A Slippery Slope?

By Fred Prout

Well, it finally happened this morning. Despite fighting tooth and nail to prevent it for many years, and with every fiber of my being, it happened. Now bear in mind that every terrible event in our lives starts out small. Then, gradually, it gains momentum and mass as it comes to get you. Like a single snowflake gathers its friends and relatives, and, tries to roll over and crush you.

Today I became an old man.

At least for ninety seconds and one pair of eyes.

I was walking Kelly when I saw a young lady wearing a gray sweatshirt. Big bold letters announced “ PINK “. Now, after telling this tale to a friend, I understand that Pink is the name of a rock star, not just a color. But, when I looked quizzically at this sweatshirt, my expression must have been so benign and curious that she smiled, and said, “ Yeah , I know it’s gray “ . We walked away in different directions and, in that brief encounter, I became an old man.

Yesterday, I probably would have still had that gleam in my eye and look on my face that caused her to tell me to “ Stop staring at my boobs !!!”  Of course, I wouldn’t have been doing that, but, she would have thought me still capable of having a vivid imagination. And interest.

Now, I realize that the last few years have not been kind. But I still think of my self as somewhat of a rascal. Not some harmless old man. Maybe an Arte Johnson from Laugh In. Or Jack Nicholson in , well, just about anything. 

We all , intellectually, understand that getting old is a good thing. At least compared to those who didn’t. But, most understand that if we fight to keep mentally young, we will stay young. But there is a battle raging inside of us. Body vs mind . Attitude vs reality. I guess so long as we can keep the battle going, we win. FIGHT ON!!!

Well, it’s time for my prune juice and my nap. Then I can start to rebuild my sagging ego.

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8 Responses to A Slippery Slope?

  1. Kate Bright says:

    He’s back! Lots of us feel this way, Fred.

  2. Joan says:

    Yep, you’re still a rascal and we love it!

  3. Jackie Deal says:

    For some a slope. For some a precipice. Aw, Fred, keep on keeping on. The world needs you. Jackie

  4. Joleen says:

    Pink is also a name of a clothing brand

  5. Arthur Lee Covington says:

    Was pink the color of your checks after looking at the front of her sweatshirt!!

  6. Edith Vondall says:

    Very good. We just keep working to make the days pass. You have the right attitude.

  7. Val Carano says:

    I’m with you Fred! (But I did know who Pink was).

  8. Cathy Deyo says:

    Fred, the title Slippery Slope and my first thought was Kelly pulled you off balance and you fell. Praise the Lord you were only enlightened.

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