David Sawaya, In Memoriam

By Jackie Deal

Dave Sawaya lived life to the fullest even after losing a leg to cancer in 1992. We knew him as a man on crutches hopping circles around us and laughingly piloting his electric cart wherever he wanted. He played games in the clubhouse and loved pot lucks.

Dave was born in San Francisco, February 4, 1942. In 1981 he met Pam at a Parents Without Partners event; they married one year later in Woodside, California. Dave lived in San Carlos, San Mateo and Redding, Oregon before he and Pam moved to Azalea, Oregon. In Azalea they had an emu farm and had 10 breeding pairs of emus. It was during that time in 1992 that Dave lost a leg to cancer.

He was a contractor and owned several rental properties in Sutherlin. He and Pam moved from Sutherlin to the Green District in Roseburg where he lost the ultimate battle with cancer. Dave and Pam enjoyed 40 years of marriage. Dave passed away Oct. 6, 2022. Those of us who knew him, will remember his ready smile and his cheerful nature.

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5 Responses to David Sawaya, In Memoriam

  1. Richard Hickethier says:

    I regret not having had the opportunity to meet David. His memory will serve as inspiration when I complain about my “age-related” aches and pains. RIP David.

  2. Rod Zebb says:

    We knew Pam and Dave well. We had been in their house many times and had a BBQ with them at their house and our lot in Timber Valley. They owned lot 21 and we were there for an extended period. I cut their bushes back several times and picked 7 bags of weeds for them. I hauled many truck loads from the storage shed on 21 to their house in Sutherlin. Dave and I took my truck to Eugene to get supplies for the rentals and I helped him work on some of the rentals. Pam stopped by our lot 12 to visit many times after we moved to lot 12. This news is a real shock to us. Rod and Linda Zebb

  3. ELAINE N TEAGUE says:

    Dave was a kind, gentle and giving man with a good sense of humor and a desire to live each day to the fullest. He will be missed by me and many others. My condolences and heart hugs to Pam.

  4. Jerry Hardy says:

    I was shocked to hear about Dave passing. What a wonderful guy. He was partners with us men in our Pegs and Jockers games while they lived in the park. Dave was always a lot of fun to be with. I send my regards and prayers for Pam and their family.

  5. Julianne G. Crane says:

    Dave was a very good man. I’ll always have fond memories of Dave and Pam exercising their sweet canine pal around Timber Valley.

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