The Park is looking beautiful with all the flowers and trees blooming.
Thank you so much to the landscape committee and the people who mow
the lawns. We are one of the most beautiful SKP Parks because of our
employees and our volunteers.
The Finance Committee did an excellent job completing the 2024-
2025 budget. The Board and members attended a workshop where the
Finance Committee went over the proposed budget. The board and
members asked questions of the Finance Committee. The board approved
the 2024/25 budget at a special open board meeting on April 24th. The
maintenance and operation cost for the membership will be $2107.75.
With all the lot relinquishments this spring, Randy, his liaisons and
park volunteers have been busy inspecting, cleaning and putting the lots
and sheds in good condition for the next leaseholders. They have been
doing this during all weather conditions including rain. When lots are traded
this can be a lengthy process before a new member gets their lot. The
leaseholder who trades has seven (7) days to vacate their current lot. Then
Randy and the volunteers must make sure this traded lot is in good
condition. Now this lot goes up for trade and the cycle continues. Thus, no
monies for obtaining membership are coming in until the cycle is complete.
Even though you may only see the Board Members at the agenda
and board meetings, they are always busy. They interact with employees
and members daily. They attend committee meetings and answer text
messages and phone calls.
There was a recent vacancy in the office. The Park posted
recruitment flyers in various locations for a part-time clerical position. The
Park received one (1) resume. The office liaisons, Kim and I interviewed
the candidate. The board was given details of the interview. Once the board
members were informed of this an offer was made to the candidate. Kim
will be training Karriann as soon as possible.

Sue Eytalis, Board President

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