Timber Valley Blood Donors — Thank you, great job

Nick Palmer (#128) registers with Red Cross volunteer and Blood Donor Recruiter Valerie Gordon (c)

First donor: Sue Eytalas (#166).

On Thursday, July 11, Timber Valley SKP RV Park hosted its first member Blood Drive. A team of five from the American Red Cross arrived before 9 a.m. to set up a donor center in the Clubhouse.

(L) Dar Hoch (#31) on the table; Peggy Russell (#11) answering health questions.

After signing in with the Red Cross representative, donors went through a mini-physical that included vital signs and blood iron levels. Folks then answered a health questionnaire.

(L) Bob Paxton (#143) donates blood, while Steve Williams (#81) gets his vitals taken.

Suzi Rupert (#68)

We had 27 members show up ready to donate. However, six were ‘deferred’ (they might be able to donate in the future) for such things as low iron levels, high/low blood pressure, use of certain medications, and small veins.

At one point, there was a bit of a wait , but people were good spirited and it turned into a  social event,  complete with Red Cross providing snacks and juice.

Waiting to be processed: (seated from left) renter Steve Higgins (#115); Jack Varner (#105); Norm Sherman (#161); Kristine Godbey (#147); & Veanna Fletcher (#86). Standing (from left) Linda Essex (#13); Red Cross nurse (in red); Del Healey (#117); Red Cross volunteer (in black); & Anita Covington (#140)

Donors: Thom Hoch (#31) front; Jimmy Smith (#197) rear.

Patti Healey (#117)

The Red Cross set the goal for Timber Valley at 18 units of blood. Well, we did that and more, topping out at 21 units–an excellent showing. According to Red Cross donor recruiter Valerie Gordon, our donations have the potential of saving 63 lives.

Bob Akers (#19) is a frequent blood donor

(Front) Aida Murphy (#56) and Fay Gordon (#168) stepped up to the plate, even though they had not donated in years.

Rob Hendershot (#82) and Gene Schrader (#70).

Julianne Crane (#197) donated the 21st and last unit of blood for the day.

Other Donors

Several additional people showed up to donate blood, but are not pictured here. They included Don Bush (#46), Joan Larson (#196), and Kim Beaudion (#116, renter).  Thank you all for being so generous and volunteering your blood for this extremely worthy event.

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