Hummingbird Feeding FAQs

Thanks to Trudy Carron for the reminder to clean and maintain our hummingbird feeders.

The National Audubon Society recommends using hot water or a weak vinegar solution, and to avoid using soap as the residue can be harmful.

Learn more at Hummingbird Feeding FAQs (National Audubon Society).

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2 Responses to Hummingbird Feeding FAQs

  1. Peggy Russell says:

    Thanks, Trudy. We love our tiny, colorful visitors.
    Here’s something else important to know about feeding hummers. Preying mantis are a real threat to them. They hang around a feeder & can actually kill a hungry, unsuspecting hummer when it’s feeding! I have a picture of this happening, but it’s just too gruesome to post.

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