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At our first official educational event, Herbalist Amber Merrifield enlightened us with information about the growing and use of herbs. In a former life, Amber worked in veterinary medicine giving anesthesia, animal critical care, pharmacology and biomedical treatment.

Amber married a Native American who developed severe seizures. Modern medicine, after much investigation of his medical problems, informed they had no treatment for him. Native American medicine has for eons employed herbs as treatments. Research led Amber to create a tincture of lemon balm, an antispasmodic, to significantly help reduce the seizures. Herbology requires intense study to translate medical knowledge into medicinal plant based remedies. Amber brought a stack of books she uses in her search for healthy growing and living.

Most of our Park members have “gardens.” Some grow in planters, some grow in pots, some have raised beds. Most grow flowers but vegetable growing is also popular. Did you know that there is a method of layering pots and planters to improve your yield? Do you know how to control weeds with mulching? Are you aware plants can grow without digging into the ground? Are you knowledgeable about companion planting? Please join us in the Clubhouse at 3pm on the 4th Friday of each month for fascinating informational workshops on those and other topics.

On Tuesday, May 24th it is planned to carpool to the Master Garden in Roseburg with a presentation by an OSU Extension Service Master Gardener about raised garden beds and other gardening tips, We’ll enjoy lunch together afterward. More information to follow.

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2 Responses to Community Garden Group Events

  1. Karen says:

    That sounds interesting and fun. Who the organizer for this event?

    • Sharon Elliott says:

      Karen, the Community Garden Group meets every 2nd. Tuesday at 1pm. Please plan to join us and we would love to have you come with us to the Master Garden in Roseburg. That will be May 24th 10am gathering at the Clubhouse for carpooling.

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