The Community Garden Group (CGG) News

Rick De Young told me that there has been an interest among members to have
a garden in the park for many years. Recently that dream has been renewed by a bunch
of those who have had working family gardens growing up and know the benefits. That
bunch has organized themselves and begun planning. To explicitly state what their
objective is, they created their MISSION statement which reads as follows: “To create
an organic community garden at Timber Valley for individuals of all abilities. The garden shall be a welcoming, inclusive space where the focus is on sustainable organic food, education and strengthening bonds of the Park community.”

At the May meeting the board voted overwhelmingly (7 to 1) to allow the
Community Garden Group (CGG) to create a garden!! The CGG is now requesting the
board to approve a specific site so that they will be able to finish detailing plans. This includes garden design, costs, building plan oversight of maintenance and how the project will look upon completion. Meanwhile the CGG will continue fundraising (to prevent the park from paying for any equipment) as they are already halfway to their initial goal.

This large single purpose group of park members have the ability and willingness
to add an amenity to the park that will serve current and future members allowing them to participate in wholesome healthy exercise together

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8 Responses to The Community Garden Group (CGG) News

  1. Jimmy smith says:

    Thank you Sharon for so eloquently stating some member’s desires to create a vital vibrant addition to this community. I continue to be amazed how there can be such negativity and resistance to attempting to change the culture of this community. “NO” seems to be a dominant response to anything that might attract more energetic new members to this lovely place. The fact that the garden will cost the park nothing in funding and create such a fun and beneficial activity on a piece of land not used for anything is a no brainer. Good luck

  2. Rod Zebb says:

    Great news, Sharon! Count me in on this.

  3. Dennis Hellawell says:

    Is there a more natural, healthy, organic food producing, social activity that can be shared by people of any age, sex, religion, ethnic tradition or linguist disposition? Gardening is in our DNA. It has been practiced by every culture on the planet for thousands of years. It is profoundly more environment friendly than giant corporate agribusiness. Gardening is a celebration of our planetary creation and evolution. Organic gardening is the wisest use of our resources. It enriches soil and purifies the ground by avoiding the use of chemical pesticides. It actually helps to clean our air and has no polluting effects on our precious water supply. It is an ideal physical activity for seniors. It can be spiritually enriching as well as providing a learning experience. It was mentioned it can help build community. If ever there was a greater need to build community, I don’t know when that might have been.

    Did I hear some folks suggest that a garden would be an eyesore. Hard to believe a rational, thinking human being could utter such a statement.

  4. Steve @ Jackie Jones lot 102 says:

    Count us in share, and thanks to all the great comments that say it so well
    Wish we there to help. Soon !!!

  5. Sharon E Elliott says:

    Thank you all for your support and great comments.

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