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Bored out of my mind, done with the day’s work, tired of listening to the silence I again started poking around in the internet. The same search as I have done before but this time I searched for “covid cases by zip code Oregon” and got
I see a map. I see Portland and a few other cities. I move down the map. I noticed when I tapped my screen the zip code on the right changed. Example, I tapped Silverton, and now I can read zip code, 97381, population, 15,822. 53 cases

I kept tapping southward until I got our zip code and I read
“Population 9550, Cases <10*

The * says OHA {Oregon Health Authority} would not release numbers for any zip code with fewer than 10 cases.

97479 may have 9 cases or even no cases. If you see the map you will see that south of us, Roseburg is pale green, indicating areas that they have 18 cases per ten thousand population. Even if 97479 has 9 we would still have half the cases per ten thousand population

This doesn’t mean we should throw away our masks and party in the streets. It means we are doing it right in not letting Coivid in.

Finding this information today makes me less burdened by all the restrictions. I know they are for the good of our community. Stay Well

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