Why Have a Community Garden in Our Park

Jill Goldman

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4 Responses to Why Have a Community Garden in Our Park

  1. Kate Bright says:

    Great article! I am not ready to do my own garden yet, but I love and support the idea 100%.
    Gardeners and non-gardeners alike can benefit.

  2. Ann David says:

    Very well stated Jill. My mother- in- law was once told by her Dr. to plant a garden and get her hands in the dirt. So much better than medication for your mental health. I’m looking forward to having a nice herb garden to share with all the cooks in the park.

  3. Barbara Russell 129 says:

    All good points. I’m so glad it looks like the garden may finally happen.

  4. Rick De Young, Lot 184 says:

    I had some concerns after hearing some of our members say that this garden would be increasing our dues and possibly result in assessments. It is not so.
    The members who started this project have done a remarkable job of raising their own funds – and arranged to use those funds to pay for all costs involved. the group is comprised of some of our most energetic leaseholders. I feel there is no legitimate argument against letting them use part of our 90 acres, which is not suitable nor being used to produce income for the park, to add to the enjoyment of living here. Let them prove the value of this community effort and share the bounty with all of us!

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