Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I asked my Doctor “Will I lose my hair?”

A definite “Yes” was the answer.

There is no escaping it. I will be facing the summer with hats and wigs to cover my very pale head. I wonder if there are freckles up there. One of my philosophies is “In every Bad there is some Good”

Losing my hair= Bad. What possible good could I find in that. For a few weeks I hoped, wished, prayed that I would keep my hair. But eventually it was clear that a hairless noggin was my destiny. So I made an appointment to get it cut in to a super short hairstyle. Something I wanted to try. Short, sassy , easy to take care of. Didn’t matter that it would only last a short time. I had a chance to try it, friends gave their

approval, “It makes you look younger” It was a good test. Now wigs. I was a redhead. Should I go back to being a redhead. Been there, done that. Gray? Well, at least it is more honest but not much fun. How about pink, blue and white stripes. Yes! That looks like fun and when will I ever have the chance again. So, a sedate gray wig,

just in case, and an appropriate hat was procured from The Community Cancer Center. No cost for such items to those in active treatment. So I spent my cash on the pink and blue wig. Do you approve?

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24 Responses to Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

  1. Margi says:

    Good for you, Helaine! Looks great.

  2. Dar & Thom says:

    Your last chemo on May 4! “May the fourth be with you !”, as you propel forward in an explosion of color. You look great!!

  3. Linda M Essex says:

    H, you are ahead of our time. I love the new look. Linda, on Lucky 13

  4. Veanna says:

    Helaine way to go, you rock! Love the look.

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