From the Front Lines: Covid at Mercy Hospital Roseburg

What does it take? Do you people have to be hit over the head with a shovel? Mercy Hospital, Our Mercy Hospital is overloaded. National Guard soldiers are manning the Admission tables ( I’ve been there, seen it.) Latest statistics: There are 12 Covid patients in ICU…12 Covid patients are on ventilators! Do you think that’s fun? A tube rammed down your throat and a machine breathing for you? There are 78 Covid patients in Mercy Hospital over all. And the horrible truth: 69 of them have not been vaccinated. Read that again: 69 0f the 78 have NOT been vaccinated. Doesn’t that seep into your brains?

Elective surgery is cancelled, that includes heart, cancer, other major surgery. People who should be in the hospital are being sent home because there is no room at the inn. And staff is being overworked. I know what that’s like: double shifts, no days off. Been there, done it, but not for the UNforeseeable future like now. Douglas County’s vaccination rate is deplorable . And our Covid statistics match it. And those who say the vaccine is “experimental”, not approved. You can’t use that excuse any longer: It’s NOW approved.

The unvaccinated are not only playing with their own lives, they’re endangering all the rest of us. Yes, I believe in individual freedom but when my freedom endangers you then it’s time for me to change. So when your freedoms are endangering me (and a lot of others like me) don’t you think you owe us the courtesy of protecting us even if you don’t care about yourselves? Think about it.

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  1. Sharon Elliott says:

    Well said.

  2. Barbara & Jeff Russell #129 says:

    Well said, Jackie. Thank you for speaking out.

  3. Fred says:

    An open letter to Jackie Deal.
    An excellent article Jackie. Hopefully it made you feel better, because, They, your targeted audience isn’t reading it. You see, when ignorant people are attacked They retreat further into their ignorance and,well, ignore you. They feel justified in their position, and please don’t try to confuse Them with facts. You can’t fix stupid.
    So try this. You know who some of Them are. Avoid Them. If They are in a room, walk out. If someone approaches you and you are not sure of their status, ask. If they start to explain their HIPPO rights, walk away.
    Avoid Avoid Avoid.
    Will this work? Ask me a year from now. They will at least have gotten the message They are missing here.
    Something you can do. Even couple of weeks pick up some pastry, fruit, candy whatever and bring it to the ER. This simple act will ease some of the stress they working under.
    And don’t worry that your asking will cost a friendship. MY friends will mourn my death, not cause it.

  4. Julene Dykstra space 190 says:

    And all God’s people said “AMEN”

  5. Donna Dee #44 says:

    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, is a law that prevents health care professionals from sharing private health information without the patient’s permission.

    HIPAA only applies to health care entities sharing information. It does not apply to individual’s who choose to share medical information with others. You may ask and they CAN answer. So, SHOUT to the rooftops… I AM vaccinated! Otherwise, hide behind a law that doesn’t apply to you.

    Nice post Jackie. Thanks!

  6. Reggie Domino says:

    Please, don’t judge choices without understanding their reasons. Who are we to judge another when we all walk imperfectly. Let’s be more kind.

    ” your targeted audience isn’t reading it. You see, when ignorant people “

  7. Karen HousHolder Spc 149 says:

    What about the thought that they are telling you the are not vaccinated so not to show more vacated problems? And what about myself and ones like me you assume just don’t want the shot, but can’t take it for major health reasons. Who are you to judge everyone? Not your place. Let people alone. Go on with your life, be thankful for each day and thank the good Llord for it. I do, as I cannot take any shot to protect me, so I stay away from them, and hope it does t come to where I can’t go into a store to shop because I don’t have a badge. Sad. Fear rules this world, not faith. Sad

  8. Skip and Sue Eytalis says:

    No, words can express how I really feel about this except thank you Jackie for this article.
    The worst thing I saw was at the store where this person wore a t-shirt that said
    Not vaccinated
    Won’t get vaccinated
    Not scared
    Seriously it should have also included “brain cells dead”
    Sue 166

    • Deborah DeYoung says:

      Exactly right Sue – and more firsthand experience adds so much. . . always so glad to see Jackie’s posts! I had to laugh at the demanding guy in line at the pharmacy yesterday – without a mask, giving grief to the staff. NOW he needs a shot right away – he just got a job that requires it, won’t leave without one – he shouts. They all took a step back – as did the rest of us (masked) in line. The pharmacist on duty that morning was exposed and so must isolate, meaning the pharmacy had to close while a replacement pharmacist drove over from another pharmacy. Hope that bozo is still waiting. Too bad they can’t make that jab hurt! – Deborah 39

    • Jeanie Lyons Lot 4 says:

      Great shot Sue

  9. Thom Hoch says:

    Yes, we’re at a place where almost everyone is really tired of this Covid-19 pandemic. Strong opinions and anger that we’re here again come from the fact that somewhere around 40% of the population refuse to get the vaccine. This outbreak was totally preventable. Only 1% to 2% of us have a medical condition that advises against being vaccinated. I’m sure, people, that the anger and strong opinions are aimed at the 40%… not the 2%. Let’s all take a deep breath and count to 10.

  10. jackie Deal says:

    I expected to be crucified, at least tarred and feathered (watch out turkeys!) So thanks for the support. And yes, I do need to be more tolerant and more humility. My hospice director reinforced that idea! So thanks for all the messages, positive and negative. I love Timber Valley and it’s wonderful folks.

  11. Richard & Debrann Hickethier AWL 89 says:

    Please keep this dialog on the open forum. Us AWL folks like to know what’s happening in Sutherlin and Timber Valley.
    Thank you,

  12. Peggy Russell says:

    Jackie, if you changed even just one mind,
    you did a great service. Your article was
    well written & a heartfelt plea for sanity to
    those who refuse. Wear your passion with
    Blessings on the 2%. Shame on the others.

  13. Reggie #115 says:

    I am uncomfortable with trying to belittle someone into taking the vaccine just as I am to belittle someone for their difference of religion. Covid is a very serious pandemic. My husband and I have been vaccinated, the first to be so when the clinics were open. We have several friends who choose not to be vaccinated. The only thing we can do to help their situation is to keep them informed and to pray they continue to be well and safe. I appreciate this forum and also agree it should be on the Members Only Site.

    • Thom Hoch says:

      However, one’s decision as to religion does not effect others. One’s decision as to vaccination most certainly effects others. To push this virus down to the point where major outbreaks (like the current one) are rare or non-existent requires all of us doing our part to protect our society as a whole.

  14. David Burns says:

    While I respect your opinion about the vaccination, you must consider those of us who were lucky (?) enough to get and recover from covid early in the game. Latest studies seem to indicate that my natural immunity is up to 13 times more effective than the jab. According to the CDC, the jury is still out on whether or not I need the shot. I don’t intend to get vaccinated and don’t appreciate the constant haranguing about it.

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