Laundry Woes … or Whoas!

Yet again, the Park has had to call in a service technician to repair the washer and dryer doors. It seems as though the doors have a “plate” that holds the door in place. Those using the doors as a “leaning tool” or a “crutch” have actually broken the plate. This last service call cost you, the members, over $600 in parts and labor to replace them. So … “Whoa” or “Stop” using the doors to lean on. Sorry for the repetitiveness and yet another “DON’T DO” for the Laundry room, but this is becoming an issue and a very expensive one at that!

–Park Office

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3 Responses to Laundry Woes … or Whoas!

  1. Barbara Russell says:

    Would one of those “picker-upper “ tools help get those last items out of the bottom dryer without leaning on the door?

  2. Anita Ducummon says:

    We have cameras in the laundry room. Won’t reviewing the tapes show who is leaning on the doors?

  3. JERRY Mayes says:

    why not raise the washers?

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