About Us

Timber Valley SKP is located in the Umpqua River Valley of Oregon where the weather is usually quite mild. We had a dusting of snow a few times this past winter but it is usually gone by noon. Summer days can peak in the 90’s on occasion with little rain. Flowers and shrubs grow amazingly well during our warm dry summers, as long as you provide them with a little water from time to time.  We are only an hour from the Oregon coast where all can enjoy great beaches, camping, fishing, crabbing, and terrific restaurants. The park is surrounded on three sides by hills with old timber such as Douglas fir and oak. Cooper Creek Reservoir to the east of us provides a scenic venue for fishing and boating all year long. The creek babbles along the edge of our park providing a resting place for wildlife of all kinds, and the park has daily visits from deer, rabbits, and wild turkeys. To the south, approximately eleven miles, you will find shopping, dining, and big box stores in the city of Roseburg. In the nostalgic down town area you will find City Hall, churches, and many small businesses, most of them in the original buildings. It is a vibrant community!

Timber Valley SKP Park of Oregon, Inc. is an Oregon corporation serving its cooperative members. We have 206 memberships and a wait list for new memberships averaging about 140 Escapee members. There is approximately a four year wait to become a member of the park. Your membership entitles you to the use of a lot, which includes shed, patio, water, sewer, and all the amenities of the park. The pedestal at your site is equipped with an electrical hookup. The park bills each member for electric usage monthly. Cable TV/phone/Internet service can be contracted with the local provider. It is the responsibility of each member to know the Rules and Regulations and Bylaws of the Corporation and to abide by them. Because this is a co-op we are all expected to do our share to the best of our ability. We have many volunteer opportunities to fit all your talents. It is a great way to make new friends and remain vital. If you’re able but just choose not to volunteer, this may not be the place for you.

Aerial view (video) of our community: