By Jackie Deal

It started around coffee, three women talking.
“Ya’ know there’s so much about my rig that I don’t know anything about.”
“Yah, they talk about generators. Have I got one? What am I s’posed to do with it in an emergency?”
“How about batteries, I s’pose I’ve got some but I don’t even know where.”
“And then there’s fuses and those thingys that trip out. What about them?”
“Well, I just pray that nothing goes wrong and I just roll along.”
“Do you think there are others who don’t know anything about these things and maybe, they’d like to know?”
“Maybe not just widder women, other women, maybe even a few men?”
“Well, gee, do you s’pose there’s anything anybody could do about it?”

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6 Responses to WIDDER WOMEN

  1. Valerie Knowles says:

    It would be great to have an “RV Boot Camp” to “fill in the blanks”.

  2. G. Lister says:

    Maybe some simple seminars in the future from those of us who are knowledgeable about the workings of our rigs in simple layman terms.would be very beneficial to all who need brushing up. Thanks.

  3. Fred Prout says:

    Jackie, I love the tongue in cheek humor of your story. I was one of the guys you mentioned. Rita and I kept Steve, Tom, and Phil busy for most of our RVing days. I was as ignorant and clumsy as any of the widder women. Many hours of Rita telling me not to touch it. You will make it worse.

  4. Joan says:

    Now being one of those widder women I agree with all of the above that workshops on the possibly “new to us” responsibilities we’ve inherited would be invaluable. Who will step up to get it going?

  5. Kristine Godbey says:

    I would love to have some of the type seminars. Unfortunately us single women make up the majority of the park members and we keep the few capable men who graciously volunteer to help us very busy along with the outside services we hire.

  6. Ruth Mishler Lot 144 says:

    I am blessed by my husband of 56 years in this matter who explained time and time again (albeit sometimes boring) how to service all things “RV”. By both working together makes our traveling more enjoyable AND gives me the insight to have the knowledge of
    what needs to be done…

    …and there’s always Google and You Tube 🙂

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