Life is fleeting.  And oh, so fragile.  Connie Lankford passed away in her sleep April 24, 2021.  Friday I talked with her on the phone for 30 minutes: she sounded fine, happy, looking forward to being “home” to Timber Valley.  She had spent the winter in Yuma, Arizona at her “winter home”.  Her son, Howard talked with her at 5:30 that evening and confirmed that he was picking her up at the Portland International Airport on Tuesday.  Connie passed away sometime in her sleep that night or early the next morning. 

Connie leaves many friends in Timber Valley and Cross Roads RV Park, Yuma. She was an enthusiastic Welcome Wagon volunteer, helped with Jacks and Jill’s projects and volunteered at the Sutherlin Visitor Center and the Visitor Center in Yuma. Her friend, Linda Zinc, credits Connie with helping to “embellish” the Welcome Wagon and Connie spent many happy hours working to welcome new people into the park. According to Rick DeYoung, who worked with her at the Sutherlin Visitor Center, she was a popular and enthusiastic volunteer there and she recruited several friends to join her as volunteers.

Connie was born in England “outside Liverpool”.  According to Howard she came to the United States when she was about 23 years old, as Howard was born in Portland, Oregon. Connie and her husband Norm RVed the United States; finally settling in Medford, Oregon where they ran an office equipment and supply store which Connie managed. July 10, 2007 they moved into Timber Valley Park.  Norm passed away in May 2013 and Connie continued to split her time between Oregon and Arizona. 

Connie is survived by her son Howard Brown, of Portland, Terry who lives in Arkansas and Keith of White City, Oregon and three grandchildren and one great grandchild. There are many who will dearly miss her. If heaven has a Welcome Wagon, you can look for Connie to be running it! 

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  1. Fred says:

    Connie, your smile will be missed.

  2. Rick De Young says:

    Thank you, Jackie Deal, for such a heartfelt report about our wonderful friend, Connie. May we all live such a generous and productive life, and succumb peacefully in our sleep, dreaming about out next trip home and visit with our loved ones. Connie will be sorely missed here in Timber Valley and at the Sutherlin Visitor Center which she loved. Our best wishes to her sons, about whom she cared so much. Rick De Young

  3. Elaine Teague says:

    Connie was a lovely person. She was upbeat and smart with a laughing positive spirit. I will miss our weekly dinners, our gabfests and fun times together. ❣️ET

  4. Suzi Rupert says:

    Connie was a wonderful representative of an Escapee. Rest in Peace sweet lady.

  5. Wow, what to say about a dear person who genuinely loved people. She simply made folks feel good. There isn’t any higher calling than making others feel special. We loved you Connie and won’t forget your tips on clogging. See you down the road.

  6. Kimm & Marti Cady says:

    Wonderful lady and loved by all that knew her. We will really miss her.

  7. Sharon Leipert says:

    We will miss our lovely Country Roads, Yuma neighbour. She and I had wonderful chats about many happy and sad things. She was an intelligent, warm and giving individual. It will be a bit sad to not have her happy greeting when we get to return to Yuma. Our condolences to her family who were very dear to her.

    Klaus and Sharon Leipert, BC

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