In Memorium

Everyone here in Ratcheds, and elsewhere, is in mourning today. We learned of the passing of our beloved founder, Mildred Ratched, yesterday. Town flags will be flown at half mast for three days. There will be a memorial service in the recreation center on Tuesday, September 27th at 1 PM. Everyone is invited to share any stories they may have about Mildred.

Nurse Mildred Ratched served for many years as head nurse at The Oregon State Hospital. She was in charge of the psychiatric ward for many years and was well known for her dedication to her patients. Her caring, understanding treatment was well known by all.

In 1977 Mildred discovered this beautiful place on the Oregon Coast, and convinced her many medical friends to purchase land and incorporate the town. Although she was not involved in politics, the first Town Council voted unanimously to name the town Ratcheds By The Sea.

Mildred is survived by her grandson Randall Mc Murphy III.

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4 Responses to In Memorium

  1. Terry says:

    The world stopped spinning for a moment with the sad news of our beloved Nurse Ratched. I do hope that Randall will continue to share the adventures of Ractcheds By The Sea on behalf of dear, dear Nurse Mildred and all her loyal, loving friends. Godspeed Nurse Mildred…

  2. Margi Binninger says:

    I would like to publicly thank George Boyton #89 and Mgr. Randy Bice for jumping INTO the big red dumpster to retrieve my wallet which was accidentally thrown into a garbage bag inside the pocket of an old pair or pants. It took them quite a bit of time and involved moving piles of discarded carpet. Thanks to them I don’t have to renew Drivers License, credit cards, debit cards, health insurance cards, etc. Talk about caring and sharing!!!

  3. Judy Williams Lot 81 says:

    Wow! Randy and George, what an awesome thing you did for Margi! I’d say we have two actual heroes in the park!

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