Creature of the Night

You put a game camera out at the edge of the forest and you never really know what you’ll get.

These images were captured Friday night and early Saturday morning by Jimmy Smith, lot 197.  They were taken behind his place, up on the hill, at the southern edge of the Park. The pics speak for themselves… (a picture is worth a thousand word??)  But I think I’d be keeping close tabs on my small pets, especially after dark.

The time-stamp on the first picture is 11:51pm; the last picture is 1:55am – about 2 hours later. So he or she was hanging around for a while.





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7 Responses to Creature of the Night

  1. Sue Eytalis says:

    Those are amazing pictures. Thank you for once again making us aware that we are in their forest.

  2. Margi says:

    Wow, Jimmy, great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jimmy smith says:

    That is a good point Sue. And we don’t need to get all worried. I’ve been a hunter my whole life and have only ever seen tracks.

  4. Ken and Matt says:

    Is it safe to sit in our swing after dark on lot 199, Jimmy?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great pictures and a good reminder of our animal neighbors.

  6. Kris Gordon says:

    I great pictures and a good reminder of our animal neighbors.

  7. Carolyn Pennington says:

    That is one big cat! Hope he stays at your house!

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