Second Chances

Since losing Ed, then DeDe and finally Dolly, I wasn’t sure I wanted to open my heart to future loss again. I was fine, no dog bowls, toys or dog beds cluttering the house. I still got up to feed Dolly and take her out before remembering she wasn’t there anymore. While walking in the park I kept seeing Bob and Rosie, Jim and Peaches and Kris and Cali. Kris told me about Soul 2 Soul where she had been a foster mom to a couple of dogs, then Cali. Cali stole her heart and she adopted her. She explained I could foster until I found the right dog or just continue to foster. Donna Clark and her partner Eric Berg run Soul 2 Soul. They take in dogs and foster them out until a forever home is found. All vet care and food are provided while fostering. It sounded good to me so I called for a home visit and filled out the paperwork to see if I qualified. I did. I told Donna what I was looking for: a small female fuzzy dog that would not jump a two foot fence.

A week or so later Donna and Eric made a trip to Southern California to pick up a dog. They were going to check a couple of shelters that they are affiliated with to maybe find a dog for me. While there Donna got a message that a little dog was on the side of the road near their motel, abandoned and maybe hurt. Donna went and got her – a small fuzzy female dog! She was matted with stickers, burrs and ticks. Donna called me and sent a picture. She said she had an appointment with a vet but need a name. I suggested Keri. At the vet she was examined, given a Rabies shot , antibiotics and Bravecto for the fleas and ticks. She was blind in one eye, had had several litters and had an embedded foxtail. They guessed her at 6-8 years old. With a haircut and clean up she was really cute. She was listed as found and began a 30 wait to see if she would be claimed.

After a long car trip she arrived back here and Donna brought her to me. An appointment was made with the shelter vet. She was evaluated again and guessed her age as 8-10. She was scheduled for surgery to spay, clean her teeth and remove the fox tail. I met Donna at the vet the next day and picked her up along with more antibiotics and pain meds. She right away showed that I am her human. She is such a sweet little girl and loves to snuggle. As she feels more safe, she shows her personality. When we walk, she is greeted by people here in the park who think she is a real cutie. They love her ears.

Of course I could not remain a foster, so we adopted each other as soon as her 30 days were up. She is officially Keri Len Bonham. She knows she is loved and I know that she loves me. Keri has a second chance and so does Kris’ Cali. Soul 2 Soul runs on donations. Many of the rescues lately have needed surgery and extensive medical care. Donna and Eric save many dogs slated for euthanasia. They need fosters, adopters and help with vet bills.

Keri and Cali are two success stories but there are many who still need to be safe and loved again. Second chances are good for the dogs and the humans who open their hearts. Soul 2 Soul is on Facebook but needs help with their website. You can read the stories and see pictures of the dogs on Facebook. Timber Valley members are known for their compassion and willingness to help those in need. Keri’s expenses where taken care of by generous people who donated to give her a second chance.

I am a happy dog mom again and cannot imagine life without Keri. She informed me she wants to be an only dog for now. Once Keri feels secure, I will probably foster again. Who knew I would get a second chance too.

Ruby Bonham

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6 Responses to Second Chances

  1. Peggy Russell says:

    What a sweet story, Ruby!
    Congrats on your new fur baby,
    & thank you for adopting a doggy
    who desperately needed someone
    just like you!

  2. Thom Hoch says:

    Ruby, what a wonderful story with a very happy ending. I’m truly happy for you both.

  3. Suzi Rupert says:

    Beautiful story, Ruby.

    Kari is a real lucky girl.

  4. Kris Gordon says:

    Thank you Ruby for your great article. What a couple of sweeties we have thanks to Soul2Soul!

  5. Jackie Jones. says:

    Wonderful story Ruby. You needed her and she needed you. After meeting her she is so sweet and a real cutie pie. Many happy years together.

  6. Fred Prout says:

    Beautiful story Ruby. Sometimes good stuff just happens. Glad for both of you.

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