A Good Time Was Had by All

Memorial Day Weekend saw the awakening of Timber Valley social events. And while we were happy to be “sociable” again we recognized that this weekend memorializes those who have fought and died for us to make such celebrations possible.  We also acknowledge that all have contributed by wearing masks, social distancing and getting vaccinated: we are grateful to all of you for your contribution to the diminution of our current pandemic.

And now, the fun:  Friday was Snoopy’s Meadow filled with laughing, celebrating folks who gobbled down the beautiful cakes provided by Chapter 9. A future note: ALL are welcome not just Chapter 9 members, and more events are being planned by Chapter 9. 

Almost before the calories had settled on hips and thighs, came Saturday morning donuts. Fresh from the bakery, donuts and coffee for $1.50.  Again the exuberance demonstrated how happy we were to be together again.

Topping it all off was Sunday afternoon’s Ice Cream Social.  Six, count’em, kinds of Umpqua ice cream and toppings all for just $.50 a scoop. This, like the donuts on Saturday will also be a continuing event. Don’t be late for eating events, this is a SKIP park.

So on this Memorial Day weekend, with full tummies, surrounded by loving friends we once again thank those who have served, fought and died to make this possible.

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