Remembering Frank Johnson, Lot 15

Aaron and great-grandpa Frank with their walking sticks.

Frank Johnson passed away the morning of Saturday, June 22, at Mercy hospital in Roseburg after taking a fall the previous Saturday.

He and his wife, Cathey, are long-time active leaseholders in Timber Valley, having gotten their lot in 1992. Frank (with Cathey’s assistance) is the “Johnny Appleseed” of Timber Valley, having planted 27 trees in just one year, as well as many others for the beautification of our park.  He has also volunteered on various projects throughout the park.

One of his hobbies was making walking sticks of varied materials, and always with a special flair. There are several being used by appreciative walkers in Timber Valley. Without a doubt, the most special one was a tiny one made of curly willow for his first great grandson, Aaron, when he was only 3 years old. That’s the two of them in the picture above, strolling across our golf course.

Frank was a man of many abilities and interests. After serving his country in the Navy during the Korean conflict, he worked as a policeman, for the Sheriff’s Department, and as a State Trooper in Alaska, where he also owned and operated a commercial fishing boat.

Cathey and Frank celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on March 30 of this year.

At his request, there will be no services.

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9 Responses to Remembering Frank Johnson, Lot 15

  1. Peggy says:

    So glad to have had you for a neighbor
    all these years. Rest in peace, dear friend.

  2. Fred and Rita says:

    Frank,we will miss you. You were a big part of the Timbervalley family.

  3. A good life, well lived.

  4. Aida Murphy says:

    I will miss that unique sense of humor.

  5. Rick De Young says:

    I do know that Frank was highly respected in Homer, Alaska where he served as a State Trooper. He was also incredibly generous in supporting Cathey’s tireless efforts to keep our Park running smoothly for all the time I’ve been here.

  6. Gen and Bob Lister says:

    We always enjoyed watching Frank and Aaron walking around the park and how proud he was of his great grandson.

  7. Jimmy smith says:

    To have had a father, a grand father, and even more, a great grandfather to take a guy walking in his early steps is a remedy for all that ails the land that we live in. Frank and Cathy are such great stewards of this earth. Blessings to you Frank.

  8. Matt Grant says:

    Cathy, during our many visits, Frank was always a joy to be around. We will miss seeing him riding around with you and Aaron.

  9. Bonnie Wigle says:

    Frank & Cathy are such good neighbors & Frank was always so interested in how Cliff is doing .

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