The Clubhouse Bell

Clubhouse BellIn September 1992 when Frank and Cathey Johnson #15 came into the Park the bell was an important part of the Park. The bell rang about 30 minutes before meetings. The Board, Jacks and Jills, or Memorials. Anytime members needed “to get together”.

The Bell was disabled because kids would come in a night and ring the bell then run away into the woods before anyone could catch them. The goal is to have the bell working again.

This will be discussed at the October 20, 2022, Board Meeting. Let us know what you think.

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One Response to The Clubhouse Bell

  1. John R Davidowski says:

    I believe the bell should be reactivated for two reasons:
    1. To reestablish tradition
    2. In the event of a catastrophe or emergency within the park it could be used as a signal to warn the residents.

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