Snowbird Farewell

What a wonderful evening we had at the Snowbird Farewell potluck.  We had 56 excited and hungry people.  There were so many dishes to choose from and of course we ate too much.

A map of Oregon was cut into puzzle like pieces and each party had to try to fill in the map where they thought it might go. There were drawings for candy and three stuffed animal “snowbirds”. Jackie put on a skit using several guests. It was funny.

We had cake and ice cream. While that was being devoured, Karen handed our small purses filled with money for their trip (of course it was play money…..darn).  The guests staying for the winter were given ‘crying towels’.  Thanks to Karen Hofferber, Jackie Deal and Kathy Perry for the great party.

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3 Responses to Snowbird Farewell

  1. Sue Eytalis says:

    I’ve been missing the clubhouse gatherings and was happy to attend. So good to see so many people gather for an evening of friendship, food and fun. Safe travels to those leaving. Thank you to everyone putting the party on…it was wonderful!
    Sue 166

  2. Kate Bright says:

    Great party. Thanks to the three who worked so hard!

  3. George Reel says:

    It was a great time, thanks to everyone who worked so hard and to everyone who attended. Food was great we have such wonderful cooks here in TV. Remember, you don’t have to wait for the welcoming home months down the road. We have a same great potluck every first Monday at five PM . Come and join us for great fellowship and food. See you there.

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