Expecting Guests Anytime Soon? Come to Social Hour on Friday at 3pm

So you are expecting a couple of friends or members of your family to visit you. Your rig is set up with a bed for you and your spouse, and you exchange the couch for different chairs and a loveseat. What are their overnight accommodation?

Well, there is a Motel 6 3 miles away. The cost is only $60 dollars a night, plus tax. The bed is reasonable, and after a shower and getting dressed, there is a restaurant nearby to walk to for breakfast or an additional $25.

Then there is the Best Western, also 3 miles away, for $145 plus the tax, and after you change from PJs to street clothing, you walk outside to the office area, and breakfast is free. Walking outside again, there is a pool house with a lukewarm hot? tub and a cool pool. No towels, but regular towels are available in the office. Persons not registered may not accompany you.

And then we have a spacious, well-appointed place within spitting distance of your rig for $94 plus tax. There is everything you need for breakfast, fruit, eggs, bread, a toaster, and even a bottle of great wine for an evening watching a big TV even while in bed. The hostess and host are great at making guests happy. The place is clean and comfortably furnished.

Attend the Social Hour on November 17th at 3 pm and learn more as they will be our guests for the hour.

Sharon Elliott #36

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