Patricia “Pam” Bowen, Lot #193

We’ve just learned of the death of Pam Bowen, Lot #193 in July 2021.. She and her husband, Sid moved into Timber Valley on February 8, 2008. Sid preceded her in death on February 24, 2020. She has a son residing in Phoenix, AZ. Pam and Sid had been avid yard sale hunters until a deep depression in more recent years kept Pam away from activities. They are missed by their close friends and neighbors.

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  1. Anita #3 says:

    I first met Pam at Crafts, before she was having the depression bouts and she was so much fun. She was telling us about her experience in buying a swimming suit for an up coming anniversary get away, and she had all of us laughing so hard. I came home and told Jack, “I want to go shopping with that lady someday,” I sure did miss her when she wasn’t able to join us anymore.

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