Walt Schak, Lot 127, member since 1993

Walt Schak, Lot 127, died June 26, 2019.  He had been residing at the Applegate Care Center here in Sutherlin.

A member of Timber Valley since October of 1993, Walt and his wife Beverly called Timber Valley their home for many years. Among other interests, they entertained themselves by searching yard sales with their keen eye for good deals on items they could themselves re-sell at a profit.  Walt also loved to read and was a frequent user of the Timber Valley Library.  Oh, and one more thing…  Walt loved attending as many community dinners and potlucks as possible… eagerly waiting in line (but usually at the head of the line) and then savoring the delicious morsels of home-cooked food while visiting with his friends. He knew what was important.

Walt was preceded in death by his wife Beverly in 2015. All of us mourn the loss of Walt, and send our best wishes to his family.

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3 Responses to Walt Schak, Lot 127, member since 1993

  1. Peggy says:

    Great job,Thom!

  2. Jean Knapper Lot 116 says:

    I was just recently thinking about Walt and wondering if he was back in the park. I’ll miss seeing him on Saturday mornings when we get back to the park”

  3. Rick De Young says:

    You did a great job on this, Thom. Thanks for all you do.

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