frequently sited in residential areas. There have been attacks on humans in the Springfield area. In our area of Douglas county officials remove 30 cougar a year to lessen attacks on livestock. Officials are considering changing the hunting laws again but in the meantime we must watch out for our pets. The cougar will be attracted to the deer, rabbits and small pets of Timber Valley. They are becoming bolder and unafraid of humans.

If you encounter a cougar, keep calm. Make yourself look as large as possible and back away slowly, keeping the cougar in view, and allowing a clear exit for the cougar. Pick up small pets immediately. Never run or turn your back- sudden movements may provoke an attack.

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Work, Work, Work…

“Please, please, be patient. It wont be much longer.” says park manager, members of the PCM committee, and our hard working volunteers. All of them are working as hard as they can, as often as they can, and as weather and equipment allows. Some of the jobs were well planned and timed but then others were added as emergency situations caused the need for more repairs. All of the workers are very anxious to finish the projects. They are striving to get it all done and cleaned up by years end. They apologize when their work interrupts the members daily life but as one who keeps a close eye on her budget, I thank them all, I will give them the time and space they need. Their endless hours of work go to keep our park beautiful, valuable, desirable to new members and our yearly fees as low as possible.

Thank you, one and all.

By, Helaine Hepworth.

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From the Family of Nusha De Young…

Rick De Young and the family of Timber Valley resident Nusha De Young wish to express their gratitude to all the residents who were able to attend her memorial service in the Timber Valley club house last Friday afternoon. Thanks are also extended to those folks who baked and brought food and made the punch that was offered. It was truly incredible to see approximately 90 people attend the memorial service and have more than enough refreshments, all with less than two days notice!

Pastor Stewart Fowler, soloist Betsii Outland, pianist Helen Schrader and friend Becky Holm all made the memorial service special to all who attended and we thank them for their tributes to Nusha.

Funeral arrangements are being handled by Umpqua Valley Funeral Directors of Roseburg, Oregon and burial will occur with a short service at the Roseburg National Cemetery on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. Reverend Stewart Fowler will conduct that service. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests those who wish to do so make donations, in Mabel De Young’s name, to the Roseburg Community Cancer Center or to the American Cancer Society.

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Nusha DeYoung Memorial Service

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On the Lighter Side… Advantages of a Home on Wheels

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News from Jacks and Jills Meeting

Jacks & Jills met on 9/24/18. Every member of Timber Valley is automatically a member of J&J which serves the more social side of the park. Some highlights of the meeting are:

The Hugs From Home committee has disbanded. The Veterans have changed their criteria for donations and it was decided to not participate at this time.

Bob Johnson asked if there is a special ice cream treat you would like to have for sale to let him know.

The Timber Valley Cooking Group served 108 dinners at the Volunteer Celebration. A discussion pointed out that the dining hall was too crowded that night making it hard to move around. It was suggested that in the future, if a large number of diners are expected, that some tables be set in the meeting hall

Because of lack of interest there will be no Halloween party this year.

There will be a Ham & Bean dinner on Oct. 24th, 5 pm, 3$. Be sure to sign up.

Though some members wanted the long tables out of the game room it was decided the must stay as they are used by the sewing group, closed board meetings and some committees.

The Sunday ice cream socials will continue until the current supply is used up. Get it while you can.

The rug in the game room has been cleaned. A motion to ban food & drink from the game room failed. Everyone should be careful with their refreshments and clean up any mess or spots they make.

The October craft class will be held on Oct. 31 at 1pm. They will be making reindeer out of corks. Be sure to sign up

Jacks & Jills meet the 4th Monday of the month at 1pm


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Emergency preparedness: “Be ready for 14 days on your own”

Sample “Go Bag” (Getty Images)

According to a recent article on Wired.com, the new message in home emergency preparedness is: “Be ready for 14 days on your own. Two weeks.”

Science writer Adam Rogers reports in “The Science Behind Home Disaster Preparedness Kits Is a Disaster” —

“That’s a lot of supplies to buy and store—especially when the whole idea of home disaster preparedness kits is based much more in conventional wisdom than actual data. On the other hand, one might save your life.”

The article goes on to state: “It is not realistic, even in developed countries,to expect that the governmental infrastructure will be able to reach everyone within hours,” says Daniel Barnett, a disaster preparedness researcher at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. ‘Individuals need to have self-sustainability.’

“At minimum, you want to take as much pressure off of first responders as possible so they can triage effectively, attending to life-threatening situations while you chill in your backyard, if you’re able. That’s part of supporting what disaster pros call ‘resiliency,’ the ability of a community or region to withstand whatever it gets punched with. It’s supposed to be interpersonal, too -— neighbor to neighbor.”

Read the full article by clicking here.

The Timber Valley Emergency Preparedness Committee meets at 9 a.m., on the 4th Monday of the month. Next meetings are Monday, Sept. 24, and October 22, in the Clubhouse.

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Reminder about Mail

A Reminder from the Office…

The office staff wants to remind everyone that only members of Timber Valley are able to receive their US mail here in the park. Renters and guests may arrange to receive their mail at General Delivery, US Post Office, 591 E. Central, Sutherlin Oregon. 97479. The staff and facilities of Timber Valley are not capable of handling the mail for renters, guests and long term renters. Timber Valley is only able to handle the mail of it’s member/leaseholders.


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‘Make a Change for Life’ about your Diabetes

If you have been told you have high risk of getting type 2 diabetes or have borderline diabetes, consider taking part in a National Diabetes Prevention 16-week program that will begin on Wed., Sept. 26. in Roseburg.

Find out how to enroll by calling (541) 440-3677.

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