Just Some News and Updates

Once in a while, I feel a need to pass along a collection of various news and/or updates to our Timber Valley community.  So, here goes…

Updated Member Rosters are now available on the member’s only page of the website. You can display and print them right there in your rig.

We’ve also added a list of all standing committees for this year along with each chair and co-chair.  If you’re re-thinking your level of involvement in our Park activities, it’s a good place to find out who’s in charge of the committees who do most of the doing here at Timber Valley.  It can be found in our website menu under “Organizations”, then click on “Committees”.

The Communications Committee has decided to change the password for the member’s only page.  For security and privacy, it’s important to change it once in a while. We’re shooting for November 1 as the date.  Your new password can be found on the paper copy of the November Timber Valley Log that’s placed in your mailbox.  In addition, after November 1, you can email the website crew (at webadmin@timbervalleyskp.com).  Make sure you include your full name and lot number so we can verify you as a member.  Also, Kim and Mellisa at the office can provide you with it.

Joy Stalnaker is the Jacks & Jills member that’s taking care of our online calendar. Because it’s updated daily as necessary, it’s the best and most accurate source for park meetings, events, and activities.  If you have any changes or issues with it, contact Joy. And she’s also the one to contact for Clubhouse room reservations and adding new meetings. As a tip that will make your life easier, remember you can save a “bookmark” to the online calendar right on your smartphone. Then you’ll only be one click away from the latest park calendar right in your hand wherever you are.

And speaking of calendars, we’re still doing a printed calendar and placing them in every member’s mailbox.  This is mostly for those who don’t have a computer or smartphone or just prefer the printed paper version. In an effort to keep the calendar clear, easily readable, and concise, we’ve moved all the events that occur every day and every week onto a separate sheet. By doing that, the monthly events, meetings, and special items really stand-out clearly. If you have any comments on the printed calendar, please put them in the comments (below). Do you like this format?  Do you use the printed calendar or does it just end up in the recycle bin? Should we continue with a printed copy?

October 12, Tuesday, roadwork in Sutherlin:

“Railroad crossing on Central. On October 12, 2021, beginning at 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., the Central Oregon Pacific Railroad will be making a much needed repair for the railroad crossing on Central Avenue. Please be aware that it may be necessary for an alternate route to be used during this time.”

Bi-Mart closing pharmacies.  Word is getting around that Bi-Mart is closing it’s pharmacies in the Northwest.  Click on the link for more information.

And finally, I think it’s safe to say we’ve moved into Autumn.  Dry and Hot times shouldn’t return until next year.  Fall can be the best time of the year, so I hope you get out and enjoy.

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6 Responses to Just Some News and Updates

  1. Rockey says:

    Personally I like the printed copy then I can see and add personal events and dates.

  2. Suzanne & John Budovec #123 says:

    Thanks for the update! Good to know info while in or out of the park. Who is Melissa?

  3. Skip and Sue Eytalis says:

    Thank you for all of the important park information. I really appreciate the updates that pertain to the members.
    Sue 166

    • Thom Hoch says:

      Sue, you’re a knowledgeable source of park and local information. Would prefer to see you as the editor of a regular article of newsy information. Notice I said “newsy” not “nosey”.

  4. Peggy, lot 11 says:

    We haven’t been introduced to Melissa,
    & whatever happened to Dot?
    Curious minds need to know!

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