Timber Valley SKP Park Photos

This is a very rudimentary start toward our goal of having more photographs to share from events and activities around Timber Valley.  There are only a few links here, but clicking on them will transport you to an album of pictures from that event.  Feedback on this is always appreciated:

Remember:  clicking on the first picture in the album will blow-up that single photo and allow you to click through the album one at a time.

Park and Area Overview Video by Dennis Hellawell (11:16)



New Year’s Day “Replenish and Refill Sutherlin-Oakland Food Pantry Shelves” Celebration

159th Kentucky Derby


Avalaon River Cruise – Black Sea to Budapest, Hungary (the Ship)

Murder at Mistletoe Manor (Murder Mystery Dinner)

Van Westen Wedding

Timber Valley 2023 Fun days

Timber Valley Garden Group Photos

General & Miscellaneous Photos from around the Park


New Years Eve Party 2023

Holiday 2022 Pics

Thanksgiving Dinner 2022

Escapade 2022 Lebanon, TN (T&D Hoch)


May 2021 Road Sealing Project


4th of July 2020 Parade

2020 Birds in our Park


2019 Christmas Lights

 2019 Christmas Gift Collection

2019 Halloween Party

Snowmageddon 2019 – Aftermath

Snowmageddon & Power Outage Feb 2019

Front Entrance Photos   July 23

Robin Way Wall Project   Sept 2018

Culvert Drainage Project Sept 2018


2019 Chap 9 Crab Rally Photos

2019 Timber Days Games

 2019 Timber Days Awards Event

Chapter 9 Coast (Crab) Rally Sept 5-9

30th Anniversary Celebration August 23

Discovery Garden Tour  July 24

Hot Dogs and Awards  July 20

Friendship Hour Music with Ed, Ruby, and Friends  July 19

Fire Extinguisher Workshop July 19

Bocce Ball Tourney… July 19

CPR-AED Workshop July 18

Happy Hills Trail Walk July 18

test photos of turkey and truck