Water, Water, Water!

As many of you remember, we monitor the parks water use daily. We had a surprise for February 2023. In the previous 3 years, the February average daily water use has been between 4000 and 5300 gallons per day. In February 2023 the average daily water use was 8959 gallons per day. This is costly for the park, and our yearly dues. February 2023 also brought brutal weather, with many very cold nights. So, what can we do?

Please inspect your hoses, and fittings for any leaks. Hoses and washers do wear out, and
cause leaks. Also keep a watch for any unusual water running on our lots or drainage ditch. If you see something unusual, please report it to the office or Randy. Inspect, fix / replace your hoses, and hose washers as they need it. Please Do Not let the faucet run to prevent your water hose from freezing! PLEASE insulate your water hose, or use a “heated hose”.

Thank You,
Your water monitoring team: Thom Hoch, Marc Stalnaker, Gerry Vroomman, Rachael Smithey

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