Amber Attacks the Aliens

by Jackie Deal

I am Amber.  The Attack Cat. Hear me roar!  I am alert.  Ready for battle. Ready to protect my home and family.  I lie flat to the floor to escape detection by the enemy.  My paws are ready to pounce. My ears are flat, back, the better to hear.  My claws are unsheathed.  I am a sleek, well-oiled killing machine. I am watching.  Waiting. 

There!  Right in front of me: an alien monster disguised as a … a rug.   Yeh, my Mistress thinks it’s just a rug.  But I know better.  I know that any minute now a space monster—will—  Yes, there he is!

 I pounce—flying low across the floor.  A direct hit! I grab the corner of the rug/monster and flip him into the air.  The soft underbelly is exposed and I dig my claws in.  I shake him.  Roll him.  Crush him and will destroy him. He puts up a good fight. But I have right on my side; I will prevail.  Oh, Help!  He has me surrounded.  I am smothered.  

One final desperate maneuver and the rug/monster sails up into the air, releasing me.  I flop, flat.  Panting.  Exhausted. I have given close to my all to protect my dim-witted Mistress.

Then my heavy-footed Mistress clomps across the floor.  “Oh, you silly cat, look what you’ve done to my rug.”  She stomps down the upturned edge of the rug.  No monster attacks her. I have chased them away. I have overcome!  She strides off and leaves me wounded and weary.   That’s the thanks I get?  No medal of valor for protecting home and hearth?  Hey come back here!  Not even a TREAT?

(Thanks to Fred Prout for the idea.)

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4 Responses to Amber Attacks the Aliens

  1. Judy Garcia says:
  2. Fred says:

    Jackie you have gone way over the top. This is great. Cat people everywhere can identify with your description of Amber’s thought process.

  3. Richard & Debrann Hickethier says:

    We always enjoy all the great stories and updates. Looking forward to getting our spot at TV-SKP.
    SKP 146620
    AWL 101

  4. Jackie Jones Lot # 102 says:

    Loved your story, thanks it sure made me laugh. Everyone certainly needs that. Keep writing ✍ your great stories.

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