Active Wait List

By Robin McFadden, Lot 195

August 2019 – Giddy with excitement I clutch the membership application receipt as I practically skip back to my rig.  My new friend Rick, tells everyone I am ‘on the waitlist’ and I grin as people congratulate me.

Year one goes by quickly as I get immersed into my full time RV life and travels.  It’s now 2020 and I ‘got a lot’ at the Rovers Roost SKP CO-Op in Casa Grande, AZ.  As Covid causes states to shut down, and RV parks and campgrounds close nationwide, I’m relieved and grateful to have a place to call my own, and hunker down for the duration.  Then the heat comes and it’s time to leave.  By then, the states have loosened restrictions, so me and my virus free mobile living unit head to cooler climes.

Year two and I check the active wait list on the Timber Valley website once every month or two.  It doesn’t feel like I have made much movement this year, but frankly I don’t remember where I started on the list.

Years three and four and I start to reconsider.  I go to other SKP parks, and weigh the options of buying a house or buying land and building.  So many choices. My pro/con list gets bigger and bigger.  I still have time to decide.

I get the email!  I’m 25th on the list.  Back to the pro/con list. More research.  I start checking the Timber Valley website several times a month.  I read and reread the rules and the bylaws.  I join the Facebook group.

I look at the various volunteer opportunities looking for options of how I can contribute remotely.  I check the Active Wait List weekly.  When a lot is posted for trade, I look at it and check its location on the park map, even though I am not yet at the top of the list.  I hope I’m not the only one who does this!

I’m now in the top 10 and it starts getting real.  Time to make sure my finances are in order.   I open a new checking account with the same bank that holds my money market accounts and am relieved to see I can transfer money instantly on line. I’m ready.

November 2023 –  4 1/2 years.  I’m at the top of the list!  I  email Kim to confirm she has my current contact information and address since I won’t be ‘home’ for two months.  She tells me if no one wants to trade for the lot listed on the website, it will be mine.

Today, less than a month after signing the paperwork, I’m enjoying my first stay on my lot.  It’s a short visit this time, however I’ll be back this summer for a longer visit. I’ve met my neighbors, and look forward to getting to know them better.

It was a long wait on the Active Wait List but it makes getting a lot that much sweeter. I’m looking forward to spending more time here and contributing what I can to Timber Valley, and making new friends.  See you all in the summer!

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12 Responses to Active Wait List

  1. Kathy perry says:

    Welcome to the best skp Park. Enjoyed your story

  2. Wade & Debi Norton says:

    Congratulations and WELCOME to the park.

  3. Rick De Young says:

    Congratulations on your sterling, perspicacious decision to get on the waiting list – and join Chapter 9 – way back then. We have enjoyed hearing about your travels, and travails, over these past 4-1/2 years and we look forward to continuing to read your dispatches. Also, we are enjoying a copy of your first published book – about your horse Roy – and hope you’ve left a copy in our Timber Valley library. Safe travels, Robin, and we’ll look forward to your return next summer.

    • Robin McFadden says:

      Thank you Rick. I’ll bring a copy of My Name Is Roy when I come back. I only had one copy left which I donated to a charity auction. Thanks for reading about Roy’s adventures. I appreciate it!

  4. Kate Bright says:

    Welcome to a wonderful park, Robin!

  5. Shirley Smedley says:

    Welcome to TimberValley.
    The best park ❤️

  6. Michelle Van Westen says:

    Welcome to the best community ever, where neighbors really care about each other and go out of their way to help in any way they can. You’ll experience countless examples of this yourself, if you haven’t already.

    My husband Dave and I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you in person soon!

    Michelle, Lot 182

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