Who?  Where?  When?  How??  I dunno.  “Ask Barbara.” For 16 ½ years Barbara has been the go-to for all information, the glue that holds Timber Valley SKP Park together.  And now she’s leaving us! By the way, did you know that Barbara has a last name? It’s Davis, and now that we’ve learned it, we have to let her go. Noon, Thursday, Dec. 31 will be her last day.  With Covid rearing its ugly head we can’t have a fare-well party or even a mass gathering. So come on, let’s at least leave off cards at the office.  Kim assures us she will see that Barbara gets them.

Barbara has been a fixture in the office since 2004. She has survived many boards, many managers and many of us who all thought we were her boss.   She lives in Sutherlin and plans to remain here.  She has two kids and five grandchildren. We’re told she has “acreage with chickens, a cat and flowers”.  (What a combination!) We know she likes to go to garage sales and shop. So you garage sales people look for her!  She also “loves Seven Feathers” so maybe we’ll see her there when Covid calms down.

We’re told her plans are to “just relax” and we wish her the best with that.  Kim says she will be on call if needed so we may see her in the office sometime. Cards with best wishes will be most appropriate.  Thank you Barbara, we will miss you. And enjoy retirement.  You deserve it.

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11 Responses to BARBARA’S LEAVING US

  1. Fred says:

    Barbara, you are the best. You are and always will be a major part of Timber Valley. We all owe you a debt of gratitude for your hard work, understanding and ability to put us in our place and having us love it. I don’t believe you really understand how important you were and always will be to us.

  2. Thom & Dar says:

    Barbara, Thank you for the many years of dedication to Timber Valley. It’s been a pleasure working with you. You will be truly missed. We wish you all the best in retirement.
    Thom & Dar (lot #31)

  3. Jimmy smith says:

    I’ll miss you Barbara. You have never been stingy with a smile and I for one will miss you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Soooooo much fun yard selling in Oakland
    with you. Hugs

  5. Thank you for your “institutional memory” and all the positive memories you helped create.

  6. Tom and Margi Binninger says:

    Thank you for the hundred thousand “little things” you have done for all of us over the years. You have handled so many problems, not to mention us grumpy old people, with your effortless smile and infinite grace. Most of all, thank you for just being you. We’ll miss you so much.

  7. Suzanne & John Budovec says:

    You will truly will be missed! Enjoy yourself!!! Keep safe & stay well. Be happy!

  8. Jerry Hardy says:

    Thank you so much for what you have done for all of us here in the park. We are all going to miss you. God bless you in everything you do in the future.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sorry ! Didn’t know you very well! Hope for you the best in your retirement!
    Will miss you in the office! Elaine#44.

  10. Elaine Nickel says:

    Sorry ! Didn’t know you very well! Hope for you the best in your retirement!
    Will miss you in the office! Elaine#44.

  11. Rick De Young says:

    Happy retirement, Barbara;
    During the entire 14 years I have been in the Park, you have always been patient, willing to help, and dedicated to helping us realize the dream of low cost RV living. My wife and I always appreciated your friendship and good will Thanks again, and again.

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