Agenda Workshop

The Board of Directors has changed the Agenda Meeting to an Agenda Workshop held one week before the Board meeting. This is designed to encourage park members to have more significant input while making Board Meetings more efficient. The workshop is meant to be a sounding board where park members can express concerns and discuss the pros and cons of an issue. This will allow board members to gain an idea of what park members see as important.

The Agenda Workshop is the time and place to tell the board 1) If there will be a committee report and/or a report from ad-hoc committees; 2) If park members have a concern they want to be reviewed by the Board. The Board will use this information to set the agenda for the Board meeting. It is hoped that all members will share in the operation of the park through participation. The Board welcomes your ideas, concerns, and offering of solutions.

The last couple of Board meetings each lasted close to 3 hours. Let’s work together to minimize this in the future by sharing at the Agenda Workshop and supporting the Board’s process during their meeting,

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