Another Boring Saturday Morning?  We’ve Got the Cure.

Come on out to the Clubhouse for Saturday morning coffee and donuts.  $1:50.  Yep, $1:50 for all the coffee you want and fresh wonderful donuts from Henry’s Donut shop.  Why, a cup of coffee costs $2.  Or $2:50.  And donuts?  Some of ‘em are filled and gooey and some are sugary,  Um, Um.  The laughter (got any good jokes?) and camaraderie can’t be beat.  Come on out, you’ll get your money’s worth.

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5 Responses to Another Boring Saturday Morning?  We’ve Got the Cure.

  1. Sharon says:

    Don’t forget the jokes and light banter. We solve the problems of the world on Saturday morning.

  2. Richard Hickethier says:

    The last time we visited Timber Valley we started a list of reasons to move there. The Pros out numbered the Cons 10 to 1 but the deciding factor was finding Henry’s Donuts. Now we learn that we’ll get those wonderful baked goods without even leaving the park? And, throw in the coffee and all your smiling faces? For a buck and a half? Well, that really seals the deal!

    Now, let’s check that “money’s worth” claim. Let’s see, 2000 miles at 15mpg at $4.50/gal, uh, yep, it’s worth it, we’ll see you soon.

    Richard & Debrann Hickethier
    Las Vegas, New Mexico
    SKP 146620
    AWL 68

  3. Cindy M Pierce says:

    Just wondering what time?

  4. Donna Dee #44 says:

    Attended my first Saturday coffee and donuts at the Club House yesterday. What a nice group of people, good coffee and great donut too. I’ll certainly try to attend the next time and encourage others as well. Terrific way for me (as a newbee site member) to meet everyone.

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