Lot Trades are always listed
here. They are also posted in
the Mail Room
Channel 97 is off the air for now.  We do not know when, or if, it will be back. For
now the bulletin boards, our email service, and this web site will be your best sources
of announcements.  We will do our best to keep you informed. New and time sensitive
notices will be on the Timber Valley home page, but please check the SKP News Page,
Upcoming Events, and Calendar page. Help spread the word. If you have an
announcement that should go on 97 fill out a media form in the office and it will then be
distributed to the editors of the web site  and the news letter. To use the E-mail service
send a brief E-mail to timbervalleymessages@gmail.com. It will then be forwarded to
all on the roster.
If you have not sent in your email address to be included on that
roster NOW is the perfect time!

For information and submissions regarding
this website please contact
Webmaster, Helaine, 541 520 1649 or
Monday -Friday 9-5
Saturday  10-1pm
Sunday- closed
(541) 459-4465  
FAX (541) 459-4465

Propane Hours
9-11am Mon-Fri
Password Rules Change

Yahoo has decreed new rules
covering passwords for our
Members Only page.
First: Don't Panic.
Old pass words will work until they
have been changed.

New passwords must contain at

  • one capital letter
  • one lower case letter
  • one symbol (%@#*&)
  • one number
  • be at least six characters

New passwords will follow this

  • Capital letters=TV
  • lower case=skp
  • The number symbol= #
  • Then lot number   ex = 789
It will look like this sample.
You are free to chose a different
password if you wish, Just email
the website with instructions.

This has no effect on user names.
Your last name is your user name.
To contact Timber Valley SKP Park of Oregon
Address: 800 S. State Street, Sutherlin OR 97479
Phone:541 459 4465
Email SKPtimbr@rosenet.net
Office Manager: Barbara Davis
The Sunday ice cream socials are back

3 pm in the clubhouse
50 cents a scoop
Bring your bowl and spoon
Please, Do not use the ice cream bar money for laundry  change. The Quarters are
there for the ice cream bar buyers. When there are no quarters left people cannot
get the change due them when they buy a .75 cone with a $1 bill.
No Change!   No Sale!    

800 S. State Street,Sutherlin, Oregon 97479
          Committee Meetings

7/31/14        Thur       Library                1:10 pm
7/31/14        Thur       Sunshine            1:40pm
7/31/14        Thur       Greeting              2:05 pm
7/31/14        Thur       Grievance            3 pm
8/1/14          Fri          Landscape           9am
Lot 174 is up for trade until
7/31/14 at 9:30 am
For up to the minute weather conditions & forcast for Timber
Valley click on this link to Dale Prohaska's  weather station.
This accurate report will be available when Dale  is in the
park.  The link will be inactive when Dale & Gwen head south.

479   CLICK HERE               
Lot 146 is up for trade until
8/4/14 at 9:30 am
Closed Board Meeting  Fri, August 1 @ 10 am Agenda: Charter