Member Notices Bulletin Board

By Kristine Godbey

Have something you no longer need? Why not offer it for sale, trade or free to a fellow park member?

Need some new stairs for your rig? Maybe someone in the park has a set they no longer need. Where would a good place to post these types of items be?

The Member Notice Bulletin Board in the Mailroom. It is directly to your right when you come in the door. Opposite the mail boxes.

All members are welcome to post items there, but remember, there are specific standards that must be followed for these postings.  These standards are posted on the Bulletin Board, but many members do not follow them, resulting in their post being removed.

The standards are as follows:

  • Notices are to be no larger than 4”x 6”. (A supply of 3”x 5” cards are on the window sill for your use and convenience.
  • Notices must include the member’s name, lot number and phone number.
  • Notices must be dated the date you post it and may be left for one month.
  • Notices left on the board longer than one month will be removed.
  • Notices that do not comply with these standards will be removed.

Business cards and flyers from community businesses and organizations as well as public service announcements are welcome on the Community Businesses, Events & Public bulletin board located outside the South Clubhouse door near the kitchen.

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  1. Gwen says:

    Thanks for doing this Kristine.

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