WiFi Update 2

We installed new equipment on several towers in the past 3 days.

The new towers will now show up on your computer or phone as “SKPb” The Password has not changed. For security reasons, I am not putting it here, but if you need it please call.

Once you enter the Password you may be asked to “Sign in”, after tapping on that you should see a picture of Timber Valley and a blank space to type in an access code for guest access. You are no longer asked to enter your lot number, just enter “memberoftv”. No spaces or upper case letters.

If you have any issues, call:

Dick Shanahan   503 510-4661
Gerry Vroomman 520 521-0524
Thom Hoch   435-200-4624

We will post further updates as we go

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Emergency Preparedness reminder — Have a 3-day survival kit (Grab Bag) in each of your vehicles


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I am beset by demons.

I don’t know why, but they are increasing their devilish attacks on me with a vengeance. They started slowly a few years ago, when, I guess, they acquired
an effigy doll with my name on it. Continue reading

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LAYTON Fletcher Memoriam, Lot 86

Framed by the green trees of Timber Valley SKP Park, the red, white and blue flag flies at half-mast. Dipped in honor of Layton Fletcher who passed away August 29, 2021. Layton and his wife Veanna have lived in Timber Valley since 2007.
Layton was born June 27, 1938 in Sidney, Iowa, then moved to Oregon when he was two years old. He graduated from the University of Oregon with a business degree. His first marriage lasted 35 years and then he married Veanna, June 20, 1996. Veanna has many happy memories of their wonderful 25 years together. Layton taught 5th and 6th grades in Springfield, OR. He took each student home to dinner to get better acquainted with them. He delighted in taking his granddaughter to school where she set on his lap and helped him teach. He coached girls and boys basketball and football and he refereed basketball. Continue reading

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Cheryle Golgert, Founding Member of TV

The Passing of a Founding Member
Cheryle L. Golgert, Lot #76
Died: 7-20-21 Age: 79

Cheryle Golgert was born and raised in Twin Falls, ID. She worked for Ore-Ida before moving to Roseburg to begin a Nursing career from 1967-1993 at the VA Hospital in Roseburg. Continue reading

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Looking for a place to fulfill your co-op responsibilities? Please consider joining the Landscape  Committee. If you weren’t able to sign up at the Annual Meeting, this is your personal  invitation to become part of this dedicated team. You’ll have a chance to meet your neighbors  and have a great time making a difference!  Continue reading

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Covid Impressions

by Deborah DeYoung

Just returned from a road trip most memorable for its timing – during the weeks the Delta variant now sweeping the country started stomping through our lives here. 

Reading about Mercy Hospital being overwhelmed, and then the firsthand posts here, made me listen more closely to a former neighbor. She is working as a Nurse-Type (in Jackie Deal’s apt phrase) while studying to be an RN. The Delta variant has astonished her colleagues: 15 cases the night before! she marveled after one double shift, every one of them unvaccinated.  Continue reading

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Three Coins on the Dresser

by Fred Prout

Well, August 25th rolled around, and my insides are still not put back together.
Bummer! As I was walking Kelly that morning, a nurse crossed the street in front of me. “Good morning, rough night?“ “Yes“. As tired as she was, she stooped down to pet Kelly and we exchanged pleasantries. Continue reading

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Another Bear Story

By Ruby Bonham

Seeing the notices of our semi-resident black bear in the park has brought back a lot of memories.  Thus these recollections.

My ex was with a friend when he bought two baby black bears.  He said he would get them bottled and weaned and then my ex would take one of them when they were six months old.  It was said that they were the off spring of a movie star bear.  At six months Yogi weighed about 15 to 20 pounds, was litter trained and lived in the house.  His boys took him to school for Show and Tell.  He rode in the pickup and went along to check cattle.  He played with the calves while hay was being strung out for the cattle.  He was the star of parades, store openings and various functions. Continue reading

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From the Front Lines: Covid at Mercy Hospital Roseburg

What does it take? Do you people have to be hit over the head with a shovel? Mercy Hospital, Our Mercy Hospital is overloaded. National Guard soldiers are manning the Admission tables ( I’ve been there, seen it.) Latest statistics: There are 12 Covid patients in ICU…12 Covid patients are on ventilators! Do you think that’s fun? A tube rammed down your throat and a machine breathing for you? There are 78 Covid patients in Mercy Hospital over all. And the horrible truth: 69 of them have not been vaccinated. Read that again: 69 0f the 78 have NOT been vaccinated. Doesn’t that seep into your brains? Continue reading

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Room Reservations at Clubhouse

Here’s the latest from Jacks & Jills!!!

