BC: before cat (Amber is her name).
Flop out of bed, stagger to kitchen. Make coffee. Open blinds. Sit with coffee and enjoy view. Stagger back to bedroom, get dressed. Search refrig’ for breakfast items. Time elapsed: 20 minutes.

AD: Amber domini.
Flop covers back: “Awoah. OWWW.” “Oh, sorry Amber, I didn’t know you were on the bed.” Stagger to kitchen:
“No, it’s too early for treats. NO.” “Wowhah…mmmm”. “I said NO, now get out of my way so I can reach the coffee pot.” “Mmmmm…moaw.” “Oh, alright, you can have treats.”
Open blinds so I, oops, so Amber can see out. “Look at the turkeys, Amber.” “Moaaw…woaaaa.” Relax with coffee to enjoy… “Amber, your tail is in my face. Hey, what do you think I am? A bridge?” “Hmmumpff.”
Give up on relaxing, back to bedroom to dress. “Amber, you’re sitting on my clothes. What? You want a love fest? Now?” “Ummm,waowwww…uuum.” “Alright, come cuddle. Good kitty.” Finally dressed.
“Let’s see. What’s for breakfast? Amber?? You’ve got plenty of dry food. You want your special canned food now? That comes later.” “Aooow…oooow.” “Later.” “Mmmm…mrwoo, mrwoo“. “Okay, if you insist.” Time elapsed: 60 minutes.

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3 Responses to MORNING ROUTINE

  1. Anonymous says:

    Too funny, gotta love the company!

  2. Jean Knapper #116 says:

    All of us cat lovers can relate. We have a timed automatic feeder for breakfast and dinner so Lola leaves us alone.

  3. Peggy Russell says:

    Isn’t it delightful to be owned by a cat ?!

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