it came about in the year 2022 after the Covid restrictions were lifted (sort of) that two L.O.L.s (Little Old Ladies) decided it was time to take an RV trip over the mountains, through the dells and to the coast. Being in their 80s, in sound mind and almost sound condition they reckoned there was no job they couldn’t cope with.  After all, they had traveled extensively with their husbands who handled all the heavy jobs-and nasty ones- like emptying tanks- while wifey secured the silver and safe-guarded the family jewels.  Now really, they had supervised all aspects of RVing.

L.O.L. #1 was tall and elegant while L.O.L, # 2 was short and stout, so averaged together??  Well, you get the point, don’t you?

#1 knew that water lines should be flushed before the first trip of the season.  So she filled the water tanks, conveniently located under the dinette seats where you could actually see the water.  What intelligent design!  She opened all the taps, ran some water and then went out to drain the tanks.  Oh, Oh! The gray water valve was stuck. Off to the repair shop where a few other things had to be done.  Mechanic reported he had opened the valves and there was NO water to be dumped!!  Now come on!  #1 knew she had emptied water into the gray tank. So where did it go?

#2: “Let’s go on to the coast, don’t worry about it.”

They found the ideal campsite, long enough and privacy with trees and bushes on three sides.  #2 scampered (well, staggered) behind the motor home and signaled #1 into the site.  They skillfully guided the motor home safely into place.

#1:  “There isn’t room for the slides to come out.”

#2:   “OOPS!”  Repositioning completed, #1 alighted from her chariot and said, “Where’s the sewer hook-up?”

#2:  OOPS! It’s underneath the coach.”   Reposition #3, mission accomplished.

The electric hook-up wasn’t too bad, just figuring out which of the myriad of plugs worked.  Now for the water.  Hoses screwed together, hose screwed into faucet.  Faucet was one of those old timey things with a big handle that lifted up.   EECk!  Water sprayed out in all directions.

#1:  “At least we won’t need a shower tonight!”

Now for the sewer; a clean hose and a bucket of thingies.

#1: “Try this one.”

#2:  “It’s too big.”  Finally, “This looks right but it won’t go on…OOPS!  There’s a cap on the end of the hose.” But what would hold it in place?  “What if it leaks?  Or pops out?”

#1:  “Looks like that’s what those rocks are for.”  So they build a pyramid of rocks atop the sewer connection.

#2:  “Let’s try it out.”  Carefully, very carefully, they opened the tank valves.  “It works!”

Flushed with success, they cheered and high-fived. What an accomplishment! Feeling thoroughly competent they decided hot water was next.  All they had to do was flip a switch.  Oh joy!

#2: There’s no hot water.”

#1:  “Wait a bit.  Don’t rush it.”  An hour later, “Still no hot water.”

#2:  “The hot water tank feels hot, but there’s no hot water at the tap.”

#1:  “That’s not possible.”  No amount of gerrymandering would solve the problem.  At last in defeat, they called a friend (Bless him) back in the home park 70 miles away.

“Ah Ha!”  He exclaimed, “Go outside, open the hot water heater compartment and turn the switch on the line.”

Eureka!  Hot water!  High-fives all down the line.

Time to sit back, have a glass of wine and wonder:  Where DID the water go?


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  1. Joan L. says:

    Oh, the memories this brings back!

  2. Fred Prout says:

    Flushed with success? Jackie this brings back so many memories. But, it’s not just the L.O.L s that have these problems. G.O.M have been known to do the same stuff. We just don’t admit it so readily.

  3. Suzanne Budovec #123 says:

    Well done!!!

  4. Rick De Young says:

    Delightful, as usual, Jackie. We mortal men don’t understand women, nor their woes, nor where their water flows.

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