by Ruby Bonham

Sometimes I feel like a four-year-old again with my endless “whys”. Most of them are unanswered but I hold out hope that one day I will understand. As a young girl, I didn’t pray for things, instead, I asked for wisdom. I wanted to grow up to be a philosopher. I was fascinated by Diogenes who searched with a lantern looking for an honest man.
Usually, no matter how painful the experience I have been able to see the wisdom and the good that can come after. I have spent my life in a search for truth and understanding.

Back in the 80’s Bill Moyers did a series on PBS about how man makes sense of his world. He explored religions, events, and time periods. He tried to show how man explained them to himself so that he knew how the elements of his life had meaning. Thus the “Whys:
Why does man seek to destroy that which he doesn’t understand or that is different from his own beliefs? Why do humans deliberately do or say things to hurt one another? Why do we have wars to prove to ourselves that our way is the only way? Why do good people die and not so nice people seem to live unscathed? Why when you’ve waited a lifetime to find the mate that completes you, do you lose him much too soon?

Why is there so much hate, anger, and violence? Is mankind making any progress or is he regressing? Children seem to have a better grasp than adults. They are standing up and speaking out. Worldwide they are looking for ways to help each other and bridge the gaps between ALL people. They try to understand why adults behave the way they do. They no longer buy into the teachings of those who teach harmful and dangerous behavior. Someday they will be adults in positions of power. Let’s hope they carry their wisdom forward and change the world.

Sometimes I can see the answers to some of the “whys” and even see the perspective of others. I don’t have a lantern but I try to have an open mind to find some of the answers to “why” I’m still waiting to see the wisdom of losing my mate. Maybe I need to hold the light a little higher and the answer will be made known. Kindness, gentleness, and being non-judgmental even when I don’t agree will make a difference. Do no harm, in word or deed. Listen to the children and follow their example. Changing our mindset is the first step to changing our world and of understanding what we want that world to be.

We will get through these hard times but it is up to each of us how it will be recorded in history. Will we strive for a better, harmonious world or continue on this path of discord and destruction What will our children and grandchildren be left with? And most of all “WHY”.

Ruby Bonham  10-11-2021

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4 Responses to WHY

  1. Judith Garcia says:

    Ruby, Excellent article! Truer words were never spoken.

  2. Carolyn Pennington says:

    We keep repeating history. Why don’t we learn. We should learn from others mistakes but somehow we don’t!! Why?

  3. Fred says:

    Ruby, very well written and thought provoking. If we were not able to ask why, we would never be able to grow and learn. We can’t understand unless we ask why. And after asking a lot of why’s, we may come to a difficult question and get the answers by asking why not.

  4. Kate Bright says:

    What an excellent article! Thank you, Ruby.

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