A Sweet Park, Timber Valley

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7 Responses to A Sweet Park, Timber Valley

  1. Fred Prout says:

    Sharon thanks for the update. Sutherlin has always been a great place. Mainly because of T.V. Now it seems to be getting even better. Timber Valley has, I’m sure, been instrumental in the coming improvements. Be proud of your place in the community.

  2. Rajeana says:

    This was great, nice to be informed of what is going on around us. Thanks!

  3. Jackie Jones Lot 102 says:

    Thank you that is very informative.

  4. John R Davidowski #57 says:

    I totally agree with Sharon on the chain link fence and 24 hour manned gates to screen non residents prior to entering our compound. Too many things can happen especially at night! As for the infrastructure (water, electricity, police and fire department) is really dreaming. We have excellent first responder coverage within minutes of our property. As for water wells: a community water service would be far more expensive to operate due to all of the local, state and federal regulations. As for electricity, studies have shown it is far more expensive to operate solar panels and windmills due to maintenance, permitting and other government hiccups.

  5. Sue & Skip says:

    Thank you so much for all the positive information on Sutherlin. We are so looking forward to Evergreen Medical completing the new facility in January. Our little community is growing.
    Sue & Skip

  6. Gwen says:

    Thanks Sharon. It is nice to see what is happening in Sutherlin.
    Gwen #93

  7. Kate bright says:

    Great information, Sharon. You have your ear to the ground everywhere! Thanks for keeping us updated.

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