Landscape Committee Needs Additional Volunteers

Friday morning, July 2nd for a couple of hours to help spread new bark in various landscape locations in the park. If you are available, we would love to have you join us. Meet at the Clubhouse at 9:00 a.m. Tools will be provided.

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By Jackie Deal
They have to be related! Amber and Felicette! Their markings are identical: symmetrically marked black and white tuxedo cats. Felicette just has to be Amber’s great-great-great grandmother. Grandma Felicette was a stray cat from the Paris streets who was trained to be an astronaut. She is the first and only cat known to have survived a trip into space. Continue reading

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Covid Emergency Cancelled by the Board – Normalcy Expands

From the Governor of the State of Oregon:

On June 25, Governor Kate Brown signed an executive order that will eliminate Oregon’s County Risk Level framework and all remaining COVID-19 health and safety restrictions that have been issued under Oregon’s emergency statutes once 70% of Oregon’s adults residents are vaccinated against COVID-19 or by June 30 — whichever comes first. Continue reading

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SIGN UP . . .

Sign Up
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Does a bear ….?

Rita and I volunteered at Silver Falls State Park for three seasons. We loved it. Ann Maureen was the best boss we ever had and gave us all the fun things to do.

Our first job was to put jelly beans into plastic eggs for the Easter egg hunt. Continue reading

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It’s Going to Get HOT!!

Saturday and Sunday are predicted to be 100 plus degrees! Some of us will be tempted to turn on two air conditioners. That is not a good idea as we will be stressing our electrical system as it is. When a distribution circuit breaker trips, several units will be without power for some time. We will have to call Randy in to reset them and he may have to wait for the breaker to cool before it can be reset. Remember, our Park rules allow only ONE air conditioner to be run at any one time. Continue reading

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Jack & Jills –

Jack & Jills Invite
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AARP Oregon advises: Get prepared for when disaster strikes

Get prepared for disasters common to Oregon, says AARP Oregon. (AARP)

“It’s important to be ready when disaster strikes. Whether it’s flood, wildfire or other emergency common to Oregon, these events disproportionately affect older adults, many of who have mobility, chronic disease or disability challenges that require them to seek extra assistance to get to safety,” according to an article in June’s AARP Bulletin.

“AARP Oregon is presenting a virtual conference on community preparedness, Resilient Futures 2021, June 28-30 (Monday through Wednesday).

To register for the free event and view the conference sessions, go to:

“If you can’t watch the conference live but want to view it later, register in advance to receive a link and passcode.”

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Lone Star Corral – Thank You

20210617_Alamo Area SKP Co-op Lone Star Corral 131 Private Road
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Everybody is Somebody Else

I just met someone for the first time.

As soon as we shook hands, she asked me “Who are you? What’s your claim to fame? Continue reading

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Bingo is BACK!!!

Bingo after covid startup poster
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Welcome New Members

John and Joan Millott are calling lot #41 home. They actually took possession three
years ago but with all their travels and Covid restrictions, we are just now meeting them. Both John and Joan worked in the electronics industry prior to retirement. They have been married for 59 years and have one daughter and 2 granddaughters. During the 14 years they have been RVing, they worked as Docents at the Visitor Center in Mendocino, CA. They love the California coast and their view at the Visitor
Center. Sedona, AZ is also a favorite.
Submitted by Bev Boykin Lot #87, Membership Committee

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By Ruby Bonham

L’il Toot is a Classic Bell Boy boat.  Ed found her in a field with a gaping hole in her side.  After approaching the farmer he bought her and hauled her home where he lovingly restored her. Ed loved that boat like a daughter. Continue reading

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Emergency Preparedness Meeting – Tuesday, June 8, 10 a.m.

Emergency Preparedness Committee will hold its monthly meeting on Tuesday, June 8, at 10 a.m. in the Clubhouse, Big Room.

Agenda items include:

  • Fire Season – Drought in Oregon
  • Emergency Response Plan Update
  • Block Captains’ Emergency Resource Survey Update
  • Emergency Communications Center Cabinet Update
  • Blood Drive – Aug. 25 (must preregister)  Continue reading
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A Moron Hero???

by Fred Prout

Heroes come in all sizes and forms. Sometimes it’s the result of the act, rather than the act itself, that is heroic.
The “hero” of this story is a moron. Continue reading

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Notice from the Board

The Board of Directors has, effective today June 4, 2021, revised the Covid-19 Rules for using the Timber Valley Clubhouse.
The revised rules are:
1. Persons 15 days or more past their final Covid-19 vaccination shot are no longer required to wear face masks while using the Clubhouse.
2. Those persons NOT completely vaccinated must continue to wear face masks at all times.
3. The Park continues to encourage social distancing whenever possible.
We’ve come a long way during the past year to keep our Park as safe as possible. With a little more effort on all of our parts I’m sure we’ll be back to a more normal situation soon.
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A Good Time Was Had by All

Memorial Day Weekend saw the awakening of Timber Valley social events. And while we were happy to be “sociable” again we recognized that this weekend memorializes those who have fought and died for us to make such celebrations possible.  We also acknowledge that all have contributed by wearing masks, social distancing and getting vaccinated: we are grateful to all of you for your contribution to the diminution of our current pandemic. Continue reading

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Amber Attacks the Aliens

by Jackie Deal

I am Amber.  The Attack Cat. Hear me roar!  I am alert.  Ready for battle. Ready to protect my home and family.  I lie flat to the floor to escape detection by the enemy.  My paws are ready to pounce. My ears are flat, back, the better to hear.  My claws are unsheathed.  I am a sleek, well-oiled killing machine. I am watching.  Waiting.  Continue reading

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Annual Yard Sale June 12th

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Heroes, Part 2

Hi Laura.

You don’t remember me, but our lives intersected for about half an hour the night of May the fourth. Continue reading

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