In Memoriam – Sally Keck and Jay Eubanks

Salley Keck

Although never a resident of Timber Valley Park, Carl Keck, as handyman and manager was, and is, a very important person in the park. We all offer our condolences on the death of his wife Sally, on July 18, 2022. Carl’s association with the park includes about 16 years of working as a well-respected and well-liked handyman. He also served the park for eleven months as an interim manager. Carl plans to resume work in the park after a period of mourning. Carl’s many friends in the park extend their sincere condolences to him. Anyone wishing to send a card to Carl can do so at 1105 East 3 rd Ave., Sutherlin,
OR. 97497.

Jay Eubanks

Timber Valley’s flag was lowered in honor of Jay Eubanks a former member who passed away on June 29, 2022. He and his wife Dawn moved into Timber Valley on April 19, 2011. They left the park in June of 2018 to move to Huntsville, Texas,. He is survived by his wife, Dawn, and two daughters, Laura and Kerrie.

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