A Fantasy

Use your imagination.

Midnight. Full Moon.

The barnyards for miles around are slowly emptying. The word has been passed for weeks. Tonight is the much awaited performance of the annual barnyard ballet. This year, Paulina Porkiskova will be the Prima Ballerina. She, and the rest of the passel are already in their ten tens. Pig size for tu tus. There are now several hundred animals anxiously waiting around the lake. There is a hush as the show is about to start.

The animals are grouped by type rather than barnyard of origin. Equine with equine; bovine with bovine; fowl with fowl. When the performance is over, they will regroup and wend homeward.

Although they have been surreptitiously rehearsing for several months, the performing pigs are experiencing that pit of the stomach feeling of stage fright.
The tension mounts. They all have eye contact with Paulina. She gives an imperceptible nod, enters the water, they follow.

Once they enter the water, an amazing transformation occurs. The heavy, plodding awkwardness of these land animals vanishes. They are dancing gracefully, pirouetting in unison, and free of the constraints of gravity. They glide as one. Following the cues from Paulina, the pigs are lost in their dance. They are
In the now. They will make these moments last. As a finale, they dive to the bottom of the lake, slowly rise, and burst to the surface in unison. They were fantastic!

Hooves hammering, fowl flapping, pigs pounding, canines clapping, ovines oohing the applause is thunderous. Each animal in the audience recognizes that they have witnessed a performance so special, so beautiful they will remember it always. Each year the ballet is similar but different. As they start to regroup by homeward destination, they unconsciously wonder what next year will bring.

As Paulina Porkikova and her passel leave the water, they lose their gracefulness and poise. They are just pigs again. But, as they head for home, each one possesses the knowledge that they were part of one of the greatest performances of Swine Lake. Ever.

Fred Prout

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10 Responses to A Fantasy

  1. Eric says:

    I never get Boar-ed with Pig stories.

  2. Kate Bright says:

    Giant LOL!!! As soon as I read ‘ten tens, pig size for tu tu’, I KNEW this was written by Fred Prout! Thanks for the morning laugh.

  3. Jackie Deal says:

    I shall never think of Swan Lake the same! Delightful. We need a bit of fantasy and whimsy. Jackie

  4. Joan says:

    You’ve done it again, Fred. Bravo!

  5. Barbara Grundemann says:

    As a fan of ballets and someone who took many classes, I applaud the barnyard ballet! It was a beautiful sight in my minds eye.

  6. Peggy #11 says:

    Very creative, Fred! I loved it

  7. Steve Jones. Lot 102 says:

    Good one again, Fred. Thanks

  8. Edith Vondall says:

    enjoyed your story, as I have all your thoughts.

  9. Jackie Jones Lot 102 says:

    That was so darn entertaining, I just loved it. Keep up the great stories, you always make my day.

  10. Val Carano says:

    Well done Fred! Keep it up.

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