Office Thank You to Members

The Office looks amazing!

THANK YOU to our Park Manager Randy Bice and Rockey Shanhan for painting the front entrance a clean, crisp white.

THANK YOU to all of the PCM Committee members who helped to empty the Office furniture into the cargo trailer and then turned right around and loaded it back into the Office a few days later.

THANK YOU to the ladies who helped dust and wipe down the cobwebs. The carpet and flooring are a clean and welcomed change!

A HUGE THANK YOU to our wonderful Mail Committee for taking over the distribution of mail at the Clubhouse. These ladies showed up every day the Office was closed and made sure everyone had access to their packages and mail.

To the Members of the Park … THANK YOU for your patience during this disturbance of our normal routine. This just proves how many members come together and help out where help is needed.

~ Kim and Melissa

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