Dog Rules

By Fred Prout 

Dogs have their own set of rules. They supersede any that we try to impose on them. Simple: eat, drink, walk, sleep, give love, give more love, empty tanks and, to my dismay, periodically, eat grass and urff on the rug. Not outside, not on the linoleum. On the rug. I don’t know if you have ever watched a dog grab grass. Especially when they are involved with Canine Facebook (a more genteel way of saying pmail). They seemingly spot the desired blades from ten yards away, innocently start to walk past it, then, like a snake, the head yanks towards the prey, and, gobbles. A couple of years ago, I got tired of this and decided on a  course of behavior modification. AKA training. 

The book says to use a combination of rewards and punishment. Well, I’m not going to punish my dog for following the rules. And how do you reward her for not doing something? I just couldn’t figure that out. So I read further. Chapter Seventeen says “Your dog may respond to repeated demonstrations of correct behavior. So, as an example, throw the ball, bark and run after it yourself. Your dog may come to understand what you want.”

Well, I’m happy to report that over two years of training has finally paid off. Last Monday, Kelly grabbed some grass, ate it and we continued our walk. Miraculously, before we got home, she stopped and urffed on the sidewalk. She finally, after all that time, got it. It is a huge relief for me as I have come to hate the taste of grass. Also, the neighbors complain and take pictures.

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9 Responses to Dog Rules

  1. Sandy Brock says:

    That is hilarious! That example training finally paid off!

  2. Eric says:

    It is my (very limited) understanding that the term ‘influencer’ has become popular nowadays; although, always being late for the show as I am, it’s probably long since passe* (*I have omitted the l’accent aigu since many keyboards find it incomprehensible), so surely, (or not), there’s a place for a practiced and dedicated ‘canine effluencer’? (The hours are long, but snacks are readily available.)

  3. Peggy # 11 says:

    I love it when my day begins with a big
    Laugh Out Loud !
    Thanks, Fred !

  4. Joan says:

    My best wishes to you, Kelly and your rug.

  5. Kate Bright says:

    all us doggie folks relate!

  6. Edith Vondall says:

    I can suggest this training to my daughter for her dog but I am afraid of what she would suggest in return. She would say her dog has no bad habits.

  7. Val Carano says:

    Another gem Fred … as usual. Love to you and Kelly.

  8. Anita C says:

    I can’t believe Kelly would do such a thing. After all that grass did you urff on the rug?

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