Donation Provides Additional Titles to our DVD Library

As Winter approaches and daylight is in short supply, not much can beat a good movie to help pass the time during those chilly and rainy nights. A recent contribution of about 400 additional DVDs has been recently donated to our Timber Valley Library to provide an expanded selection of titles for your viewing pleasure. Our own Dennis Hellawell (lot #66) is the benefactor.

At this time, everything is in place and the system should work like this:  There are two volumes of DVDs you can page through to make your selection. Because these DVDs are not in individual jewel cases, place your selection in a provided protective sleeve. Then log your selection on the provided sign-out sheet with a provided pen. Please take good care of the discs while you have them and cycle them back to the Library within 2 weeks please. Of course, log them back in when they’re returned.

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5 Responses to Donation Provides Additional Titles to our DVD Library

  1. Gwen says:

    Wow! Dennis. Thank you so much

  2. John & Suzanne Budovec #123 says:

    Wow, how great! Thank you Dennis!

  3. Kate Bright says:

    Thanks, Dennis. What a great way to clear out stuff and benefit everyone at TV too!

  4. Barbara Russell says:

    Thanks Dennis!

  5. Peggy, lot 11 says:

    Wow! I just perused them. Thanks, Dennis!

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