There have been several questions about who do I call to reserve a room at the clubhouse? I’m the person.  As co-chair of Jacks and Jills, I make the reservations for the rooms at the clubhouse and keep the online calendar up-to-date. I am Joy Stalnaker, lot 65. There are several ways to reach me.  First is the telephone.  My number is 541 343-8283. You can talk to me direct, leave a voice mail or text me.  All of these methods will work.

You can also e-mail me at joy-jan@pacinfo.com.

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The Incredible Joy of Seeing Her

by Fred Prout

Did you ever have to move and leave your friends behind? It’s a terrible, gut wrenching feeling for the adults, but it’s worse for the little ones. “Don’t worry,
You will make new friends.” But when there is one very special friend, it’s more
difficult. Lots more difficult. Continue reading

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Covid is Personal

By Jackie Deal

It’s real!  It ain’t funny! Nor fun. Covid 19 is real; it’s worse than it’s ever been.  And, yes, we’re tired of the masks, stay home, 6 foot distance…blah! Blah! Blah! But you know what? We can’t opt out.  We can’t ignore. It’s the nightmare monster breathing its fetid breath all over us. It’s here in Timber Valley. Continue reading

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Exposed to Covid? Get Tested, Right?

By Jackie Deal

It’s so simple, right?  You’re exposed to Covid 19 (Delta variant maybe), so you get tested.  If positive, you quarantine, fret and stew.  If negative, you go out and celebrate.  Right?

Nope, it ain’t so simple. We were in the Emergency Depart (ED, no longer ER): multiple waiting rooms, multiple hallways, multiple exam rooms, multiple patients and few staff. (Would you want to work in a pandemic??) Continue reading

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Will We Ever Be Rid of Covid? Observations

by Thom Hoch #31

Like your worst dream… it’s back.  I’m talking about the Covid Virus.

Since I’m in quarantine after having been exposed recently, I have a little more time to pay attention to the news, to read more, and to just observe the world around me.  Here’s some of what I’ve learned and observed: Continue reading

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Face Doesn’t Match

by Fred Prout

Rita and I were slow to embrace high tech. We, like many of you, were Luddites. Progress? Who needs it. Of course, all the gadgets on our vehicles were there, so, might as well use them. Satellite radio for five bucks a month when we were traveling? Sure. Good deal. Listen to “our music “.

Cell phones became a must because we couldn’t find a long enough cord to reach the motor home when we did two hundred miles a day. A couple of times stuff happened on the road. So, a necessity. Good old basic flip phones were certainly good enough. Who needed more? Continue reading

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Covid Crisis Worsens Again; Masks Are Back

From a statement made by Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg dated Thursday, August 12, 2021:

Mercy is operating at near capacity with significantly strained resources. While we continue to balance outpatient surgical cases with our normal acute practices, the dramatic increase in COVID rates at the community level, has translated into an enormous rise in Emergency Department utilization, and a high volume of infected unvaccinated patients being admitted to the hospital for intensive treatment. Continue reading

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By Jackie Deal

HELP!  It’s desperate!   You!  Me!  Everybody!  “They” might, yes, “They” might raise our Annual Maintenance Fees by hundreds! Now, stop! “Might” means maybe but not carved in stone. However, a raise in fees is ONE way to solve the dilemma we face.  And, honestly, it is being discussed. Continue reading

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by Fred Prout

U-turns are done when you suddenly realize you screwed up big time. You are in the middle of an “Oh S*$t” moment and need to change course quickly. Very quickly. We’ve all had them, we’ve all survived them and we all remember them.

Rita and I made many great friends in our travels and we treasure each and every one of you. This story is told because one of those wonderful people can use a lift. So… an adventure with Mikey and Edith. Continue reading

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Chapter 9 Breakfast August 11

Monthly Chapter 9 Breakfast, Creekside restaurant, Wednesday, Aug. 11, 8:30.

Please sign up at clubhouse.

submitted by Betty Bush, Chapter 9 President

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