Goodbye Darkness My Old Friend

By Fred Prout

T Rex (fka Thomas King ) has been hard to find the past few months. The last time we got together was at The Unchristmas Party which was a huge success thanks to Ts efforts. Well,  this morning,  I was enjoying a mug with Shirley Shewill, her brother,  Willie Knott and Kay Serra when in strolls T himself. “T, pull up a chair, grab a mug and tell us where in the world you’ve been. It’s been far too long. “

“Well” he started, ” my world has turned upside down.  In a really good way. You already know I’m a little weird, but you also know I tell it like it is. So, here goes. After the Unchristmas Party, you asked me where I got the energy to get everybody to come and have a good time. I told you that I thought Mrs. T may have given me a little push to enjoy myself. ” We nodded in encouragement, and waited for T to continue. “I’ve never told you that, since we lost her,  I’ve been in the habit of chatting with her every night. About anything and everything. I know it’s difficult to understand,  but, I could really feel her presence.”

After a long pause, Shirley poured refills all around. T took a big sip and a deep breath. ” Shortly after our party, I decided to stop at Ike’s for breakfast. To this day,  I have  no idea why because I NEVER go there. It’s always too crowded. It was just like my hand grabbed the doorknob and turned it against my will. Sure enough, every table in that small room was taken. One seat was available opposite a very nice looking woman. Now, it’s been three years since Mrs. T passed,and,  in all that time, I never gave a woman a second look. I started to leave. Had my hand reaching for the door, but, I just couldn’t leave. Crazy right?  Anyway, I went over and asked if I could join her as it was the only seat available. Two hours later, we realized we had been talking all that time. I guess nobody wanted to interrupt. We got up and left. She went north I went south. We hadn’t even exchanged names.

The next day I was driving down by the beach, when I saw a car with the hood up. When I stopped to help, I swear, I felt a jolt of lighting when I saw her. I could barely breathe. Battery boosted, she invited me to The Cave for some lunch. Anyway,  we’ve been spending a lot of time together. Watching football, playing cards, talking and just hanging out. Just so you know,  her name is Wanda Kissinger. Like many of the ladies in our age group,  she’s had a few different last names, so,  she says she’s Wanda who’s Kissinger now. Beauty and a sense of humor. How can you beat that. The other day she handed me a bag, said ‘Sweets for the sweet. ‘  It wasn’t candy. It was nuts.”

I signaled for a refill, and, Shirley obliged.

” A couple of weeks ago, I was in bed saying good night to Mrs.T , as I usually do, …listen, I’ve got to hesitate because this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever felt,
I don’t know if I nodded off, or what,  but, Mrs T actually spoke to me. ‘ You’re ok. I can leave now’. I felt a sudden emptiness.  She was gone, free. All this time she was looking out for me. Maybe I did fall asleep.  Maybe it was a dream. Maybe not. Maybe I was okay because I followed her push. Oh, here’s Wanda now.

In walks a beautiful woman. She smiles and walks over to our table. T pulls out a chair for her and she sits. T adds” I’ll share this with all of you. I didn’t realize it, but , until we met, my life was dark.  Sure, I got  around and  did my thing,  but,  I was surrounded by darkness.You kind of get used to it. It becomes part of your being.  The past months seem like the sparkle of  a thousand stars. Right now we are enjoying each other’s company. Thankful for the opportunity. We’re not concerned about what ,if any, future there might be.  We are both, flat out enjoying the now.”

After they got up and left, we looked at each other.  We realized that happiness is contagious. We could actually share the sparkle. So, now,  I’ll share T and Wanda’s sparkle with you.  I hope some of it spreads.

Well,  that’s all from Ratcheds By The Sea. A quirky little town on the beach, where everyone is beautiful, above average, and at least one degree off center.  Remember,  if you can’t share a sparkle,  at least share a smile.

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6 Responses to Goodbye Darkness My Old Friend

  1. Joan says:

    I’m delighted for happiness abounding. May T Rex and Wanda continue to flourish.

  2. Anita Ducummon says:

    Absolutely wonderful Fred. Even if I don’t comment on ever one, I surely do enjoy them all. You are a true gem that will always be treasured.

  3. Peggy R. says:

    Goodbye darkness, my old friend,
    hello Willie, my new friend.

  4. Valerie Caano says:

    Another GEM Fred … Thanks!

  5. Eric says:

    Not to be obtuse, but I Wanda if perhaps an auger is an augur, or would that be boring? But, as Neil Young sang “I’m kinda fonda Wanda”……maybe he confused her with Jane, or did that Peter out?

  6. Jackie Deal says:

    Congrats, Fred!

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