Dryer Shrinkage

By Ruby Bonham

Over the years my clothes have mysteriously shrunk in the dryer.  One day they fit then surprise, they don’t.  After much investigation I concluded it must be the dryer.  To prevent this anomaly, I have kept two to three clothes sizes just in case.  Some wiser than me have said, “No Ruby, you’re just fat.”  I disagree, however parts of me have been rearranged, they have dropped lower.  I’m not as tall as I was so logic says that height reduction caused me to spread out sideways; ergo I am not fat just compressed down.  Periodically I cut out chocolate and desserts and lose a couple of pounds.  I recently quit chocolate for about a year.  I had chocolate in the refrigerator and never touched it.  As a kid I wouldn’t eat sweets.  In my mid thirties, a geologist I worked with gave all us ladies Godiva Chocolate for Christmas.  I felt obligated to try it out and I was hooked.  Even now I prefer dark chocolate but will eat mild chocolate in a bind.

When Ed was alive I kept no sweets in the house due to his diabetes.  He always said it was OK for me to eat them but I didn’t feel it was fair to eat sweets in front of him.  After he died I went on a sweet binge.  At that time the dryer started shrinking my clothes again.  I started slowing down on the sweets, then Christmas candy appeared in the stores, wafting its sweetness toward me.  Also at this time my daughter sent me an Omaha Steaks large package that included apple tarts, berry tarts, sticky toffee cakes and 8 little cheesecakes.  Along with Ghirardelli dark peppermint bark and Mint Truffle Kisses, I am lost.  I feel the dryer warming up.

Walmart discounted it Christmas candy 50% off and then 75% off.  Of course my favorites were there and I stocked up.  I am trying to convince myself to take most of it to the office to share with others.  I wonder if the dryer will shrink their clothes?

Ruby Bonham


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2 Responses to Dryer Shrinkage

  1. Joan Larson says:

    Oh Ruby, how right you are. You’re certainly not alone in your chocolate weakness, I’m right there withy you. Yeah, the dryers must be at fault.

  2. Anita says:

    Sure glad to finally know how our clothes shrink. Bud swears his shrink just hanging in the closet.

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