Social Hour Friday, August 4 at 3 pm in the Clubhouse

Have you ever thought about having a cup engraved or a T-Shirt made to memorialize an event or someone? How about a family reunion where everyone has a shirt with a joke or even a serious picture of Mom or Dad? Then you go to a Roseburg store where they make just those items only to find that the original picture or logo will cost $50 plus the cost of the shirt, but additional shirts will be a bit less expensive.
● Now, you do not have to travel to Roseburg
● Now, you do not have to pay for the store to create your logo or message.
● Now, you can go to the Customized Chaos store here in Sutherlin and have the item
done very quickly. Brenda Richardson, proprietor of Customized Chaos, will be here to tell us how you can personalize items of clothing, cup, water bottle, etc.
This is our opportunity to sit around, receive information, ask questions, sample the snacks, have a glass of wine, and just enjoy each other.

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  1. Cathy Deyo says:

    I went to Customized Chaos the next day and ordered a mug with a picture of our great granddaughter on it. It was ready on Monday and it is fabulous. It will be a perfect gift . It is on their Facebook page. I am happy I went there.

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